The mysterious landlord

 The mysterious landlord

The old man said weakly that he had made an old fault. Liu Yun asked with concern, do you need any medicine? Where is the medicine?

The old man hesitated and said, I eat Chinese medicine, can you fry it? Liu Yun nodded. He quickly fried the medicine and gave it to the old man. After the old man had finished drinking the medicine, he washed the medicine bowl again and cleaned up the vomit on the ground. Then he said to the old man, old man, you have a good rest. Lets talk about renting another day. The old man answered vaguely.

Old man, you just...

The old man let Liu Yun into the room and said with some embarrassment, actually, Im not ill. I made this on purpose. People who come to rent houses are basically young people like you. I just want to see if they dislike the old. As a result, most people are scared away at the sight. You are the only one that satisfies me

Liu Yun couldnt laugh or cry, but he thought the old man was very interesting, so he agreed to move in with the old man. The old mans surname was Wu. Liu Yun called him Wu Bo. Wuber is a retired worker with no children. His wife passed away a few years ago.

After moving in, Liu Yun came back from work every day, watching TV with Wu Bo and chatting. After getting along for a period of time, he found that wuber was easy-going, but his legs were not convenient, and he had some difficulty going up and down the stairs.

Wuber repeatedly waved his hand: it doesnt matter, it doesnt matter. I dont play well. Playing chess is my biggest hobby. Before that, my wife played with me all the time. Then my wife left and no one played with me. You can go with me for a game

Both of them are not very good at chess. They are very close to each other. Wu Bo was very happy. He won and danced like a child. After playing chess, he was happy to take out the old wine he had collected for many years and invite Liu Yun to drink it. That night, they chatted over a drink until late at night.

Since then, Liu Yun went home every day after work because he was afraid that Wu Bo would have to wait. Whats more, every time I see the light from the window of wubos house from a distance, his heart is always warm, which makes him feel like home.

As like as two peas, Liu Yun came back from a business trip and saw the advertisement of the Wu Bo posted on the wall. The content was almost the same as last time, but only one: the young women. Liu Yun was very surprised. He rushed home to see that the living room was full of luggage. It was obvious that someone had just moved in.

Liu Yun asked Wu Bo what was going on. Wu Bo said, Im very lonely when youre not here these days. Im thinking about finding another person to live with three people. Isnt it more lively?

Liu Yun is not happy. How can three people live in such a place?

Just at this time, a girl came out of the room and said enthusiastically, brother, youre back. Im sorry, but I moved here without saying hello to you. I was worried when I heard that there was another person living with me, but wuber kept praising you. Now I feel more at ease when I see you. You dont have to move your things. Ill tidy up the storage room and Ill be able to live.

Looking at the girls warm face, Liu Yuns unhappiness immediately disappeared: welcome, I have few things. I have a single bed to sleep on. Id better go to the storage room. Then he began to move things.

In this way, three people live together. The girls name is Li Jing, from a small county. After getting along with each other for a long time, Liu Yun thought Li Jing was very good, and Li Jing also had a good feeling for him, so they began to fall in love. In this vast metropolis, Liu Yun feels very lucky to be able to find his favorite object so easily. Until one day, wuberdor had two drinks and said to him triumphantly, whats the girl Ive got for you, isnt it? At the beginning, I was completely in accordance with your criteria for interviewing people. Only then did he understand Wu Bos painstaking efforts, and he could not help being more grateful to him.

That day, Liu Yun was at work when he suddenly received a call from Li Jing saying that Wu Bo had fallen down and had been sent to the hospital. Liu Yun rushed to the hospital immediately. Wu Bo was pale and weak in the hospital bed. Liu Yun and Li Jing took turns to ask for leave and took good care of Wu Bo for a week. When Wu Bo was discharged from hospital, the doctor told Liu Yun that Wu Bos condition was not very optimistic and that he might be paralyzed in the future. Liu Yun could not help but worry.

Seeing the Chinese New Year approaching, Liu Yun and Li Jing discuss going home to see their parents, ready to get married. At this time, wuber took out an agreement and said to the two, we have been together for so long, and we know each other very well. You are very kind to me, and I treat you as my own children. I need to be taken care of in the future. I have no children, no property, only this house. If you agree to support me, the house will be left to you when I die.

Liu Yun looked at Li Jing and found that Li Jings eyes flashed a trace of hesitation. Wuber also saw it and said, of course you have to go home to discuss such a big matter. Well, Ill wait until the tenth day of the first month, and then youll give me a message.

They arrived at the mans house first. Seeing his son bring back his girlfriend, Liu Yuns parents are certainly happy, and the old grandmother in the hospital bed is even more happy. Speaking of wuber, his father said, we didnt like it at first, but we cant object to it when people treat you so well. Its just that you will have to go to work and take care of the patients in the future

Liu Yun looked at her grandmother and said, well come back less in the future. You... Mother sighed and said, weve been through all these years, and we can still make it.

Wait until the womans home, Liu Yun found that things are not as simple as imagined. Li Jings father has been paralyzed in bed for many years, and she is totally dependent on her mother. Sure enough, Li Jings mother was not happy: do you know how difficult it is to take care of a paralyzed patient? Ive been exhausted taking care of your dad all these years. Besides, we only have a daughter like Li Jing. In the future, we still want to live with our daughter and son-in-law and have a look after her. If you find another paralyzed old man, who will take care of us? I dont agree with it

They lived at home for a few days, but Li Jings mothers ideological work has been unable to do. Later, Liu Yuns grandmother was seriously ill and hospitalized, and they went back to take care of them for a few days. It was not until the fifteenth day of the first month that the two returned to the city. When he arrived at wubos house, he found that the house was locked and empty. Later, an old lady from the neighborhood committee opened the door with a key and told them, Wu Bo has already set up a house for the aged and moved to a nursing home. The house has been mortgaged out. Move your things quickly.

Liu Yun thought of Wu Bos time of the tenth day of the first day. It seems that wubo was prepared for them, so he went to the nursing home.

Take out another box for Liu Yun and give it to his wife. Liu Yun opened the envelope and found a 5000 yuan passbook and a note inside. The note read: this money is a little of my heart, as a wedding gift for you. The password is the date when we first played chess.

Looking at the empty house, Li Jing cried out. Liu Yun put his arm around her shoulder and said, we are still young, make great efforts, and when we have the ability in the future, we will take wubo out of the nursing home and our parents, and we will live together.

Li Jing looked at him with tears in her eyes: will there really be this day?

Liu Yun firmly nodded and said, there will be this day! Lets go and have a look at wuber first

Author: Liao Hua