If you live with the fear of being drugged, this guide may help

 If you live with the fear of being drugged, this guide may help

In addition, if the case has not yet been concluded, the case may be submitted to the procuratorial organ again for approval of arrest after obtaining new evidence.

In the comment area, some netizens questioned that the suspects have admitted to drugging before, but what doubts are there? some netizens explained that the trial of the case should follow the principle of proof, and the direct evidence in this case, the water cup for dispensing medicine, has been cleaned up, and naturally there is no way to arrest the suspect.

Others say that even if the evidence is still there, its hard to get the punishment he deserves.

Because according to the drug pictures sent out by his microblog, the drug he ordered was named vegalis-20, and the main ingredient was tadalafil. Tadalafil is essentially an aphrodisiac for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. It has no coma function and is not enough to form erotic stimulation on women.

It was stupidity that saved his life.

A glass of powder taken by a shop assistant

Even so, the fear of Acquaintances prescribing medicine is still shrouded in the hearts of the majority of women, in case there is no shop assistant to find out in time next time? What if the suspect bought the right medicine? Does Ecstasy really exist, and how to find out that you have been drugged?

In order to explain these problems, we invited criminologist Zhang Jian to sort out and explain the real body of drugs circulated on the Internet and the possible physiological reactions after taking them.

I hope this article can help you.

Many people want to know whether the key criminal tools in the case of female customers being drugged by male partners really exist, and how to identify and keep away from the dangers brought by overpowering drugs in real life.

The public security official Bo @ Jiangning public security online, which is closely following the news hot spot, has carried on the online Q & a early: in real life, the judicial organs have not found any evidence of Ecstasy and Ecstasy that can make people lose their minds instantly and obey the perpetrators words.

However, this does not let you down. After all, in recent years, drug abuse cases have repeatedly made headlines. Through search engines, we can find a large number of irregular websites and illegal platforms that publicize and sell obedient water, Ecstasy, powder for losing ones body, Darling water and ecstasy powder, which makes people suspicious.

Click on the picture above to read I had a nightmares after 20 minutes of talking with the Drugpusher

These drugs can be divided into three categories according to their different mechanisms of action

The main mechanism of the first drug is to make the victim fall into a deep sleep, and then lose consciousness and autonomy. After taking the medicine, the medication person will be in a short time of unconsciousness, and some drugs will lead to memory loss afterwards.

The main components of these drugs are hypnotic psychotropic drugs, including triazolam and flunitrazepam.

These two kinds of benzodiazepines belong to benzodiazepines, which are prescribed by the state. They are mostly in the form of light blue tablets. Both of them are slightly soluble in water. They are proved to have significant effects in practice (the effect is dozens of times stronger than ordinary sleeping pills).

In the drugs taken by patients with severe insomnia, many of them contain a certain dose of two kinds of drug ingredients.

These drugs are also known as Smurfs

After taking the food or drink containing these drugs, people will quickly have strong sleepiness (the time varies from 3, 5 minutes to 10 minutes according to the individual blood circulation speed and other factors), and some of them will be accompanied with symptoms such as unconsciousness, decreased balance, and partial memory loss before and after taking the medicine. Flumazenil is commonly used as an antagonist to eliminate symptoms.

Note: receptor antagonists, also known as blockers, refer to a class of ligand substances that can bind to receptors and prevent the effects of agonists.

Excessive intake of these drugs can lead to severe persistent drowsiness and fatigue, shaking, slander, respiratory and heart rate slowing down significantly, and even death in severe cases.

The main mechanism of the second drug is that it makes the drug-induced anesthesia, and then sensory loss, resistance weakened. After taking medicine, some or several kinds of sensory impairment or even loss of the drug users, and the behavior ability will also appear obvious decline.

The main components of these drugs are medical narcotic drugs (inhalation anesthetics, narcotic auxiliary drugs, etc.), including but not limited to ether, chloroform (chloroform), sevoflurane, midazolam, gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), barbital, etc.

Some of these drugs are colorless liquid, some are white powder or crystal. They are often used to relieve pain and anesthesia in medical clinic.

The above drugs have various ways of action. Ether, chloroform and sevoflurane have irritating odor, and they often need high concentration inhalation to achieve anesthetic effect. In film and television works, criminals often add these substances to the towel to cover peoples nose, causing coma.

Photo / Jintian juvenile incident book

In recent years, midazolam and GHB are the most commonly used components in the class of obedient water.

The abuse of GHB was spread from Europe and America to Asia at the end of last century. As early as the beginning of this century, GHB was listed as class II psychotropic substances in China, but under the joint action of internal and external factors, the crime of sexual assault by using GHB is still rampant underground.

