Ningxia underworld organizations set up development zone by themselves without investigation and punishment for 17 years

 Ningxia underworld organizations set up development zone by themselves without investigation and punishment for 17 years

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Discipline Inspection Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region that, in the handling of Ma Xingguo underworld related cases under the supervision of the national anti crime office, the discipline inspection and supervision organs of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region focused on investigating the formation process of Ma Xingguos underworld related organizations, and explored the responsibility of relevant local Party committees and governments, political and legal organs, and regulatory departments, and severely punished official umbrella and police umbrella and investigated dereliction of duty The problems of dereliction of duty and formalism have brought down a number of mediocre umbrellas.

Ma Xingguo is a native of Xiji County, Guyuan City, Ningxia Province. Over the past 20 years, he has set up a Xiji mayin immigration Development Zone at the foot of Helan Mountain in the west of Yinchuan city through organized illegal transfer and reselling of land use rights, fraud, contract fraud, illegal detention, interference with public affairs, and destruction of elections, Seizing illegal economic benefits seriously interferes with the normal management of the local government.

Under the background of accelerating the development of agriculture and rural economy at that time, Helanshan farm of the former Agricultural Reclamation Bureau of the Autonomous Region decided to develop state-owned wasteland by contracting.

Soon after the implementation of the policy, Ma Xingguo successively contracted 647 mu of land for 30 years to solve the problem of raw materials for the production of maltose factory. In fact, Ma Xingguo, a businessman, not only contracted land to cultivate corn in the area, but also mobilized some farmers to immigrate here to work for him. Later, he began to illegally transfer and resell their land to foreign immigrants. He called this place ximajin, which means Xiji people moved to Yinchuan under the leadership of Ma Xingguo.

He not only collects land fees, land contract fees, house tax fees and other miscellaneous fees, but also is required to purchase materials from his sand and stone factories and steel bar factories when they build their houses. If they do not do so, they will not be able to enter. A villager surnamed Ma, who once bought land from Ma Xingguo, told reporters.

In August 2003, without any reply from any organization or organization, Ma Xingguo set up the Xiji mayin immigration Development Zone (also known as ximayin Development Zone) by means of obtaining letters of introduction and obtaining seals illegally.

Ma Xingguo named himself director of the development zone of Bank of western Malaysia , set up a management organization, and appointed his family and clan members as management personnel. The relevant person in charge of Yinchuan municipal political and Law Commission disclosed that after the so-called development zone was established, Ma Xingguo began to encourage the masses of Xiji County and other places to immigrate to this area by means of false propaganda, and illegally managed the area in groups to exercise the governments management functions and powers.

In September 2008, 17 administrative villages and water stations and other institutions were born in the Xima silver. Ma Xingguo appointed village heads and water pipe station heads on his own, and issued documents in the name of Xima silver. At that time, he thought that Ma Xingguo was sent by Xiji County, and everything seemed normal A villager surnamed Ma said.

At the same time, Ma Xingguo cheated the relevant departments of Xiji County, claiming that there were more than 50 local Party members and applied for the establishment of the general Party branch of Xima silver immigration Development Zone in Xiji County. Without verifying the true situation of the number of Party members, the working committee of Xiji County directly under the central government of Xiji County agreed to set up a temporary Branch Committee of Xi Ma Yin, which is subordinate to the general Party branch of the county human resources and Social Security Bureau, and Ma Xingguo is the Party branch secretary.

After building a complete organizational structure, Ma Xingguos illegal management became more and more serious. His nephew, nephew and grandnephew, office staff and other clan forces, nepotism have served as branch members and so-called village head, station master and other positions, and through wantonly illegal land transactions, monopolized the village sand and stone, steel material transactions and other means to grab interests.

In addition, Ma Xingguo also set up a public security team, equipped with uniform, hot pepper water, electric batons and other equipment, harassed, bullied and beaten the masses by means of violence, threats and threats, intervened in civil disputes, and forced the local people to accept its illegal management. On the one hand, it is the illegal management of the interior, on the other hand, it is against external investigation. Introduction to the case handling personnel.

In the impression of Zhang Weitao, director of the third discipline inspection and Supervision Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Xixia District, Yinchuan City, at that time, the Xima silver had been completely controlled by Ma Xingguo. When the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision carried out the preliminary investigation, investigators often asked the witnesses inside to talk outside, and would not easily go to the area, so as not to frighten the snake.

