After Li Zhiyings arrest, the stock price of one media did not fall, instead, the public reported that it was suspended

 After Li Zhiyings arrest, the stock price of one media did not fall, instead, the public reported that it was suspended

Overseas net, August 11

Hong Kong

Based on the news from Hong Kong media, the share price of one media has changed greatly for several days. At the close of the market on August 7 (Friday), the share price of one media was only HK $0.09. On the 10th (Monday), it rose four times to HK $0.4 and closed at HK $0.255, still recording a 2.8-fold increase. A week ago, the market value of one media was only about HK $200 million. On the 10th, it was as high as HK $670 million. The market value of Li Zhiyings shares also increased from HK $140 million to HK $480 million. On the 11th, one media opened higher at HK $0.45, once rising to a high of HK $1.96, and is now trading at HK $0.98.


The rights and interests of the Hong Kong stock exchange market and the impact on the reputation of the Hong Kong stock exchange market require the SFC to correct the mistakes as soon as possible and immediately suspend the trading of one media until the incident is reasonably explained.

Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao reported on the 11th that one media has continuously recorded losses in recent years, with a huge loss of HK $415 million in fiscal year 2019 alone. Why does the stock price go in the opposite direction when the performance of a company is so poor and the major shareholders are in trouble with the officials? According to the relevant data, the big hands and super big hands buying and selling of the stock on the 10th day accounted for about 80% of the total turnover, and only about 10% of the total turnover belonged to retail trading.

Hong Kong media said that the stock market usually referred to those stocks with strange and strange stock price movements as demon stocks. Their trend is contrary to the general market or common sense, and does not conform to the basic laws of technical analysis. Some people define that demon stock is that the trend is obviously more abnormal than other stocks, which is unreasonable and hard to figure out. Generally, it rises and falls sharply. It is clear that the listed company is losing money, but it has repeatedly pulled out the price limit; clearly, the stock of this company can not reach such a high price, but it has risen very high. Now the stock price performance of one media makes people smell the smell of demon stock. As for the one media behind whether there is foreign political capital intervention, may always be a mystery, but for ordinary shareholders, demon stock is demon stock, can not be touched!

Li Zhiying was handcuffed by the police at 9:40 on the 10th and was taken away from his residence. After that, the police sent officers to the one media building, the restaurant run by Li Zhiyings second son, four seasons meal, and other places to search for certificates, and escorted Li back to the one media office to assist in the investigation. After that, Ali returned to Mong Kok police station. Zhang Jianhong, the chief executive of one media, was also remanded to his office to assist in the investigation. The one media building was opened at about 2.30 p.m. and the search lasted nearly five hours. About 25 boxes of evidence were taken away by the police.