Chinese local tycoons spend 160 million yuan on bathroom decoration in Japan

 Chinese local tycoons spend 160 million yuan on bathroom decoration in Japan

Not only did I get a heavy load, but also invited the old fellow of Italy to be CEO. The old fellow said, we are going to make Taj Mahal comparable to this one.

Lets see how powerful this Taj Mahal bath center is!

First of all, as soon as I enter the door, I have to say that the decoration style is really domestic. Its definitely the Chinese style luxury bathhouse style that uncles like best. You told me that its in Northeast China, and I believe it.

Then you go down to the gallery. Before you take a bath, you can enjoy the art and learn from it. It looks very high-end.

If you have a picture you like, remember to pay attention to the price first. In case of 3.3, Im afraid you cant afford it.

The indoor rest area, which spent 400 million yen, has restored the style of the Edo period. There are tatami, bird house and souvenir shops. After taking a bath, you can take a walk here and shop around. On the whole, its pretty!

Why are there camels with desert characteristics in Edo town? Of course, its because the boss of our local tyrant likes Dubai!

Since it is a super luxury bath center, the signboard at the door must be bluffing, so the boss specially installed a fountain at the door. But in the imagination:

The actual fountain:

Is this a fountain or a fire hydrant? You dont have to come in, just stand there and feel the artificial rainfall! I cant grasp the time of the fountain. If I just come out of the shower, I have to go back and soak again.

After so much hard work, I should have made a lot of money. As a result, the boss said that because of the epidemic, there were only about 30 or 40 people a day, and now the operation is in a dilemma.

The boss can only say awkwardly and politely that the public may not know the existence of the baths to make the round. Now on the popular variety show in Japan, the public should know about it. You are looking forward to your bosss quick return to this

After seeing the luxury shop, lets look at a more prosaic shop. Although this shop sells food, the boss is also a very thoughtful owner~

Even the model can not forget the national style elements, beautiful cheongsam must be put on.

Every guest should be soaked in the rain and dew. Each table is accompanied by a beautiful sister. There are also different skin colors to choose from~

In fact, the starting point of keeping the distance is good, but how to say... Its a little bit too much for my brother to eat.

However, the grandfather is very comfortable, not only a calm face, but also designated to sit next to the little sister in yellow kimono for in-depth communication.

Even when eating, he asked, do you want to eat?

If you havent seen enough of them, please click the atlas below to learn more about the details of luxury baths~