Pompeio issued a statement protesting Russias restrictions on US media and overturning in the comment area: Double sign!

 Pompeio issued a statement protesting Russias restrictions on US media and overturning in the comment area: Double sign!

At the end of the statement, pompeio also declared that these actions would further damage bilateral relations, and he urged the Russian government to reconsider these actions.

Pompeio tweeted a similar story. Without providing any evidence, he accused the Russian government of suppressing independent information and freedom of speech, claiming that VOA and RFE / RL are important sources of information for Russians, and urged the Russian government to reconsider these new restrictions on free media.

However, despite pompeios righteous and severe performance, even American netizens do not seem to buy it..

Many netizens believe that the United States has been adhering to double standards in its media activities.

The U.S. government attaches great importance to double standards, one netizen wrote

Another netizen also said, stop! Stop taking double standards. Hypocrisy is boring and disgusting. People all over the world want to live in harmony. We want peace.

Many netizens also said that pompeios description of the US media seems to be inconsistent with President trump. One netizen said, trump calls our independent journalists (the content of their reports) as false news and constantly kills independent information and freedom of speech We urge the trump team to reconsider these new attacks on us press freedom.

Some netizens imitated pompeios tone to express their dissatisfaction with tiktok hunting in the United States. One netizen wrote, tiktok and wechat are important sources for American people to obtain information from other countries. We urge the U.S. government to reconsider the latest restrictions on these free media.

Another netizen also said, in foreign countries (on these matters), you are really good. What about tiktok?

In the face of aggressive pressure from the United States, Russia quickly responded. In December 2017, the official website of the Russian Ministry of Justice announced that nine American media, including Radio Liberty of the United States, radio voice of America and television station now time, were confirmed as foreign agents. According to Russian law, the media recognized as foreign agents must refer to their identity as foreign agents when they release any news to the Russian public, and regularly submit reports to explain the source of funds, expenses, what purpose to achieve and the situation of management personnel.

In August of this year, twitter announced that the accounts of government officials, media accounts associated with the state, and the accounts of their chief editors and senior staff of major countries will be marked as government related accounts, state owned media or government officials. Russia is also among these countries. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that this act violates the democratic principle of free dissemination and access to information, and once again embodies double standards and national discrimination, which conforms to the principle of unfair competition between Washingtons current foreign policy and the US media and other information sources.