The final announcement of the seventh Film Festival

 The final announcement of the seventh Film Festival

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11 that the film Lao Qi, produced and produced by Shenzhen HUOSHANG culture, has recently released its final notice and poster. Directed by Yang Dajiang and starred by Li Xiaochuan, Li ZhengYanQi and Li Longjun, the film tells the story of the entanglement between Laoqi, a waiter in an old tea house in Chengdu, Zhang Jing, a female college student, and Guan Shuai, a photographer. It focuses on the emotional track of marginal groups and social small people. The film is adapted from a true story. The realistic feeling of life has aroused the audiences resonance. Since the release of the pre announcement, the films expectation value has gradually increased, and it has won six awards at the International Film Festival of Monaco. The film will be officially released on August 15.

This release of the ultimate notice, with the emotional changes of Lao Qi as a clue, deeply analyzes the emotional context of the story, and smacks out the flavor of life among the simple stories. This tangled story is gradually clear in the preview. The arrival of female college student Zhang Jing breaks the quiet life of Lao Qi and stirs the spring water in his heart. Simple people have the most straightforward feelings. In the preview, Lao Qi, who walks along the railway track, opens his world to Zhang Jing without reservation. However, his simplicity and recklessness make this unequal The emotions are collapsing. At the beginning and the end of the notice, the coming and going of the train echo each other. From the train coming to the train going, there is a tangle and a road. The reflection of Zhang Jing in the water may have indicated the answer. After all, it is just a pool of spring water wrinkling and no trace of dreams.

International Film Festival of Monaco won six awards in succession

The film Lao Qi is produced by Shenzhen HUOSHANG Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and will be released on August 15.