Thousand yuan can start with the quality of TV 818 to buy it does not smell it!?

 Thousand yuan can start with the quality of TV 818 to buy it does not smell it!?

In terms of design, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and boundless screen and pursue a greater vision;

In terms of image quality, 4K + HDR and MEMC must be clear and stable;

In terms of sound quality, it is necessary to have Dolby sound effect and have the immersive experience of cinema,

There are also massive content, intelligent recommendation and other additional services.

In addition, some TV brands have some leading advantages and skills to make the products more differentiated. For example, Kukai TV also has the function of optical blue light protection which can protect childrens eyesight without damaging their eyes This series of TV parameters consumers have to understand clearly, but also need to match with the analytical equation of the best way to use coupons to buy value-added products.

If youre just about to buy a TV, but you still dont know what to do, go ahead and have a look!

Section 1: super high quality and high cost performance

The p70 series is a new flagship voice control smart screen released by Kukai for urban youth groups. At present, it has two sizes of 55 inches and 65 inches. It mainly focuses on far-field voice technology and can meet the voice interaction needs of different scenes. Equipped with top-level hardware configuration, it is simply the first choice for the party to pay attention to technical experience.

It is equipped with top-level flagship audio and picture configuration: coo-vision super image quality engine, intelligent partition light control, RGB color calibration, 4K + HDR and MEMC in picture quality; full area sound system and Dolby panoramic sound technology are used in sound quality, so you can enjoy the cinema level experience at home; in terms of hardware configuration, it adopts 3 + 32 large memory combination and A73 * 2 + A53 * 2 high-performance processor, with fast response without jamming.

In addition, based on the far-field voice technology of Baidu artificial intelligence voice assistant, it can get rid of the shackles of the remote control, realize speech recognition at a distance of 10 meters and 180 u00b0 angle and far-field voice interaction with a recognition rate of 99.96%. In daily life, it can provide convenient 100 + scene life services such as watching drama, booking hotels, booking air tickets, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc. you can learn cooking and fitness by yelling at the big screen, even if you stay at home, you can also have fun. The smart home AI semantic cloud, independently developed by Kukai, supports voice map search, 8 rounds of dialogue, and 6 dialect recognition through the most powerful database and big data processing in the household appliance industry, with ultra-high voice resolution and response speed. In addition, Kukai intelligent home appliances interconnection cloud platform has realized cloud and cloud interconnection with Midea, Jingdong and Huawei aiot products, covering more than 60 types of equipment, and voice control of all home appliances, realizing the technology life of human-computer interaction. At the same time, the full-time AI function enables the Kukai p70 to have convenient functions such as waking up on the screen, listening to music on standby, and voice volume adjustment.

Of course, more than that, the most important thing of Kukai is the optical anti blue light certified by German Rhine (t? V). Kukais optical anti blue light is to shift the spectrum from the lamp bead light source through chip algorithm, reducing the harmful blue light band of 415nm-455nm, and filtering degree reaches 80%. It can fundamentally prevent blue light and protect eyes, and still enjoy excellent image quality while protecting eyes!

How much does such a TV cost?

Section 2: smart screen with high configuration and low price

Under the background of the demand for TV series, mobile phone screen projection, remote conference and so on, super clear and huge screen are the strongest demands for TV. If you still feel that the screen of 65 inch TV is not big enough, you can have a look at the 75 inch voice control smart screen P50.

Based on the 55 inch and 65 inch versions, P50 has released a new 75 inch version, providing users with a more refined choice of large screen.

The 75 inch P50, with a width of 1.6 meters, looks like a work of art in the living room. In terms of image quality, it is equipped with 4K resolution screen and supports HDR effect, and its hardware supports MEMC motion compensation technology, which can effectively solve the problem of jitter and dragging of high-speed moving pictures under large screen viewing; in addition, it also has partition light control and optical blue light prevention, showing more image quality details, making colors richer and protecting peoples eyes at the same time; P50 adopts dual independent cavity design and Dolby decoding in terms of sound quality, so you can enjoy the immersive audio-visual experience at home.

P50 is a smart large screen without remote control and voice control. All products have built-in four array microphones. Voice commands can be issued without remote control and external equipment. Through the self-developed ecology of cookai aiot, WiFi connection protocol, infrared connection protocol, ZigBee connection protocol, etc., it can integrate 5000 + brand products and more than 60 kinds of equipment appliances to interconnect, and voice can control the whole house appliances. In terms of content, in addition to the basic content, it also has a large number of domestic top education resources. There are all kinds of teaching materials for the whole age range from 0 years old to the third grade of senior high school. It not only has high-definition large screen, but also can protect childrens eyesight. It is the best choice for children to attend classes during holidays.

If you want super large screen TV and cost performance, you can choose the 75 inch P50!

This surprise price, as long as 3299! Booking starts at 0:00 on August 11, and the final payment can be paid on the 14th. You can purchase the machine to print the pictures, and then send the VIP season card of Tencent.

Speaking of this, do you have the answer in mind about which TV you want to buy! If you want to say that the high-quality and cost-effective, these cool open products are really the best, especially they have the optical anti blue light that others dont have!

Go to Suning to buy your favorite TV. Suning Kukai mall has more options. By the way, remember to contact customer service for the correct use of coupons!

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