Another case officer said that Ma Xingguo set up many secret sentries at the entrance of the area. As long as outsiders enter, Ma Xingguo will know immediately.

Behind the three no care is the corruption and inaction related to the underworld

Why has such an illegal community, less than 20 kilometers away from Yinchuan City, not been managed?

The investigation found that in the process of Ma Xingguos underworld organizations and the Bank of Sima, from the relevant departments of the autonomous region, to the functional departments of Xiji County and Xixia District, all paid attention to the immigration activities in this region, and carried out investigations or took measures. However, some protective umbrellas and a large number of inaction and disorderly acts were umbrella of formalism Then affected the investigation of the problem.

The most typical is the establishment of the temporary Party branch and Ma Xingguos one-time illegal and sudden recruitment of more than 50 party members, which can be examined and approved at all levels. Introduction to the case handling personnel.

Subsequently, under the instruction of the then head of the Organization Department of the Xiji County Party committee, the then Secretary of the working committee of the county government organs arranged the Secretary of the general Party branch of the county human resources and Social Security Bureau to be specifically responsible for the establishment of the temporary Party branch. According to a data obtained by the reporter, at that time, in the reports and instructions on the establishment of the temporary Party branch by the working committee of Xiji County Government organs, the general Party branch of the county human resources and Social Security Bureau and other units and organizations, the data of more than 50 party members provided by Ma Xingguo were used. The relevant departments of Xiji County had no base number on the actual number of Party members at that time.

After that, many party members who joined at that time admitted that it was too easy to join the party and there was no need to investigate. Yang Jianfu, executive deputy director of the Organization Department of Xiji County Party committee, introduced that in February 2012, Ma Xingguo required the general Party branch of the Bureau of human resources and social security of Xiji County to determine 50 probationary party members provided by him by fabricating investigation materials and forging meeting minutes. In view of the materials with many loopholes, the leaders of the general Party branch of the human resources and Social Security Bureau at that time not only approved and issued the materials, but also instructed the subordinates to modify the materials appropriately.

Such inaction and disorderly action not only indulged the formation and development of Mafia related organizations in Ma Xingguo, but also affected the relevant departments to find problems in time and rectify them.

In October 2014, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region set up a Xima silver spontaneous migration survey leading group to conduct a thorough investigation on the relevant situation. However, the investigation team at that time did not go deep into the local area to carry out effective investigation, and formed an investigation report based on the population and land provided by Ma Xingguo unilaterally.

Moreover, Ma Xingguo was allowed to read the report and report it to the Party committee and government of the autonomous region with his consent, which provided false data to the higher authorities and misled the autonomous region to understand the real situation.

In addition, in the process of Ma Xingguo obtaining various honors and collecting personal capital, the dereliction of duty and responsibility of individual units and individuals also played a role in fueling the flames.

In 2015, Guyuan civilization office carried out the selection of Guyuan good people. After paying attention to some reports of Ma Xingguo and ximayin in in the media, they were listed as the candidates of Guyuan good people and elected without verification, and then recommended Ma Xingguo to the Civilization Office of the autonomous region. In addition, Ma Xingguo obtained various honors such as a good man in China in violation of the rules and regulations of relevant units, forming the illusion of halo, which provided conditions for him to build his personal image and become a great power.

Some leading cadres of Party members not only neglect their duties and responsibilities, but also turn a blind eye to Ma Xingguos violations of discipline and law, and even participate in them illegally. According to the case handling personnel, several cadres, including the then Procurator General of Xixia District Peoples Procuratorate, had illegal land transactions with Ma Xingguo, and some even accepted bribes from them during the handover of Xima silver to act as protective umbrella.

Deep excavation and thorough investigation of breaking net by umbrella, focusing on repairing the damage of mediocre umbrella

In 2016, the Bank of Sima Development Zone, which had been illegally in existence for 13 years, was dealt with.

In January of that year, the general office of the Party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region issued the No.1 document of guiding opinions on issues related to the overall transfer of ximayin to Yinchuan city management, and decided to cancel the ximayin immigration Development Zone and hand over the overall management of Yinchuan city.

