There are six hidden rules in the system. Those who come here: listen to the voice, listen to the people and see the heart. The more you understand, the better

 There are six hidden rules in the system. Those who come here: listen to the voice, listen to the people and see the heart. The more you understand, the better

u30103u3011 Its very important to manage your emotions. If you dont believe it, you can see that people in the system are polite. The higher the position is, the more Maitreya Buddha is. You cant see his emotions. In the selection and employment of people, the weight of emotional management ability is very high. Of course, you dont want to be emotional or not. In any public occasion, dont be emotional and playful to your boss. You ignore me and I ignore you. In the bosss opinion, your student spirit is very heavy, still need to continue to wrestle. However, you cant work hard all the time. Its no harm to find the leader to make some mood in private. The crying children have milk to eat. Let the boss know that you have a temper, too.

u30104u3011 Within the system, understanding rules and discipline is the first priority. This does not suppress your innovative thinking. Rules and discipline refer to procedural rather than ideological ones. Ideas can be innovated, but procedures should be followed, more instructions and reports should be asked, and decisions should not be made without authorization. Within the system, leaders frequently communicate with each other, and the phenomenon of laymen leading insiders is very common. In the eyes of the superiors, the leaders do not need to understand the specific business, lead the team and make good use of the people. This is the core work report. Therefore, you must not look down on your leadership. No matter how high your professional level and specific work ability are, you must ask for instructions and reports when it is time to ask for instructions. Leadership needs only your attitude. The more unprofessional a leader is, the more frequently you have to report. If you respect him, he will support you. The more resources you get, the more professional you will have. Dont turn the dialectical relationship upside down.

u30105u3011 Dont exclude the world. Just as the contradiction between two people and good business relationship is not complementary. You can walk on two legs, why hop on one leg? Old leaders used to call out names when they saw anyone. Every time they evaluated them, they were more than 99%. Later I found that it was not that he had a good memory, but that he had done his homework, who he saw and who he would write down in his notebook when he went home. Next time, he would be able to call his name accurately. So theres no harm in taking a little time each month to consciously maintain relationships. To maintain a good relationship with the boss, we should put it in the first place, and never ignore the relationship with colleagues. When youre examined, youll know that their good words will come in handy.

u30106u3011 Maintaining a good relationship does not mean digging out ones heart and ones lungs, and ones communication with one another. If you dont tell lies, you dont tell the truth. Keep a safe boundary with colleagues, not far or near, not intimate or tired. Dont be so enthusiastic as to make people think you have nothing to offer; dont be cold and let others deliberately play tricks on you. In particular, we should grasp three points: first, we should not know the secrets of our colleagues; second, we should not disclose the scandals of our colleagues; third, we should not be involved in the right and wrong. When others say bad things about others, we should not open our mouth, echo or spread them. Remember: the mind is unpredictable. You cant walk fast or far if you get into the mud pit.