Through numerous cases in the past, I found that men with these four characteristics would only choose girls for a short time

 Through numerous cases in the past, I found that men with these four characteristics would only choose girls for a short time

1) Stay away from the man who says hes going to have a baby with you

There was a case in which a girl said that when a boy he just met was chatting with her, he suddenly talked about children, and the other side said that he would have children with himself.

This is not my intention to ask the girl.

I would like to say that the long-term male students will first chat with the girls to express their good feelings, then increase their closeness and mutual understanding through the chat content, and then fall in love with each other. Then they will talk about marriage, and finally go to the families and parents of both sides to meet and finally move towards marriage.

The most important technique in this kind of jumping conversation is that the other side has set a frame for the girl in advance - I will have children with you.

At this time, no matter how the girl answers, she will fall into this frame.

2) A man who talks about sex easily

In my opinion, the boy who can easily open up the sexual topic is to meet and get along with the girl with the mentality of chasing a girl.

Girls should understand that when boys easily talk to us about sex, it is an offence to girls. We must understand this basic principle.

This principle is applicable to both China and foreign countries, and this rule will not change due to regional differences between countries.

3) A man whos just seen each other

In many blind date cases, there are many girls have met such a man - the other partys conditions are good in all aspects, but they act on girls when they first meet.

Some girls may choose to continue to communicate with each other because of the others good conditions in all aspects, holding the mentality of contacting for a period of time.

With all due respect, this kind of boy is often unreliable. He is very disrespectful to girls when they meet.

If you meet the same kind of boy, you should know that this kind of boy has a very obvious tendency of short-term selection. It is the right thing to take a taxi and run.

Long selection of boys and girls just meet, is bound to keep a proper distance with girls, in order to leave a good impression in front of girls. At the same time, they will even deliberately avoid physical contact, and their attitude should be restrained and serious when choosing, and there will be no frivolous behavior.

4) The man who asked you to travel

The boy of long selection will not ask a girl to travel when he just starts chatting with the girl.

During the long selection, he will be very nervous, and he may want to know more about each other when chatting with girls, and he will say tell me what your concept of love looks like and so on. This is a serious long selection.

It is a short-term choice to ask girls to travel and have sex suggestion all the time.

The boys of long selection can only chat about daily life greetings such as Hello, what are you doing, what are you eating, scrambled eggs with tomato and are you delicious.


How can short selection become long selection?

Things often have two sides. For example, short selection can make people get better partners, but there are also many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that short selection can greatly increase our expectations for spouse selection in the future, which is very unfavorable for future partners looking for long-term relationships.

This is from thrifty to extravagant is easy, from extravagance to thrifty is difficult. Once you enjoy the heavy emotional stimulation, you will be bored with ordinary dating.

Therefore, most of the girls after trying the good experience brought by short selection of boys, or because they have deep feelings, or there is no better choice, or other reasons, in short, they will want to make their current short choice boyfriend become the object of long-term selection.

Generally, short selection to long selection occurs in the following two situations:

First, girls have a lot of self-improvement, while boys go around, have been unable to find a suitable object, and later still with this girl.

Second, when two people are together, it is short-lived at first, but after they are together, boys have more understanding of girls, while girls show more advantages and more value, and can provide them with a lot of emotional value in their feelings, and can slowly penetrate into each others social network, which may turn into failure To win.

Im afraid its hard to choose another way to grow up, even if its a short way to grow up.

Therefore, let the other side short selection become long choice this matter is not only to be prepared to make great efforts, but also to have the psychological preparation to leave the field after injury.

Was the choice decided in the beginning?

Generally speaking, mens choice of womens long or short choice, the way to meet at the beginning is a large proportion.

Because women are the same as men, they are using both long-term and short-term mate selection strategies at the same time.

Note: at the same time. Generally speaking, the use of this long-term and short-term mate selection strategies has a lot to do with the way, content and way of getting to know each other, as well as the initial performance, chatting, dressing up, and their respective situations.

But these are not the decisive factors, because Ive seen two people meet on social software, get married, and have a good life.

Therefore, the channel of acquaintance is not the decisive factor. What really plays a decisive role is the information presented by the two people in communication.

Some girls show the message that its hard to bear, but some boys may be greedy for each others good looks and continue.

In this case, although the girls value is high, she is only a short-term choice, because whether she has to bear a high emotional or spiritual commitment for a long time, it is an unsustainable model.

In short, the core of the influence of short-term choice is a state of communication between two people.

This is a very complex problem, and it is difficult to generalize. I suggest that you study it in the ordinary micro question and answer and in more cases.

Any theory without case is very boring and boring.


Long selection and short selection have always been dynamic

Here, I would like to emphasize that long-term selection and short-term selection are never simple and crude dualism, whats more, peoples life is always changing dynamically.

They can not only transform each other, but also transform at any stage.

However, it depends on too many factors and is too complex, which requires everyone to reflect and understand more deeply on himself, others, and even the reason why human beings exist.

If a girl really cant feel the other partys sense of security and cant clearly judge the other partys answer, she should observe more about each others mode of getting along with each other in life, and how she and her partner enter into this relationship. I believe that we will always find the key to the answer.

Dont avoid or worry about it. Think like this: if its the answer you want, go ahead; if not, dont you get out as soon as possible?

Human beings use both long-term and short-term selection strategies at the same time, so long-term and short-term selection can be transformed into each other. No matter whether a boy is short or not, choose a girl, as long as the girl keeps her frame.

If our framework is right, the natural choice that can pass our test is long selection.

I hope everyones attention should not be on identification, but on self-improvement. The road to self-improvement must be lonely, because most people want to maintain the status quo.

The more one goes forward, the fewer companions there are. Even those who stay where they are will try to hold you, because they will not have to face their own incompetence.

When you want to change, you are already on the way to harvest love.

This road is very difficult, especially in the first time, some people may laugh at you and say you are stupid, maybe some people will satirize you and say you are unrealistic, or even no one will pay attention to you at all.

Its lonely and dark to walk alone. I will provide you with a bunch of light here to help you light up a little bit of the road ahead.

Wish everyone who is committed to self-improvement, happiness is waiting for you in front.