How to deal with you dont drink is to look down on me, dont say eat cephalosporin, the master said

 How to deal with you dont drink is to look down on me, dont say eat cephalosporin, the master said

Is that really the case? You can travel all over the world with your strength? Mr. Ma said a very classic saying: IQ prevents failure, EQ decides success. Therefore, when encountering this kind of problem, dont scold first, think about the logic behind it?

Dinner, why do you use the word dinner? Wine market, why do you have the word Chang?

Relatives and friends drink, thats drinking. Dinner, wine, its work. The rules of dinner are the extension of workplace rules. Why should leaders urge you to drink? What is the underlying logic?

The underlying logic is:

Leaders advise you to drink, the purpose is to judge your loyalty and obedience to him by looking at your drinking attitude. If you dont talk, you can drink two or two for half a year. This heroic attitude, to the leadership: I put the leadership in front of health, even life is not enough loyalty?

Leaders are very smart, what he wants is: you dare to drink freely, which means you obey his feeling and enjoyment. You boldly take out the wine in the cup, just like a casting name: I am not afraid of stomach pain, I am afraid that the leader is not satisfied.

If you refuse firmly, what does the leader think? He will naturally think: you dare not drink this wine, what burden can I put on you?

Of course, this group of leaders, especially the post-90s, have gradually stepped into leadership positions. They are more and more magnanimous and more tolerant. They were once victims of wine culture. After they took up leadership positions, they rarely forced others to drink. However, there are still many leaders who persuade people to drink, especially in the north and North China, who still have to persuade you to drink. This is the reality.

There are four main politeness refusal speech techniques we usually use

First, Im sorry, I cant drink. Im driving.

Second, Im sorry, I cant drink. Im allergic.

Third, Im sorry, I cant drink. Im taking medicine.

Fourth, Im sorry, I cant drink. Im not in good health.

When you meet unreasonable leaders or elders, you can completely crack your excuse and press step by step. What do you do?

Let me give you an example: how to deal with if you dont drink, you look down on me, dont say replace wine with tea, let alone I drive, which is what experts say.

Not long ago, leaders had dinner and drink. The leader asked me not to refuse. I had to take part in the dinner in the evening. I drove there to avoid drinking.

During the whole process, I eat vegetables with my head down to avoid the limelight and wine. After three rounds of drinking, Mr. Zhang of the company came up to me and insisted on having a drink with me.

I quickly explained, Mr. Zhang, I cant drink. Im driving here. Ill give you tea instead of wine

Mr. Zhang glared, if you drive, you will take the initiative to make mistakes and deliberately avoid drinking. You should be fined a cup. What I ordered is 52 degree liquor. Do you use tea instead of wine? Ill get it for you later.

I explained again and again, Mr. Zhang, I cant drink alcohol in my body. My liver lacks that kind of enzyme. I cant decompose alcohol. Im allergic all over.

Zhang always laughed, allergy, cant die, must drink a cup.

Mr. Zhang pressed me step by step. I had no choice but to take out the tablets. Mr. Zhang, Ive been taking medicine recently, and Ill take cephalosporin after the meeting.

I didnt have a way back and kept the defense line, Mr. Zhang, Im very uncomfortable drinking. My stomach really cant stand it. Ill take tea instead of wine. Ill give you a toast.

Mr. Zhang said, its hard for you to drink, but its better for me to drink?? Your body is flesh, my body is iron? If you cherish health, my life is worthless?

President Zhangs series of soul torture made me have no way back. I was tongue tied and speechless.

At this time, Mr. Zhang took out his Assassins mace: how? Just dont give me face? Do you look down on me

I was forced to be anxious and said with a bitter smile, leader, I drink this glass of wine, and I will enter the hospital immediately. Im not afraid to die. Im afraid that Ill die and implicate everyone here. I dont look down on you. I look down on the disease. Half joking and half serious, making fun of yourself and finding a way for leaders.

President Zhang laughed, OK! This reason is OK. Ill let you go. You are very humorous. Ha ha ha

Originally nervous looking at our game of a table people, see Zhang always laugh, also burst into laughter, the scene suddenly active.

PS: walking in the workplace, dining and wine market, this is a big pass. If you cant, dont use it. If you tear your face, its not good. If you refuse to talk about wine, be humorous and laugh at yourself. Lets have a laugh. This will be over.