14 days of losing contact with a woman: once received 300000 cash from her mother and her family suspected that she was dragged away

 14 days of losing contact with a woman: once received 300000 cash from her mother and her family suspected that she was dragged away

On August 10 and 11, red star journalists contacted the local police in Nanning for two consecutive days. According to the police of Hengyang police station in Nanning City, Liao Chenglins disappearance is under investigation, and there is no result for the time being. If there is a result, we will contact the family members in time.


It has been 14 days since the 34 year old woman suddenly lost contact

The family was in such a hurry, but there was no news. I dont know where she went According to Ms. Yan, sister of Liao Chenglin, on July 27, she also contacted Liao Chenglin via wechat and chatted with her. On July 28, Liao Chenglin also had a video with her 5-year-old son, they are quite normal, there is nothing wrong with them.

According to Ms. Yan, Liao has been working in Nanning in recent years. Her wife works in Pingguo and takes care of her son. Her family and friends are mostly in Pingguo. In life, Liao Chenglin has a cheerful personality and is very nice. No one around her has ever said anything wrong with her.

This time, because her mother was ill, I wanted to contact her whether she could come back, but the phone was blocked and there was no reply to the message. According to Ms. Yan, at first, her family thought that Liao Chenglin might be too busy at work and didnt pay attention to her mobile phone. But she hasnt answered any messages. Under normal circumstances, if you see any unanswered calls or messages, you will reply.

After several days without news, the family began to notice the abnormality and suspected that Liao Chenglin might have encountered something. On August 4, the family arrived in Nanning and found Liao Chenglins rented house. She found that her belongings were in disorder. Liao Chenglin was not in the room. The family searched many times in Nanning, but there was no news.

As of August 11, Liao is still in the process of losing contact.

Family members suspected that he was dragged away for 300000 yuan

A notice for finding someone published by Liao Chenglins family. Photos provided by interviewees

This conjecture is also based on the access to the monitoring screen of Liao Chenglins residence. Ms. Yan said that as no one had been found, her family reported the case to the local police and took the monitoring pictures of Liao Chenglins residence. During the period from July 29 to August 4, there were four days of missing surveillance images, only those on July 31 and August 1, but she was not seen in them.

Is it just that the equipment broke down in those days when monitoring was missing, or did someone do it on purpose? Ms. Yan expressed doubts about this.

As for why the family suspected that Liao Chenglin might have been dragged away, Ms. Yan said that before, Liao had taken 300000 cash from her mother to help deposit it into the bank. This is what her mother saved over the years. She was going to buy the land. She was asked to deposit it in the bank. It should have been a while. Yan speculated that Liao Chenglin was dragged away because of the money.

As for whether the money has been withdrawn at present, the family members said that because there was no Liao Chenglins certificate and the card was not available, there was no way to freeze it, and they did not know the situation for the time being.


Police feedback: there is information, but there is no final result

After Liao Chenglin lost contact, her family published a notice on the Internet, and Hengyang police station, a local police station in Nanning, has also been involved in the investigation. At that time, we made a record at the police station, explaining the whole process of the incident, but now the investigation has not been carried out. Ms. Yan said.

Ms. Yan said that in the process of police investigation, Liao Chenglins travel records and residential ID card registration were not found. Only once, it was the record that she took the train from Nanning to Pingguo in June this year. The rest were gone. I feel like this person has disappeared completely.

On the afternoon of August 10, the reporter got in touch with Ms. Yan again. On the phone, Ms. Yan said that the police reported to her family that there was news, but there was no final result. When the reporter contacted Hengyang police station again for confirmation, the police on duty in the police station replied that they were still under investigation.

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Sichuan woman lost contact with Philippines on the day of losing contact with her mother

On May 25, after a video phone call, Zhou Heng, a 28 year old woman from Qingshen, Sichuan, lost contact in the Philippines. After Zhou Heng lost contact, the bank card that the phone shut down, WeChat screen, and car loan showed that the balance was insufficient, and Alipays head and name were also changed.

During the loss of contact, three strange wechat who claimed to be colleagues, roommates and recruiters contacted Zhou Hengs mother last week to ask whether Zhou would go home, but there was no following.

Call the police, ask friends for information, contact the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines The family tried every means to find Zhou Heng, but there was no effective clue.

On August 7, after the cover news report about Zhou Hengs loss of contact in the Philippines, many enthusiasts called Li Jie, Zhou Hengs ex husband, who helped him find the person, to give advice, for example, to inquire through Zhou Hengs apple mobile phone ID.

I dont know Zhou Hengs ID password, ah! Now, 74 days have passed since Zhou Heng lost contact in the Philippines. Where is Zhou Heng?

Missing woman Zhou Heng

Weird reply

Although he has been working abroad for many years, Zhou Heng makes video phone calls with his mother Jiang Cuilan almost every day to see his two young sons and chat with his mother. She is very concerned about us, and she calls me by video every morning, noon and evening. No matter how busy I am, I will call at least two every day.

On the morning of May 25, mother Jiang Cuilan, as usual, received a video call from her daughter Zhou Heng. Why did you call so early today? Jiang Cuilan said that when Zhou Hengs phone call was received, it was only more than 7 a.m., and both grandsons were still sleeping. On the other end of the phone, Zhou Heng said that he only received 6000 yuan of salary, ready to call his mother. Then she told her mother that she was busy and ended the video call.

On the day of Zhou Hengs loss of contact, he replied to his mother twice in writing

At 1:15, 2:50 and 4:10 on May 25, Jiang Cuilan called her daughters video phone three times, but no one answered. Then, Zhou Heng sent his mother a written reply again, saying, Im very busy. Ill call you back..

After this reply, for more than 70 days, her mother, Jiang Cuilan, could not contact her daughter any more. The video phone could not be connected, the message could not be sent back, the phone was turned off, and the circle of friends was blocked.

By looking through the chat records between Zhou Heng and his mother, the reporter noticed that, as Jiang Cuilan said, Zhou Heng does have videos with his mother many times a day. Even if there is no video, he sends voice messages and never sends text messages. Bizarre is, May 25 morning after the end of the video, Zhou Hengs two replies are text.

Maybe by that time, the mobile phone was no longer on my daughter. Jiang Cuilan guessed so.

Zhou Heng wechat blocked

Various guesses

In early 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the travel agency business. So she suspended her business and went to work at a company near the Manila airport terminal.

And this situation is also known through Li Jies friends. Maybe I still do customer service in gaming companies. Li Jie infers. After Zhou Heng lost contact, there were two wechat that claimed to be the personnel director and roommate of Zhou Hengs company and Jiang Cuilan asked if Zhou Heng would go home. The two men said they did not know Zhou Hengs whereabouts, and then ignored Jiang Cuilan, or even pulled it black.

It is also because of these information, some netizens speculated whether Zhou Heng ran away after taking away the companys money. Li Jie said it was impossible. She doesnt work in finance. How can she make money? Whats more, even if she does, why not return home? She sells air tickets herself, and its easier for her to return home than anyone else. And Zhou Hengs mother Jiang Cuilan also said that her daughter is a very down-to-earth person and will not do these things.

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