Leading the construction and operation of financial media, sobei launched a new generation of MOC platform

 Leading the construction and operation of financial media, sobei launched a new generation of MOC platform

At present, sobei has led the construction of several provincial cloud platforms, such as Zhejiang Radio and Television China blue cloud, Inner Mongolia Daily grassland cloud, Guizhou Guangdian Jingyun, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Wanyun. More than 50 Radio and television stations in Zhejiang Province have settled in China blue cloud, 103 banner and county counties of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have settled in grassland cloud and put into use. Guizhou dynamic and static cloud has also settled in 40 districts and counties in Guizhou Province, As one of the drafters of construction specification for county level financial media center and specification requirements for provincial technology platform of county level financial media center, sobei has not only created the construction mode of one province, one cloud, but also has the largest number of one province, one platform cases in China. In continuous practice, the cloud platform built by sobei stands out with the technical characteristics of cloud native, intelligent and operational, It is recognized by users.

However, innovation never stops. In order to meet the demand of manageable and controllable of provincial cloud platforms in the new era, sobei released IData public opinion management platform. According to sobeis self-developed big data framework and AI scheduling platform, it constructs web crawler and data cleaning, and uses deep learning and neural network training model to realize AI analysis algorithms such as sentiment analysis, classification, clustering and recall, Through self built Kwai + service cooperation, we build up over more than 5000 collectors, and collect and analyze data from all the websites, WeChat, micro-blog, tiktok, jitter, fast hand, client, e-newspaper and so on. It has realized the public opinion analysis ability of Internet big data such as Internet hot spot monitoring, content dissemination influence, public opinion event monitoring, multi-dimensional real-time public opinion / hot spot / list.

In addition, sobei has upgraded the report command and dispatch screen, the core of the integrated media. Through modular configuration, it abandons the cumbersome development and adaptation process, and adapts to the users data-based presentation requirements. Users can edit the visualization effect to meet their own business by adjusting the attributes and styles, so that the command screen is no longer a face project, Financial media center is really used.

At the same time, sorbet released the DVW (data visualization world) system, which is a visual editing tool to display various types of data through visual editing templates or components. It helps non developers to easily create visual display pages through graphical interface.

Since August 17, the sobei VR panoramic exhibition hall has been officially opened on the official website. In the VR exhibition hall, users can truly experience the IData public opinion management platform, and can also customize their own large visualization screen.

New generation of MOC financial media office production platform

MOC adopts a visual process configuration engine to flexibly adapt to different business processes, and takes the topic selection as the core object to generate a unique identifier to connect the whole business, providing reliable support for content traceability and accurate capture of published data. At the same time, MOC also provides a content sharing library for fast uploading and flexible downloading of rich media materials, as well as rich video, text and rich media production tools, as well as supporting small programs of financial media office system, so as to return to the users habit of using instant messaging tools to communicate, making the user experience more convenient and friendly.

From August 17, users can learn the full set of construction and operation service scheme of Tianma workshop and the operation transformation road of Zigong and Linhai financial media centers through the orientation of sobei VR panoramic exhibition hall.

The operation of the central and provincial financial media centers has become increasingly mature. The operation track of the county-level financial media center has just opened. While sobei has occupied the pole position, it focuses on the construction of better user experience and operation ability, and considers how to make good use of the integrated media center. It can be said that whoever controls the way of operation will win this vast market. The actual combat will see the real chapter. Sobei will give full play to its technical advantages and profound understanding of the industry to help users realize the upgrading.

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