How to criticize people gracefully? Cant talk to offend people, EQ experts use pyramid script

 How to criticize people gracefully? Cant talk to offend people, EQ experts use pyramid script


The most difficult thing in the workplace is not business excellence, but management. Excellent management depends on the system and the people. The appearance of employees disobedience to management is the staffs problem. In the final analysis, it is still the problem of poor management. It lacks the ability to control and guide other peoples behavior.


If you cant jump out of your own world, you cant enter other peoples world; if you cant get into other peoples world, you are doomed to be powerless to other peoples actions. Script is the gate of the two worlds of you and others.

Case (scenario)

Lin Zi, the marketing director of parachute, arranges Ah Mei, the business director, to deliver a product promotion report to him within three days. Ah Mei works overtime, lights up the lights and turns in the report on the third day.

Lin Zi roared: Ah Mei, why do you do this every time? Are you dissatisfied with my position and deliberately boycott me?

Ah Mei was even more aggrieved: how could I deliberately boycott you when I wrote the report overtime?

Lin Zi continued to satirize: thats your ability. I heard before I came that you were excellent. I didnt expect you to be so stupid, as stupid as your team.

Ah Mei was stunned. She didnt expect that Lin Zis words were so important.

May slammed the door and left. The woods sat sulking.

Linzi complained to the general manager about the teams incompetence. The general manager smiles, does not agree, gently reminds Linzi to pay attention to the art of speaking.

Linzi was unconvinced: I was the champion of debate in college. I cant communicate?

Is this scene that we often encounter? This failure of communication between the superior and the subordinate is performed in the workplace every day.


According to the pyramid principle of communication, Lin Zi made three mistakes.

The first level is upper level and lower level. Many superiors often make such mistakes and are not satisfied with the work of their subordinates. Instead of revising them repeatedly, they should do it by themselves.

The third level: no blind spot. Lin Zis fatal problem is that he cant communicate, but he cant see it. This is the blind spot.. On the surface, many people seem to be exaggerating, but in fact, they dont communicate with each other and soon become downtime.

Walking in the workplace and criticizing people, we must pay attention to words. You have to know that your anger is not the purpose, let the other party accept, and correct the problem, but also thank you for your advice, is the benefit maximization.

There is art in criticizing subordinates. According to the pyramid type, the behavior of Linzi is in accordance with the order.

The first level: consider the matter as it is.. Ah Meis report is against the wishes of her boss, pointing out that the matter itself is the least harmful to her.

The second level: ability negation. Lin Zi questioned the ability of her subordinate Ah Mei, and the harmfulness rose to a higher level.

The fourth level: devaluation. The boss belittles the value of the subordinates workplace. I didnt expect you to be so stupid, which led to the subordinates unbearable patience and further expansion of harmfulness.


How should the boss criticize his subordinates correctly? According to the pyramid structure and logical level. In principle, the lower the level of criticizing subordinates, the better. It is better to limit the level of criticism to the first level of talking about the matter. If Lin Zi criticizes a subordinate like this, Ah Mei: you have devoted yourself to this report. Im not satisfied with some aspects. Can you revise it?

Therefore, you should bear in mind that when criticizing others, you should firmly stay at the first level, hold back and shut up, and never extend to a higher level. Where it is not done well, he criticizes this specific abnormal behavior, indicating that this is an accidental event. If we go up to the fourth and fifth levels, we will not only offend the parties, but also the whole body.

How to praise subordinates gracefully? Then, according to the positive pyramid model, try to praise subordinates to the high level.

If Ah Mei writes this report well. How should the director of forestry praise?

The forest can praise from the bottom up, that is, from the bottom of the pyramid model, one level at a time, spiraling up to the end of the top of the pyramid.

The first level: Ah Mei, this report is well written (specific events);

The second level: I heard that you have a strong ability before I came here. Judging from this report, it really confirms everyones statement (up to the level of affirmation);

The third level: you are conscientious and dedicated, always so, responsible for the work (up to the appreciation of character and motivation);

The fourth level: you are really excellent (recognition of the value of the workplace);

Level five: youre as good as your team.

PS: walking in the workplace, work ability is only basic ability. If you can match emotional intelligence and form a higher comprehensive quality, you can go steady and go far. Speaking is a science. Two years to learn to speak, 30 years to learn to shut up. Some people are born with the ability to speak, while others are trained by the day after tomorrow. It is enough to learn these sets of books.