Whats on the feminist hard drive?

 Whats on the feminist hard drive?

So, when I came into contact with feminist porn, my eyes suddenly lit up.

This is a type of film developed or watched by people who advocate gender equality.. Its rare (almost none of my straight boyfriends who read the film have ever seen it), and its high quality (my friends responded positively to my Amway work).

This world is too short of this kind of small yellow film, and women need too much!

Sex is not shameful, and then?

In the past, when it comes to small pornographic films, women often want to give up.

Fortunately, with the development of the sex positive movement, womens sense of shame about sex seems to be decreasing all over the world.

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Sexual activism aims to change cultural attitudes and norms around sex, such as encouraging awareness of:

Sex is a natural and healthy human experience with various forms; voluntary sexual behavior (without violence or coercion) is basically healthy and pleasant;

We can actively explore and try in gender expression, sexual orientation, establishing relationships with the body (for example, taking a positive attitude towards all kinds of figures), choosing different styles of intimate relationships, and reproductive rights;

It is important to promote comprehensive sex education and safe sex.

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At present, most of the feminists willing to enter the small pornographic industry are the third wave feminists. They pursue freedom, pay attention to sex, equality and pleasure.

However, this kind of career choice has aroused the criticism of womens rights predecessors.

Many second wave feminists believe that pornography is a product of patriarchy and capitalism. Women are doomed to be oppressed and materialized in such works. Dominance in pornography is a culture of rape.

From the late 1970s to the early 1980s, two generations of feminists debated the nature of pornography. In the United States, this debate is known as the porn war, and its aftermath continues to this day. Both sides of the debate are anti pornography feminists and sexually active feminists.

Opponents hold a sign saying porn hurts women.

Looking back, this debate has played a positive role in the development of feminist pornographic films.

Feminist filmmakers can constantly reflect on the intention of making pornographic films, break the stereotype of dirty, vulgar and low taste in society, and then improve the sexual quotient of the public through film creation.

Alan Willis

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Her 1981 article desire horizon: is womens movement Pro active? u300bFor the first time, he put forward the concept of sexual positive feminism.

She is one of the most active feminists who believe that feminist porn provides an effective way for women to express their sexual pleasure. If the traditional clarinet is based on male power and is full of coercion, then the feminist clarinet is an innovative work that abandons the perspective of female weariness.

Womens rights porn shows the close relationship of equal power, pays attention to womens sexual behavior and sensuality, and encourages the public to respect their own body and sexual desire.

Why is it so difficult for women to engage in pornography?

In 2012, a study entitled why be a porn actress found that the reasons for actresses to appear in pornographic films included money (53%), sex (27%) and attention (16%).

Respondents also mentioned areas they didnt like at work, including related practitioners (such as colleagues, directors, producers, brokers) attitudes, behaviors and poor hygiene conditions that make others feel difficult in the workplace (39%), the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (29%), and exploitation in the industry (20%).

For a long time, since most of the adult content is male, the possibility of making feminist clarinet is relatively low

Whether in a large or small reed studio, men tend to marginalize womens views and concerns; due to excessive emphasis on the needs of traditional male audiences, actresses who dominate the screen in the clarinet are usually young and sexualized;

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In addition, small pornographic production companies will deliberately create a vicious competitive working environment, so that female employees feel that they must compete with the same sex;

Racial and gender discrimination is more common: black actors usually get only three-quarters of the salary of white actors. Women and non white men will suffer from structural and interpersonal discrimination and injustice.

This kind of mainstream creative ideas undoubtedly put the actors and producers of feminist pornographic films in a disadvantageous position.

However, even in such a dilemma, there are still a group of feminist filmmakers around the world who firmly believe that adult content has the power to achieve sexual arousal, as well as the power of education and inspiration.

They are breaking the traditional pornographic and creating feminist pornographic films, which are gradually changing the industrial map of adult content.

Womens rights porn industry leader

Erika lust, a film director, screenwriter and producer in Sweden, is an excellent feminist filmmaker.

