The biggest regret of my life is that I have lived too long under the rule of feminism.

 The biggest regret of my life is that I have lived too long under the rule of feminism.

CNNs coverage of the incident

According to the police investigation, the relationship between Howard and Salas may have originated from a gender rights case tried by Salas in 2015. Holland felt that Salas had been tardy in handling the case and was very dissatisfied. The police speculated that resentment might have continued to ferment and eventually led to the tragedy.

However, what is the extent of ones resentment that, in a few years time, he has to disguise himself to shoot the judge, resulting in the tragedy of one death and one injury?

In fact, under the lawyers professional coat, Holland is still a male chauvinist, and his mind is full of misogyny and sexism.

He wrote articles on the Internet, published books, and publicized his anti girl thoughts everywhere, even his mother. He even fantasized about raping a judge who was in charge of his divorce case a few years ago.

Not only everywhere, in life, he also practices his own ideas.

Holland points to the billboard at the door of the bar that says ladys night.

Columbia University, out of academic need, launched a womens studies program, which he opposed.

An independent government agency only allowed men to register for conscription. He felt that it was unfair and directly sued him to the court (the judge at that time, Esther), which was supported by womens groups.

However, the reason given in his autobiography is that women should not only know the benefits of men, but also look at the hell that belongs to men.

The biggest regret of my life is that I have lived too long under the rule of feminism. There are so many enemies that we cant solve them one by one...

In a word, in Hollands mind, men are vulnerable and will always be violated by the society. He should stand up bravely and speak up for all violations of male rights.

Hollands anti feminism belief is on the front page of his website

Is the male weak really Tenable?

Hollands behavior brought a word back into the publics view

Mens rights movement.

Many people who hear this word for the first time may be confused. In fact, the male rights movement appeared in the 1970s and has always been closely related to women.


Members have formed a variety of male rights groups, giving birth to a series of unpleasant branches:

For example, pick up artist (PUA), a community that competes with each other for sexual attractiveness; mgtow, which advocates keeping away from all the opposite sex; and Hongyao pill, a community mixed with different branches of thought, means that more people should be aware of the crisis of male status.

The word red pill comes from the matrix and has always been regarded as a symbol of painful awakening. Supporters of the male rights movement used it to alert men: dont be paralyzed, we are the victimized party.

The documentary red pill recorded the thoughts of this group.

Although Kathy Jay, the director, claims that the film is neutral, several of the main funders of the documentary are closely related to the male rights movement, and one of them has repeatedly claimed that feminism is a cancer.

In the documentary, the leader of the famous website avoice for men (voice of men) said in an interview that since ancient times, the society thinks that mens life is not life, we are the kind of people who can be sacrificed by the society, which clearly shapes the image of the weak men.

This argument is very popular among men who are unemployed, single and divorced.

They are not concerned about why there are so many domestic abusers and rapists, but focus on feminism as a target. They think that their rights are damaged because of the promotion of womens status.

They are eager to bring women back under male control and back to the traditional male dominated social rules.

What prescription did the male chauvinism prescribe for men?

In that case, what is the call of the mens rights movement?

1. Divorce and custody

In divorce cases, are children awarded more to women? Isnt this unfair to the father of the child?

This is what the supporters of the male rights movement think. They think that the divorce judgment is too biased towards the children. They not only have to pay alimony to their ex-wife, but also have difficulty in getting custody of their children. This is naked discrimination.

National Statistics of the United States in 2011: 81.6% of all single parent families receiving custody are women and 18.3% are men.

However, if you think about it carefully, on the one hand, it reflects that men pay far less attention to parenting than women, so the law is more inclined to award children to mothers. Are there few examples of widowed parenting around us?

On the other hand, they ignore that in divorce cases, most men voluntarily give up custody. According to data, only 30% of divorces involve men fighting for custody, while 15% of divorces give custody to fathers.

2. Domestic violence

The male rights movement believes that people pay too much attention to the role of women as victims of domestic violence, but ignore that men are also victims of domestic violence.

The red pill mentions a U.S. data: as of 2016, there were more than 2000 shelters for women in the United States, but there was only one for men.

To this end, they call for the establishment of shelters for male domestic violence and hope that the legal system will change the idea that the victims of domestic violence are women.

Women undoubtedly account for the majority of the victims of domestic violence. But why do they object to the idea that male victims of violence have always been advocated by feminism?

How to make sure your son is your son?

Its not a common issue of ID, its a biological one.

Male chauvinists feel that it is too risky to be a man. If you are not careful, you will be wearing a forgiving hat. You have to spend time and money to raise other peoples children. This is a great harm to men.

This means that, after each child is born, the father is not anxious to be moved first, or to inquire about the safety of his wife and children, but to take the child for paternity test first. As for the rest, it is necessary to confirm that the child is born.

But what makes people laugh and cry is that the male chauvinists also believe that the cost of paternity testing should not be borne by men.

In the eyes of many male chauvinists, feminism is a dazzling target, but in fact, there is no big difference between the two in the principle of both men and women will be hurt by gender roles.

Moreover, many feminist movements have even made positive contributions to the fight for mens rights, such as successfully expanding the legal definition of rape in some countries. Rape is no longer limited to women, but also includes men; for example, to strive for equal parental leave for fathers; to call for attention to the psychological harm of patriarchy on men.

However, many supporters of the male rights movement have selectively ignored these issues. They regard the rise of feminist movement as the deprivation of their existing power and exaggerate the fact that men are in a weak position. To a greater extent, they are just venting their social pressure and dissatisfaction with the rise of womens rights.

And patriarchy became the elephant in the room.

I wonder if any supporters of the mens rights movement will read this article. If so, I would like to say to you:

The real equal rights movement is to realize equal dialogue between men and women, rather than to two opposite extremes. When you feel that rights have been violated, its better to take a closer look at who is the culprit, the women who are unwilling to oppress and resist, or the society that imposes gender behavior standards?

P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.