The husband and wife built a 40 million villa pool in 4 days, which won the national silver award

 The husband and wife built a 40 million villa pool in 4 days, which won the national silver award

Recently, the owner of this house decided to sell it. Lets see what the mansion looks like~

From the appearance, this mansion is no different from the ordinary one. It is spacious and elegant. It also has a large open terrace, beautiful outdoor garden and standard outdoor swimming pool.

Next to the outdoor heated swimming pool, the family also set up a very comfortable leisure area, not only a hot tub, but also outdoor barbecue tools. In my spare time, I can bask in the sun or chat with my friends and family~

(it was named the most beautiful outdoor swimming pool in the country in 2017 in the UK and won the silver award.)

The main and guest rooms have a large area. Facing the sofa is a fireplace made of Portland stone. Many green plants are placed in the room, which breaks the dull color and makes the house more lively.

There is also a large kitchen area on the first floor of the villa. In addition to using flowers and green plants as decoration, there is a unique hanging picture on the wall.

The blue middle island is not only a visual focus, but also a transition between the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is fully equipped and has a walk-in pantry.

The kitchen area has one side of the wall are all floor to ceiling windows, with plenty of light and excellent vision. There is also a large terrace to get a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery in the distance.

There is also a small rest area next to the dining room. The retro table makes the whole space very designed.

There are four bedrooms on the first floor. The master bedroom uses white as the main color, which makes it more open visually. It has a suite bathroom with independent shower and floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the magnificent sea view. It also has a large wall mounted TV and a walnut walk-in closet.

Bathroom design is also very simple, not only for dry and wet separation, but also a small balcony.

Along this hollow staircase, you can reach the area on the second floor.

It is reported that there are special cinemas, gymnasium, yoga room, sauna room, independent shower room, bathroom and dressing room, and even a special laundry room.

It can be said that ordinary luxury housing facilities, this villa is also a lot! So, how did the family complete such a huge project in four days?

It turns out that the mansion was not built in the traditional way, but assembled.

Because Richard and Nikki are too busy to build a house, they dont have much time to build a house, so after a survey, they make a bold decision to buy a ready-made flat assembly house.

In short, it is to simplify the construction of the house. First, the whole set of houses is disassembled into independent parts, such as the facade, floor, wall, roof, doors and windows, accessories, etc., and then prefabricated in the factory according to the unified design rules, and sold to customers.

The flat panel packaging components used in their homes are all made in Germany and then transported from Germany to the UK for assembly.

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