The list of projects and the list of trainers of Beiying Festival innovation investment project announced

 The list of projects and the list of trainers of Beiying Festival innovation investment project announced

Dead a thief, stage, lets go, kid

Shortlist of projects in WIP production:

Escort tiger pier, rattle drum and dont come soon

Huahuahua Maiden, no problem in thinking, little crane Zhuoma

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In addition, 10 excellent venture capital projects and 2 WIP projects will enter the market negotiation stage together with 16 projects of the final review roadshow. They are: overlapping image, unknown motive, Mars driver, 96 minutes, money trapped beast, Thor, pickup dad, broken egg, ways to kill your ex, meet another you, WIP, steal dog, WIP, born on the ground. From August 26 to 28, 28 projects will appear together on the project venture capital online negotiation platform of Beijing International Film Festival.

The quality of the WIP projects participating in the project venture capital this year is quite good. The judges lament the mature performance of the young film creation team, but at the same time, they are struggling because of the limited number of candidates. Adhering to the activity concept of supporting young filmmakers and providing more opportunities for excellent Chinese creation, the judges and the organizing committee discussed and decided to increase two market negotiation places for projects in production this year.

The top 10 venture capital projects and the top 6 WIP projects in production will receive one-to-one roadshow training and guidance from two senior mentors in the industry on August 20. The trainers will give professional guidance to the project side from the aspects of presentation logic and promotion methods.

The list of trainers is as follows:

Dong Runnian

/Director and screenwriter/

People captured by light, city in love

Main screenwriter works:

Lao paoer, Xinhualu Fang, cook and ruffian

Lao paoer won the best screenwriter award of the 31st China Golden Rooster film award and the best screenwriter nomination of the 7th China Directors Association commendation conference

Representative works of producer and producer:

Stormtrooper, worry free grocery store, nobody

Time limit to solve a case, antiques Bureau in the middle bureau, on the cliff, surging crowd and other films.

He used to teach at Tianjin Academy of fine arts and Design School of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is now the general manager of the production and project development of the kings film.

The 16 roadshows will be staged on August 25 at the roadshow stage of the 10th Beijing International Film Festivals venture capital final review. They will compete for four awards of high-profile venture capital projects and two awards of WIP projects. In addition, the projects shortlisted in the final adjudication will also have the opportunity to win the International Promotion Award and study and exchange in the overseas film market.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020