My hometown and I announced that Huang Bo and Wang Baoqiang staged Tang Tan Tan Tan 2.9

 My hometown and I announced that Huang Bo and Wang Baoqiang staged Tang Tan Tan Tan 2.9

The film my hometown and I is directed by director Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Chen Sicheng, Yan Fei & Peng Dameng, Deng Chao & Yu Baimei, and escorted by director Zhang Yimou, director Ning Hao and chief planner Zhang Yibai. The most sci-fi unit of the five comedy chapters, a UFO falling from the sky, has shown its true features. Huang Bo, Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, Wang Yanhui, Wang Xun and Dong Baimei are also involved Zijian starred.

Huang Bo, a farmer inventor, calls himself a crazy alien

Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran went to the countryside to investigate UFO

Falling from the sky, UFO shows its science fiction style from the title, and the place where the preview is happening and the accent of a lot of characters add a lot of local flavor elements to the story. So the sci-fi story that comes down to earth brings a unique feeling of Mashup. On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, a mysterious UFO was discovered in a Fu Village in Qiannan, Guizhou Province. It was only 15 kilometers away from Chinas Tianyan. In a flash, the whole village was shocked and the explosive news even shocked the reporters in Beijing! Baoqiang Wang, the reporter of the program of reenter science, went deep into the village investigation, with the BGM familiar with the film Chinatown detective. The former uncle of the nephew and todays reporter double male come to the front, still wearing the sunglasses of playing cards, or stepping forward with self-confidence and burst the pace. Returning home to join the UFO investigation team is also a scientist Dong Kexue (Dong Zijian). Village head Wang Shouzheng (Wang Yanhui) and businessman Wang Qiqi (Wang Xun) warmly welcome the arrival of the three people. However, in the process of investigation, several people seem to have different intentions and have different purposes, which makes people wonder about the truth of this alien incident?

Huang Dabao (Huang Bo), the key figure in the incident, was also surprised to see Huang Dabao, a farmer inventor with a dull appearance and a wild heart. Huang Bo, who had just been tortured by crazy aliens in the Spring Festival last year, actually claimed to be I am the alien. In the face of CCTV reporters questioning, Huang Dabao pretended to be unable to understand. At the same time, on the night when UFO appeared, Huang Dabao pretended to be unable to understandu201c What role does Huang Dabao play in this UFO incident?

Science fiction comedy in Guizhou

Last years national day film I and my motherland shows seven exciting moments since the founding of the peoples Republic of China in historical order. This years sister film I and my hometown takes space as the axis, traversing the countrys East, West, North and south, presenting the gratifying changes of hometown. Director Chen Sicheng took the lead in shooting a UFO event in Guizhou, located in Southwest China. Speaking of Guizhou, the continuous progress of high-tech industry has brought new features to the local area. Chinas Tianyan and guizhou-1 satellites all show Guizhous unlimited potential in scientific and technological development. At the same time, the Legend of aliens on this land has never stopped. The most famous one is the air strange car incident in Guiyang in 1994. It is said that UFO with strong light roared by at that time, and more than 400 mu of pine forest in the nearby forest area was cut off by a piece of waist, which is still unable to be explained scientifically. Quite a number of people think it is the masterpiece of alien UFO. There are also UFOs flashing blue light in movie posters. A mysterious force attracts poultry and livestock to fly out of the sky. In Guizhou, everything seems to happen. Wang Baoqiang also said, I believe that UFOs really exist here..

Talking about his first cooperation with Chen Sicheng, Huang Bo jokingly said: the director is too handsome when he is an actor. We have different ways of acting and it is difficult to cooperate. After becoming a director, we finally have a chance. Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran are familiar with Director Chen Sicheng and cant get familiar with each other. When it comes to cooperation again, Wang Baoqiang calls this a continuation of Tang detective. detectives and reporters are essentially looking for the truth, which is a very interesting coincidence Liu Haoran said that the director is willing to let the actors find their own role and use improvisation to stimulate unexpected surprise. He also revealed that although he still forms a partner with brother Bao Qiang, his role orientation is very different from Qin Feng, which really appeals to the audience.

The film my hometown and I will be released on October 1.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020