There is no need for a man to have a child. French women can decide to make their own man

 There is no need for a man to have a child. French women can decide to make their own man

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A 17-year-old girl who cuts her throat on the street in Jiangsu Province

On the evening of August 4, in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a netizen posted a post saying that a man cut his throat on the street and a girl.

According to the modern express, the victims mother, Ms. Li, said neither she nor her daughter knew the man. On the evening of July 30, she heard her daughters cry when she came home. She ran close to see a man pinching her daughters neck and not let anyone approach. Ms. Li immediately called the police, the police dare not (rashly) approach. If you get closer, he (the murderer) will scratch with a knife. I held my daughter for about 40 minutes, and then the police fired. Zhang, the girls stepfather, added that the man had been following his daughter for several days. At present, the girl is still in the hospital intensive care unit. The hospital diagnosed trachea laceration, multiple stab wounds in the whole body and stab wounds in the neck. On the afternoon of August 5, Wuxi police told reporters that the case involved the privacy of the victim and it was not convenient to disclose the case.

Who says shes green? Can the man come out and apologize?

Mu: Chen Chen was also stalked and threatened by her ex boyfriend. She called the police ten times, but finally she was still in trouble. The police always like to say, now there is no evidence to prove that he is going to kill you, wait until he really kills you. Is it not helpful to arrest after being killed?


You dont need men to have children,

French women can decide to make their own people

On July 29, the French National Assembly passed the provisions of the new bioethics act by 66 votes in favor, 27 votes against and 3 abstention, which opened medical assisted reproductive means (PMA) to all women of school age.

In January this year, the French Senate passed the relevant bill, but restricted the disease insurance agencies to only reimbursement of medical PMA expenses, which stipulated that PMA could only be used for heterosexual couples who were medically proved unable to conceive.

On the 27th, the National Assembly began the second trial of the new amendment. The second trial version expanded the scope of PMA, and voted to open PMA to all single women or lesbian partners, and the expenses were reimbursed by social security. (source: European Times)

In France, surrogacy is prohibited. According to the national law, the child born from the belly belongs to the child. This is the key point of surrogacy.

I * * Sheng: opening up single female childbirth is conducive to improving the birth rate of the population.


Why didnt anyone tell you,

Women may need to halve their medication?

Can drugs that could have prevented heart disease actually trigger heart attacks in women?

We believe that drugs are produced in a rigorous and scientific manner, and they must be very reliable. But in fact, their reliability may only apply to 30-year-old white men weighing 70 kg. Because sometimes, only they are the subjects of the experiment.

And this reduce research costs initiative, may bring many unexpected harm to women.

Shangs: I think of the appeal made a while ago: most of the medical staff in the front line are women, but almost all the protective equipment has no exclusive size for women. From the gloves of anti epidemic doctors and nurses, the air bags of cars, and even the optimum temperature of air conditioning, women have been intentionally or unintentionally ignored.

Think of a concept put forward by a professor Although it seems that psychology samples are western educated, industrialised and wealthy people, it now seems likely to apply to other areas of academia on a large scale.

50% of young British men believe feminism makes it harder for men to succeed, the report shows

Recently, hope not hate, a British charity, surveyed 2076 young people aged 16-24 during the outbreak of the epidemic. The results showed that half of young men thought feminism went too far, making it more difficult for men to succeed, and only 21% of male respondents did not think so. 39% of male respondents believe that being a woman is more dangerous than being a man in the UK today. At the same time, nearly one in five people hold a negative view of feminism. The group attributed the anti feminism prevailing among young millennials and z-generation men to Britains growing far right ideology. In an era of changing social norms, male rights and anti feminism are increasingly becoming a pathway to the far right, attracting young men who feel deprived of their masculinity, the report said The results of the womens rights group Fossett are consistent with the data, but it points out that young men are more likely to see themselves as feminists. Although the survey shows that feminism is generally believed to be at the expense of men, the World Health Organization has found that in 41 European countries, the more unequal the gender, the poorer the health of men. Some men also say that when women have more rights, they are more satisfied with their lives. (source: globalcitizen)

If you cant take advantage of it, you will lose.

It is indeed a convenient step to attribute the disappointment to women.

Research shows that boys have stronger gender stereotypes about their occupations

In order to understand childrens potential stereotypes, psychologists from the University of Sussex asked children aged 5-10 to imitate people from different occupations. The results show that for three traditional male occupations (construction workers, truck drivers and Mechanics), boys and girls spontaneously masculine their voices by lowering the bass and harmonizing resonance. For three typical female occupations (nanny, beautician and nurse), boys and girls feminize their voices by raising their pitch and resonance. But the researchers found that boys are particularly inclined to emphasize the masculinity or femininity of different professions.. Around the age of 7, the extent to which girls exaggerate their sexualized voices to imitate people of different professions has declined, but it has continued to increase after the age of boys. Even when mimicking what researchers believe are three types of sexless professionals (doctors, students, writers), boys still use distinctly masculine voices. In addition, children were asked to complete a questionnaire asking whether men and women would do different jobs. The results show that even if children are not yet clear about their gender bias, they continue to have it. Scholars suggest that childrens writers and screenwriters should avoid too close relationship between work roles and specific gender, and that children should avoid completely associating specific roles with specific gender. More attention should be paid to the way adults speak when displaying different roles, and teachers should also pay attention to the way students speak in order to discover potential gender bias. (source: iNews)

Is that why men always lag behind women in terms of gender equality?

O * * this: the subtle influence is more profound than we think!

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