In fact, GHB has failed both as an additional anesthetic and hypnotic, or as a drug for the treatment of alcohol dependence and drug withdrawal syndrome: it has too many side effects and strong addiction, which has been abandoned by modern medicine.

However, as the effect of GHB on anesthesia and coma was discovered by those with ulterior motives, it suddenly emerged and became the shoulder handle in the field of dating and rape.

Picture / Sohu

As a mammalian, the metabolite of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) exists naturally in human body. Therefore, it is very difficult to detect GHB based on the existing technology.

Since the mechanism of action of narcotic drugs is to inhibit the central nervous system, excessive intake will lead to deep syncope, dyspnea, loss of consciousness, hallucination, and permanent damage to target organs, and then death.

The third kind of drugs are drugs and drugs with the effect of arousing emotions. According to their efficacy, they can be further divided into two types: drugs that strengthen sexual ability and drugs that stimulate physiological desire and pleasure.

The outstanding representative of the former is Viagra (the main component is sildenafil), and vegalis-20 (mainly tadalafil) produced in India in the drug dispensing incident also belongs to this category.

The main clinical use of these drugs is to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Using such drugs to pretend to be aphrodisiacs is the most common routine of illegal businesses. It is this kind of drugs that are most commonly seen in the small bottles under the guise of aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs on the market.

This kind of medicine has almost no irreversible damage to the human body, and it is difficult to say that it has the effect of stimulating physiological desire for women. If this kind of drug is taken carelessly, it can be said that it is lucky in misfortune.

Correspondingly, Bing poison, Yao touwan (methamphetamine) and k powder (ketamine) are highly addictive, which can significantly stimulate the cerebral cortex, accelerate the secretion of dopamine and adrenaline, and form strong physiological pleasure.

Among them, Bing Du and Yao tou pills often appear in the form of white crystal, powder or various solid tablets, which can quickly dissolve in water and alcoholic drinks. After taking them, they will show symptoms of extreme hyperactivity, negative emotion and negative emotion perception. For some people with sensitive constitution, they will strengthen their physiological desire and physiological pleasure.

K powder, also known as adulterants, drugs, Sao Yao, etc., from the name can be known that its infamous.

When the drug is dissolved in liquid, it is colorless and tasteless. In a short period of time, the users will feel that their perception, protection and fear will be reduced, their vision will be blurred and their pain will be alleviated, and a strong physiological desire and pleasure will be generated, which will provide an opportunity for the perpetrator to carry out sexual assault.

Short film of Taicang anti drug committee

If all kinds of overpowering drugs mentioned above are only short-term pain, then once synthetic drugs are used as overpowering drugs, the pain to the victims will be more profound and lasting

The addiction of these drugs may become the nightmare of the victims for the rest of their lives, which will completely deviate from the normal track and slide into the abyss of drug addiction.

Drink the overpowering drug, how should do?

Most of the above-mentioned drugs are colorless and tasteless. Even with professional knowledge, it is difficult to make accurate judgment on the unpredictable overpowering drugs and poisons in life without relying on professional technology and only through observation.

Therefore, once you find that you may have taken one or more of these drugs, you should keep in mind the idea of early treatment, decisive response.

Dont worry about what kind of medicine you took, take the following measures to get out of danger immediately:

It is necessary to make pain and keep awake by tapping throat to induce vomiting, drinking plenty of water to dilute, beating and pinching to make people feel pain and keep awake, leaving the closed place and going to the public area with a large number of people to ask for help from the police and the public.

On the premise of ensuring escape from danger and personal safety, timely go to medical institutions for examination and treatment, find out the types of drugs, and report the case to the judicial organ as soon as possible, and properly retain relevant evidence.

The above is the whole content of this Life Guide. If you still have time to kill, you might as well read on and listen to a few digressions that the author wants to say beyond this.

Whenever there is a case of women being violated, there will always be people out to advise women to pay attention to safety, learn to stay away from danger, and change unhealthy and unsafe lifestyle.

This is true, but the drugging incident tells us that even if we dont smoke, drink, go to bars and nightclubs, talk to strangers, and stay away from all kinds of dangerous good children, they are also vulnerable to illegal infringement because of other peoples momentary evil thoughts, greed and occasionally flashed dirty ideas.

Just reminding women to be careful cant fundamentally solve the problem.

impossible to guard against

In order to eliminate the risk of being raped fundamentally, on the one hand, the government needs to continue to make great efforts to strictly manage the controlled drugs, so as to prevent these drugs from being distributed to gangsters with ulterior motives; on the other hand, it is also necessary for social members to develop sincere respect for women, and no longer regard them as the appendages of men, but as tool men for reproducing offspring and solving their physiological desires.

Only by keeping vigilance, being strong and sober can we walk more steadily and further on our own road.