Jingdong small vault has considerable income, or become the first choice of current value-added users

 Jingdong small vault has considerable income, or become the first choice of current value-added users

In addition, the underlying assets of Jingdong small vault are monetary funds issued by Penghua Fund and Harvest Fund. In addition, it also provides monetary fund products including Huaxia Fund, China Merchants Fund and China Southern Fund. Users can switch to fund products with higher yield at any time, that is, they have more flexible choices and higher returns. ,

In terms of flexibility, JD small vault can realize quick redemption of RMB 10000 within 2 hours a day. In view of the pain point that users transfer from bank to capital limit, the daily transfer in and out limit of JD small vault can be as high as 500000 yuan in the financial management fund scenario, and the fund can be quickly redeemed and real-time paid in.

As one of the star products under Jingdong financial app, small vault is launched based on the carrier of Jingdong account system - online banking wallet, which integrates the shopping payment, fund management, consumption credit and investment and financing needs of JD users. Jingdong small vault serves more than 400 million users of Jingdong financial app, and closely focuses on Jingdongs own business.

The funds in Jingdong small vault can also be withdrawn at any time or purchased and consumed in Jingdong Mall. At the same time, it also supports rich payment scenarios, such as free return of credit card, gas, phone charge, and life payment.

In terms of transaction security, Jingdong finance uses intelligent risk control system to guard users transactions with 1000 + risk model for 7 u00d7 24 hours, and provides traceability service through blockchain technology. At the same time, all real name authentication users can also get free account security of 1 million. It not only ensures the security of customers accounts, but also enables users to obtain better consumption experience.

Therefore, Jingdong small Treasury has gradually become an ideal choice for young and middle-class users who want to obtain stable income and low risk tolerance.