Amazon holds 2020 innovation day to promote China formula

 Amazon holds 2020 innovation day to promote China formula

In terms of intelligent shopping, Amazon go, an offline physical store, uses technologies such as computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning, so that consumers can directly skip the manual checkout link without queuing up to check out. Also based on the unmanned cash register technology in Amazon go, Amazon launched a smart shopping cart in July this year, which uses computer vision technology to identify goods placed in the shopping cart and charge automatically.

In terms of technological innovation, Amazon China has launched global promotion synchronization technology based on differentiated cross-border online shopping mode. On the basis of ensuring authentic products, the technology enables consumers to enjoy real-time cross-border online shopping experience of same source, same inventory and same discount at four overseas websites of the United States, Britain, Japan and Germany. At the same time, Amazon launched the third generation of smart size assistant. Through big data collection, it developed a machine learning model based on customer comments and feedback, so as to make the smart size assistant more accurate, and improve the granularity of size matching from brand category to single selection.

In terms of business model, relying on the global layout, Amazon overseas purchase connects 175 global operation centers with 19 major sites, connecting resources from all over the world, thus covering 300 million global consumers, forming a global intelligent network. Through the lightweight operation mode, it makes use of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technical capabilities to achieve local zero inventory, low cost andu201c The operation mode of the order has not been placed in advance. Li Yanchuan, vice president of Amazon China, said: Internet technology and customer demand are constantly changing, and the only constant is the pace of innovation.

It is understood that, with the help of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the ability to analyze multi-dimensional big data such as user behavior and commodity characteristics, Amazon overseas shopping has greatly reduced human intervention in its website operation and maintenance and function development, and has greatly realized automatic and intelligent background operation.

In Amazon, technological innovation is not driven by commercial interests, but always driven by customer demand. Innovation based on local customer demand should be the starting point of global innovation, said Wang Yi, technical director of Amazon overseas purchase in China

In addition, AWS provides more than 175 full-featured services, covering computing, storage, database, networking, analysis, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of things, mobile, security, hybrid cloud, virtual reality and augmented reality, media, and application development, deployment and management. In the first half of this year, AWS launched more than 150 cloud services and functions in China. Zhang Xia, chief cloud computing enterprise strategy consultant of AWS, said, AWS has been committed to bringing the worlds leading cloud computing technology to China, enabling Chinese customers to obtain a cloud service experience consistent with that of the world, and further helping enterprises and institutions of all sizes to embrace digitalization and intelligence, and accelerate business transformation and upgrading.