All Star Idol College top 32 hit the online voting channel of Le card to create the most consumer idol

 All Star Idol College top 32 hit the online voting channel of Le card to create the most consumer idol

As the program adopts Live Live Live voting PK, the audience can vote for the students they like in real time when watching the performance, and jointly decide the outcome of the group with the tutor. This also makes the program really dominated by the audience and can participate in the growth experience of students from ordinary people to stars. Benefiting from the charm of the unique competition system, Lu Bao, Anan and Zhou Zhou, who are deeply loved by netizens, have successfully come to the top three.

Lu Bao, a character and leg expert, was once a foil player and a famous model. She also won the runner up in the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao model competition in 2018. Although she has a good figure, she is not as good as a professional dancer. After her promotion, she has become one of the most diligent and hardworking students. She accidentally strained her ligament during training, but worried about delaying the teams progress, she still insisted on training. In the third public performance, she and her teammates completed the high difficulty song more & more. The dance, formation and stage style were highly completed. Many netizens said that the young lady was full of air, and her performances were eye-catching, and they were road turned fans.

Zhou Zhou, who could be salt and sweet, also participated in the Super Girls before the program. He sang the classic animated songs of green bird together with his teammates in the last public performance. With the performance of the singers, they have brought the audience a gorgeous stage that is burning and exploding. Netizens shout singing to the heart, singing skills are so strong, Im looking forward to the stage after that.

In addition, another popular contestant has aroused heated discussion among the whole people. Wang minci, a girl born in the Post-00s, who is like angelababy, came to participate in the talent show just after the college entrance examination. This little girl, who has been influenced by traditional Chinese music since she was a child, began to learn zither at the age of 6. She is now a grade 10 zither, and once was the leader of the schools zither team. She is regarded as an ideal idol in the future by professional tutors and judges He is also one of the most promising contestants to compete for stage C.

In addition to the wonderful singing and dancing performances of popular students, all students will skillfully integrate into the various rights and benefits of Le card app in the daily rehearsal, outdoor song and dance performance or indoor conversation variety show, so that the audience can enjoy the rights and interests of many high-quality brands of the music card. For example, members can enjoy 10% off the kings glory, 40% off mango TV membership, 7.5% discount for Starbucks express coupon, half price tea in five-star hotel, and free gold card of Yaduo hotel. The cooperation between Le card and tiger tooth will integrate member consumption into online variety show, watch womens group show while consuming a new mode of voting for idols, or become a new direction of entertainment marketing in the future.

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