The 80 year old man was killed by his 84 year old wife with a stick when he didnt cook dinner. The court sentenced him

 The 80 year old man was killed by his 84 year old wife with a stick when he didnt cook dinner. The court sentenced him

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The reporter of Modern Express learned that the defendant Mrs. Di and her husband had four children, and they all went out to work and were not around. According to neighbors, the couple are fond of drinking and drink twice a day at noon and at night. Mrs. Di has a hot temper. They often quarrel over family chores and even beat each other after drinking.

Mrs. Di was more and more angry, so she pushed her husband hard, causing her head to hit the wall and fell down. At this time, the victim was bleeding because of the impact. However, Mrs. Di continued to hurt her husband by kicking her feet, hitting her temples and crotch, and hitting the victims head, face and legs repeatedly with a wooden stick, which eventually led to the victims death A head and face injury bleeding death. In the polices interrogation record, Mrs. Di claimed: I kick him with my foot, where is the fatal person? One is the temple, the other is the lower part.

After the crime, Mrs. Di did not dare to stay at home and was ready to surrender to the public security organs. As it was late at night, she did not find a police station, so she stayed in the street for one night until 7 a.m. the next day, she claimed that she had killed her husband and finally surrendered under the instructions of others. When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found that the victim was lying in a pool of blood, his body was already stiff, and the blood on the wall and on the ground was full of gushing blood.

The peoples Court of Huaiyin District, Huaian City, held that the defendant, Mrs. Di, intentionally and illegally deprived other peoples lives and caused the victims death in a certain place. Her behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Since Mrs. Di voluntarily confessed to the public security organ after the crime and truthfully confessed the main criminal facts, she surrendered herself and could be given a lighter punishment. Although the defendants behavior caused serious consequences of the victims death, this case is a temporary criminal case caused by marriage and family disputes. Mrs. Dis subjective malignancy and social harmfulness are relatively small, so she can be given a lighter punishment If he has reached the age of 75 at the time of committing the crime, the court shall sentence him to fixed-term imprisonment of 10 years.

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