In the process of handover, the essence of Ma Xingguos underworld organization leaders began to be exposed. Hold a meeting during the day to actively agree to the handover, and at night make small moves to resist the handover. Yinchuan Xixia District Huaiyuan Road Street Party Working Committee Secretary Ma Weidong said.

According to the survey, in the process of household registration identification, information collection, housing registration and other specific work, Ma Xingguo superficially supported the handover, but in fact he was in favor of others. He instructed gang members to obstruct the task forces entry into the household investigation and registration, drove the staff out of the peoples homes for many times, threatening or even beating the staff.

In the process of Xixia district governments audit of public assets in the region, Ma Xingguo refused to provide the necessary information for the audit, which led to the interruption of the audit work for a time. Introduction of relevant responsible persons involved in the takeover of Xixia district.

Such a bad nature of the problem, caused the Autonomous Region Party committee, the governments high attention.

On May 14, 2018, under the arrangement and personal supervision of the main leaders of the Autonomous Region Party committee, the public security organs filed a case against Ma Xingguo and arrested 18 suspects including Ma Xingguo. The discipline inspection and supervision organs of the autonomous region immediately adopted the method of unified command, promotion and responsibility at different levels, carried out synchronous investigation and investigation with the public security organs, deeply dug into the umbrella and network behind the case, severely punished the omission and misbehavior, and engaged in formalism.

The discipline inspection and supervision organs at the District, city and county levels dealt with 51 people, including 5 department level cadres, 19 department level cadres, and 27 section level and below cadres, and identified 6 protective umbrellas. According to the personnel involved in the case, many cadres, including the director of the Civilization Office of the autonomous region and the director and deputy director of the Bureau of land reclamation, were still seriously dealt with despite their retirement.

In addition, because the incident involved a long time, a wide range, and many departments, the discipline inspection and supervision organs conducted talks, reminders, orders for inspection, criticism and education for the cadres with minor violations of discipline, so as to help them learn lessons and prevent them from growing.

In order to repair the harm of mediocre umbrella and eliminate the influence of illegal management, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region promotes all departments to work together to manage.

On April 23, 2019, the Organization Department of the Party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Organization Department of Xixia District Committee of Yinchuan city and the Organization Department of Xiji County Party committee held a party meeting in Yinxi village to report the illegal recruitment of Party members by the former temporary Party branch of ximayin. The party members who have been transferred to normal and 42 probationary party members who have not become regular members are not recognized as Party members The responsible unit shall circulate a notice of criticism and seriously deal with the relevant responsible persons according to the authority of cadre management. Holding a warning education conference at the scene of the crime has played a deterrent role in alerting cadres to take responsibility. Yang Jianfu thinks.

After the case occurred, six cadres were dealt with in the former Helan mountain farm where Ma Xingguo contracted the land for lax management (now belongs to Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation group). At the same time, combined with the special rectification of land management, in-depth warning education was carried out. Aiming at the problems existing in land management, five corresponding management systems were urged to be established, so as to improve the system, standardize the exercise of power and promote the responsibility of cadres As.

Xiji County has given 19 Party discipline and administrative punishments and 4 accountability personnel. In the departments involved, we have carried out in-depth education on the theme of case-based discipline, and promoted cadres responsibility with serious discipline. Ma Changlin, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the supervision commission of Xiji County.

Discipline inspection and supervision organs should adhere to the basic and primary responsibility of supervision, and promptly discover and rectify the problems of inaction, disorderly conduct and formalism among cadres. At the same time, the incentive effect should be formed, and the responsibility of the incentive cadres should be included in the inspection tour, the leading group and the leading cadres assessment scope, and those who fail to implement it effectively should be held accountable according to the provisions. The relevant person in charge of the supervision commission of the autonomous region Discipline Inspection Commission said.

Under the deepening rectification and continuous work of departments at all levels, the management relationship of the former Xi Ma Yin area has been straightened out, and the village Party branches have been established and improved in Yinxi and Funing villages. The new two committees of the village work together and play a better role in the party organization. At present, the handover and takeover work has been successfully completed. Next, we will unite and lead the masses of the two villages to make great efforts to develop and expand the village level collective economy and improve the village infrastructure, so as to continuously improve the peoples lives. Ma Weidong said.

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