Aleuca Lasser

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She has discovered early that it is not so simple to abuse men as to engage in womens rights.

Seeing the dissatisfied little reed, she did not want to blindly throw the pot to men: look, it is all those men who are disgusted with women, short-sighted and low sex quotient, monopolizing the little reed industry!

It is better to ask for oneself than to ask for others. More than a decade ago, she began to create her favorite feminist pornographic films.

Of course, the road is not smooth.

In 2004, her first erotic short film good girl was released online for free. Over two million downloads in a month.

Just as she was immersed in the joy of explosion, her mother called and scolded: what the hell are you doing, Erica!? This will affect your future, your career, your life! What will the neighbors say about you?

According to aleka laster, mothers attitude reflects the publics sense of shame on sex, as well as the stereotype of pornographic films.

Therefore, the solution is not to quit the porn industry, but to shoot more pornographic films.

During National masturbation month (may), Erica Lasser asked netizens about their experiences of self pleasure.

In 2014, she said in a ted speech, its time to change the little reed.

Teenagers are looking at the clarinet before they start having sex - bad, wrong, chauvinistic Clarinets are affecting our gender education.

Its time to change the little porn.

I dont want to take women out of porn. I want to get women into the sex world, obsessed with it. I want to see women in a leadership position as producers, directors, screenwriters...

Erica Lasser said that and did the same.

In the summer of 2013, she created a crowdsourcing website called xconfessions, which allows users to submit sexual fantasies and stories. A few years later, the online community gathered filmmakers, performers, artists and ordinary netizens from all over the world.

Erica Lassers team selects anonymous confessions submitted by netizens to shoot high-quality and ethical pornographic films. The film making process fully ensures the health and safety of the cast members and the fairness of salary. The film is published on the official website of x advertisement for netizens to pay for subscription.

There is a paragraph on the official website of x confession:

Together we change the rules of pornography. Were not just showing what sex is like. Were telling stories about how sex and desire feel, about how we interact intimately. Each film is visually fascinating, transcending traditional gender roles and stereotypes, and breaking through the boundaries of fetishism, desire and intimacy.

Most of the X messages are no longer than half an hour.

Super woman combines animation and action scenes to tell the story of three little feminist sisters who fight back against sexual harassment and selfish lovers by punishing evil and promoting good. At the end of the film, the super girls who have worked hard for a day relax themselves with the hot three people line

John and Annes soul sex is a sex documentary released by raster in 2019. She interviewed Dr. Anne Campbell and John Campbell, a couple of sex educators. In the film, the two old people carry out a close dialogue about sex among the elderly, conveying the message that good sex has no age limit.

On her personal instagram, Erica Lassers latest video was created to celebrate National orgasm day on July 31.

The video shows all kinds of orgasms of people with different skin color, body size, age, gender and sexual orientation: calming, arousing, hypnotic, unexpected, and miraculous

(pretend theres a failed audit video here)

Write it at the end

Last year, we applauded send me to the green cloud for the first time in a big screen performance of female orgasm. This year, spring tide breaks through the sexual fantasies of middle-aged women.

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To talk about sex and love from the females point of view is not to play gender segregation and keep men out of the door. On the contrary, it is a shortcut to open the dialogue between genders, sexuality and even generations.

Sex equality will lead us to sex equality.

Note 1: according to the definition of Marty Kleins sexual quotient (2012), sexual quotient = knowledge related to sex + emotional skills + physical awareness.

Note 2: influenced by the battle of porn, erotica and pornography seem to have different styles. Erotica highlights artistic sense and humanistic depth. Therefore, Erica Lasser is often called erotica director by the media. However, when porn becomes more feminist, the line between pornography and pornography will become blurred.

Note 3: Erica laster was born under Erika hallqvist. Lust means sexual desire in English, which fully demonstrates her professional values.

Note 4: national orgasm day is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries. The festival is part of the international womens climax day on August 8.

P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.

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