33 year old pregnant woman left home for more than 50 days

 33 year old pregnant woman left home for more than 50 days

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She has been missing for more than 50 days and is pregnant for 9 months. She left home in the early morning without any news

After receiving the information, the reporter immediately contacted Ms. Chen and the husband of the missing woman, Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen said his wifes name is Xiao runlian, 33, from Wulong, Chongqing. The couple have a couple of daughters, and four of them live next to the new bus station in Wulong district.

I go out to deliver goods at 4 a.m. every day. When I receive a call from my daughter, I dont care. I think most of her (wife) goes out to have breakfast or go for a walk. Mr. Chen said that he then made a lot of phone calls to his wife, but no one answered. Until 9:00 a.m. on the 17th, his wife did not go home, so he rushed home to check the situation.

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A 33 year old pregnant woman in Chongqing has been missing for more than 50 days since leaving home in the early morning. At the time of the incident, she was 9 months pregnant (source: video synthesis)

Back home, Mr. Chen found that his wifes ID card and 7000 yuan in cash were missing. He also took a baby bottle, but his mobile phone was still at home.

My first reaction at that time was whether she would be ill and sent to the hospital, so I went to the hospital to look for her, but there was no sign of her. Finally, I went to the police station at 12:00 noon and called the police.

After the incident, Mr. Chen summoned his family to search for his wife near the place where his wife was missing. He also posted a message about the search around Wulong, but there was no news from his wife. Mr. Chen said his wife was more than nine months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, and if she is still alive, the child may have been born.

Photos of Xiao runlians circle of friends

Nine months pregnant without prenatal examination, her husband claimed that she suffered from prenatal depression, which was denied by her mothers family

In Mr. Chens notice, Xiao runlian suffered from prenatal depression.. Mr. Chen said that after his wifes disappearance, he looked through his wifes mobile phone and found that many of the comments made by his circle of friends looked like prenatal depression, but they were not diagnosed by a regular hospital.

From the screenshot of the circle of friends provided by Mr. Chen, the reporter found that since several months ago, Xiao runlians circle of friends had been described as depression and nightmare. In the last circle of friends released before her disappearance, she wrote: finally, we can put it down. The dog like life of more than 30 years can finally be ended and liberated. At present, Xiao runlians circle of friends is closed and can only be seen by himself.

In addition, Mr. Chen also revealed to reporters that since his wife became pregnant, it was the younger daughter who accompanied his wife to the hospital for obstetric examination. Not long before the incident, Xiao runlian went to the hospital with her daughter again. After the incident, he and his family once went to the hospital to inquire, but found that his wife had never gone to the hospital for a birth examination. The little daughter said afterwards: she took me to have breakfast, went to the hospital for a walk and came out.

Xiao runlians sister-in-law, Ms. Chen, is skeptical about prenatal depression. We live in the same building with her. Before the incident, we didnt find any abnormality in her. She had asked her mother to wash out the dried pigs feet and eat them in the month. She also washed all the sheets and cushions at home. She felt very normal.

On August 10, Wulong police told hualong.com, a new Chongqing client, that at about 12:00 on June 17, Wulong Furong police station received a report from the family of the missing woman. After receiving the police, the police immediately guided the family members to look for them and organized the police force to carry out the investigation. Subsequently, the Furong police station, Fengshan police station and Jiangkou police station all took the monitoring pictures in the jurisdiction and carried out the search work. The police at Furong police station inquired about the taxi driver of the missing woman and collected the DNA information of her parents blood samples and uploaded them to the national missing persons information system.

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