Just 30: how terrible is an immature man in the emotional world?

 Just 30: how terrible is an immature man in the emotional world?


Of course, this one south and one north, non-interference sea king must be the fighter of slag men. He is such a I know you dont like me, but you cant do with me. you stare at him speechless. The fear of such a man is that he knows what a womans weakness is. Women cant resist what they want to do, and women will be obedient. If you have less material desire and less pursuit, or you will not be influenced by Liang Zhengxian. Just like Wang Mani, throw everything back. I dont want to play anymore. Lets go.


In the emotional world, slag man is terrible. But immature man, his lethality is beyond your imagination.

Zhong Xiaoyang

Lets have some fresh meat first. He is six years younger than Zhong Xiaoqin. Immature, seems to have become an excuse to understand and forgive. Is it? no, it isnt. Once you are in love, you should be equal to each other. You cant say Im younger than you, youre going to let me go regardless of age, income, or who loves whom more than anyone else. Even if the idea is pure, youre already naive. The younger brothers maturity is very important because the love between brother and sister can last and even enter the marriage palace. Youre looking for a partner you like, not a mom whos looking for accommodation.

Xu Huashan

This guy, what do you say? Maybe Gu Jia is too good, protecting this man too well. He is used to leaving all problems to Gu Jia and hiding himself. He is also used to taking care of his family and other places in an orderly way. He doesnt need to pay attention to the trivial things at home, such as cooking oil and salt, pots and pans. He can put his heart and soul on the design of fireworks, leaving all the tedious operation matters to Gu Jia. Xu Huashan simply lives in a castle in the air. He should have suffered, he has not been frustrated, so it is difficult to mature. As a result, Lin youyou easily took it away.

Chen Yu

Everyone wants to take shelter from the wind. Who will be the port? Zhong Xiaoqin sent out the most angry cry. Of course, she has many shortcomings. However, Chen Yu is not qualified as a man or husband. He takes a fancy to Zhong Xiaoqins family environment, because his own is extremely messy. He is fond of Zhong Xiaoqins simple and kind-hearted, because in this way, he can relax. What a naive view of love and marriage is, so Chen Yu paid a heavy price for it. However, he changed his mind after the divorce. This is a mature process, otherwise there will be no re marriage results.