Hong Kong 59 flat four bedroom, worth 6.74 million yuan, with cloakroom and nanny room

 Hong Kong 59 flat four bedroom, worth 6.74 million yuan, with cloakroom and nanny room

Although the average wage level in Hong Kong is much higher than that in the mainland, it is difficult for ordinary people to buy a house. In Hong Kong, if you can afford to live more than 50 square meters, it is already very good! Today, you will take a look at a 59 square meter luxury house worth HK $7.5 million.

There are 4 rooms and 2 living rooms for 59 dwelling houses in Hong Kong. There are also rooms for clothes, hats and nannies

Not long ago, Amy, a media blogger, filmed a video about her friends home in Hong Kong. The 59 square meter house in Shatin, Hong Kong, is worth 7.5 million Hong Kong dollars (about 6.74 million yuan).

More shocking than the price is, 59 square meters of space, even installed 4 rooms and 2 halls, but also has a cloakroom and nanny room! What kind of installation is this?

A door is the kitchen, the kitchen area than imagined to be larger, one side is the L-shaped cabinet, the other side is a zigzag storage cabinet, the middle can also put down a small square table, as a dining table.

When the kitchen comes out, its the dining room, and theres a place for the treadmill. I can only say that rathby!

The living room is not big, but the lighting is good. It can meet the needs of visitors, learning, entertainment, drying clothes and so on.

The two bedrooms also look quite spacious, one can put down the big bed of 2 meters, the other can put down the big desk.

And originally brought a very small nanny room, is transformed into a cloakroom. Dont doubt, this small room has windows and can hold a single bed!

In addition, the toilet is also sparrow, although small, five internal organs complete ~ hurry to poke below the atlas u2193, learn how to make use of other peoples space!