Strike of 10000 ton Daqu shipyard for more than one month

 Strike of 10000 ton Daqu shipyard for more than one month

According to the US Naval Research Institute (usni) website reported on August 10, the US bath Steel Shipyard recently went on strike. After weeks of mediation, the buss Steel Shipyard Union and investors reached a preliminary agreement to return to work, so as to resume production as soon as possible.

Jumwalt Class 3 ship built at bath Steel Shipyard

According to the report, the three-year agreement is mainly to solve the outsourcing problem of bass steel, which is also the cause of the strike. Due to the differences between the trade union and bath steel on outsourcing contract and length of service, the negotiation between the trade union and the shipyard was deadlocked, and the Trade Union began to strike on June 22. Bass believes that in order to increase workload and control costs, the shipyard needs to outsource its business when necessary and assign tasks that may exceed the normal authority to shipyard workers. However, the Trade Union believes that outsourcing has made jobs that originally belonged to workers disappear, and they are also worried that task allocation will affect workers seniority tables.

It is reported that bath Steel Shipyard is an important contractor of the US Navy. Bath Steel Shipyard is one of the two largest shipyards for the construction of the largest number of destroyers in the world. At the same time, the shipyard is also carrying out the construction of jumwalt class 10000 ton destroyer No. 3. Prior to the impact of the epidemic, Buss Steel Shipyards business volume decreased, and various restrictive measures also led to delays in the progress of a number of ships under construction. The strike since June has also affected the construction of ships in the shipyard, which naturally includes a number of new US Navy warships under construction.

In addition to the impact on the construction of new ships, the U.S. Navy has suffered a lot in recent years. A fire broke out on the amphibious assault ship good man Richard, which was under maintenance for four days and four nights. At present, the wreckage of the ship island is being demolished. The fire destroyed 11 of the 14 decks of the 40, 000 ton amphibious assault ship and severely damaged its superstructure. The U.S. military has yet to decide whether to repair or scrap the ship. But the former captain of the wasp class amphibious assault ship said that the good man Richard might be sunk into the sea in the future.

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