Hold ones urine for a while, be cool all the time? Need to know the consequences!

 Hold ones urine for a while, be cool all the time? Need to know the consequences!

First of all, lets find out why holding your urine produces this kind of pleasure.

Take urination as an example. After the nerve senses the bladder filling, it sends a signal to the brain: big man, Im full here. Open the brake! Well, yes! Good job The signals act on the brain, and you feel comfortable.

As a urologist, in fact, I have met many friends who come to see a doctor because of various discomfort caused by holding urine. But why are some people keen on holding urine? Is it just for a few seconds?

So Dr. Qi did a small survey on Weibo to see why everyone was holding urine.

More than 4000 students participated in the voting. I didnt expect that lazy was more than work reason in the voting results, which reminded me of the happiness of being sealed by quilt in the early morning of winter. Ah, I get it!

To get to the point, lets talk about it today. Whats the consequence of holding your urine? Why do all urologists tell you not to hold your urine?

01 / bladder explosion

Can a living man still suffocate his urine? Its possible in theory. It is said that the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is such a magical figure who was suffocated by urine. When attending a banquet, because the banquet atmosphere was too pleasant, he insisted on holding his urine and not going to the toilet. Finally, his bladder burst and died.

Doesnt it sound weird and not true?

In fact, in urological emergency department, bladder rupture after drinking is nothing new. After drinking, the brain is inhibited, and the sound of go to the toilet has been drowned by the euphoria brought by alcohol. If you happen to fall or encounter other external forces hitting the lower abdomen, the already full bladder will burst directly. If we dont pay attention to it all the time, whether it is bleeding or abdominal infection, it may lead to death.

In the most suitable for inviting friends and barbecue beer stalls in summer, we must remember to go to the toilet frequently!

What? Can suffocation lead to uremia that people talk about?

Its true that the bladder, the water bag for storing urine, cant extend indefinitely. In addition to the bladder rupture mentioned above, it actually has two channels for flood discharge:

One is to break through the river bank and rush down the lower reaches of the urethra (commonly known as urinating pants); the other is to swim upstream and return to the kidney through the ureter. This situation not only easily brings the bacteria from the bladder back to the kidney, causing nephritis, but also tends to damage the function of the kidney over time, even leading to renal failure.

Holding urine, will directly lead to urine in the bladder residence time growth. So correspondingly, the probability of bacterial reproduction is higher, and urinary tract infection is thus formed.

Moreover, due to the slow flow rate of urine in the whole urinary system, the retention time is too long, and the urine concentration is increased, the metabolic waste spontaneously agglomerates to form a stone core, which becomes larger and larger, and finally becomes the stone that can not be discharged by itself.

Whether it is urinary tract infection caused by urinary pain, hematuria, or stones caused by renal colic comparable to childbirth, Qi doctor advised you or do not have the opportunity to personally experience it.

04 / urine leakage

Doesnt that sound like a big deal?

Doctor Qi suggests that you ask your friends who have just given birth to a baby, especially those who have a natural birth. I believe they will tell you how devastating this feeling of urine leakage is.

The following is the seven doctor fragmentary read time: listen to the voice of their own body.

When we were children, we listened to our parents; after school, we listened to the teachers; after work, we listened to the boss; after marriage, we listened to the other half

Its rare that when you are alone, apart from your mobile phone or mobile phone, we seldom take out even one second to listen to our bodys voice, 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds

Youre hungry. Its time to eat!

Youre thirsty. Its time to drink water!

Youre sleepy. Its time to go to bed.

Youre holding your urine. Its time to open the sluice to let water out!


Too many, too many voices from my body are blocked by us intentionally or unintentionally, until the body is really overburdened, you are sick and fall down, then you realize that I have made my body suffer so much injustice.

I am a urology doctor, finally, I wish you a bright mind!

Ill go to the bathroom first~

Doctor of Urology


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