Nanjing female college student was strangled in a pigsty for resisting rape, and the murderer was arrested 17 years later

 Nanjing female college student was strangled in a pigsty for resisting rape, and the murderer was arrested 17 years later

The suspect Xu identified the scene

Time goes back 17 years.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene of the crime, carefully inspected and collected trace evidence. According to the forensic identification, the victim was a female, aged about 20 years old, with complete clothes and no signs of sexual assault. It was preliminarily determined that the victim was killed by multiple blunt blows to the head.

This is a homicide! For a time, all kinds of speculations were divergent, and the surrounding villagers were terrified, and the social impact was very bad. Taizhou and hailing public security organs quickly set up a special group to carry out detection work.

There are many mysteries about the death cause of female college students

According to the situation of the crime scene, the ad hoc group immediately carried out a large number of visits and arrangements. After identification, the victim was not a villager of the village. So, who are the victims? Why are you here? What does the killer have to do with the dead? Is it love killing, hate killing or robbery? The case is complicated and confusing. To solve this series of mysteries one by one, we must start with finding out the source of the corpse.

In order to find out the real identity of the victims as soon as possible, the special group, on the one hand, comprehensively and carefully investigates whether there are alarm records of suspected missing persons; on the other hand, it conducts in-depth investigation on suspicious material evidence at the scene, looking for clues.

The crime happened in a village abandoned pig pen

17 years later, the case is turning around

In the subsequent investigation work, the public security organs invested a lot of manpower and material resources, divided into 13 investigation groups, visited the surrounding residents and men of the right age, and comprehensively investigated the life track, related persons and robbed goods of the victim Zhang. However, limited by the technical conditions at that time, the clue of the case was interrupted several times, and no substantial progress was made.

The case is in a fog. Over the past 17 years, police officers have changed their posts one after another, but the blade team of Hailing has never given up tracking and sorting out the case. In this years cloud sword campaign, Taizhou Municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to the re inspection of the material evidence preserved in the homicide case one by one. The main leaders listened to the reports for many times, gave guidance, and carefully analyzed and studied the case in combination with the situation of the scene and investigation and visit.

Under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau, we use advanced criminal technology to re test material evidence and relevant data, and look for a breakthrough. According to Gao Xiang, deputy director of the Hailing Branch of Taizhou Public Security Bureau, his kung fu pays off. By comparing the material evidence data through the new criminal technology, Xu is found to have committed a major crime.

Taizhou police arrested the suspect in Zhejiang

Suspect raped and killed

Then, the big data investigation center of Taizhou Public Security Hailing Branch quickly carried out research and judgment on the suspect Xu. It was found that Xu, a Jiangxi native, worked in a logistics company in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The case police quickly rushed to Quzhou. In order to prevent the suspects from being startled, the police investigated the suspects residence, work place and daily travel path, and worked out a detailed arrest plan together with the local police.

At about 6:00 a.m. on July 3, in front of a residential area in Qujiang, Zhejiang Province, the police, who had been waiting in the car for a night, saw Xu, who was walking with a plastic bag. What are you doing? What are you doing? Pressed on the ground, Xu was very scared, while struggling to tremble asked. We are the criminal police of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. You can understand what you are looking for. Hearing Taizhou, Jiangsu four words, Xu suddenly paralyzed down, no longer struggling: I killed people..

At present, Xu has been arrested according to law.

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