Tiktok encountered investigation by French privacy regulator: complaint

 Tiktok encountered investigation by French privacy regulator: complaint

Cnil is particularly vigilant about the company and will take serious complaints and problems related to it, the spokesman said Tiktok did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In June, the EUs head of data protection promised to coordinate a potential investigation into tiktok. Earlier, the Dutch Data Protection Council said in May that it was investigating tiktoks policy to protect childrens data. A similar survey is being conducted by the UKs data regulator, but no conclusions have been reached.

Tiktok is also under increasing pressure in the United States. President trump said he could ban the app on grounds of endangering national security. Microsoft is in talks to acquire tiktoks us, Canada, Australia and New Zealand businesses.

Cnil in 2017 ordered WhatsApp, Facebooks instant messaging service, to stop sharing user data with its parent company without obtaining the necessary consent. It also fined Google 50 million euros (about $59 million) for alleged violations of EU privacy rules.

The 27 member EU has the worlds most stringent data protection laws. According to the relevant provisions of the general data protection regulation (gdpr), the EU has the right to impose a fine equivalent to 4% of global annual sales on the companies with the most serious violations. (small)

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