Shes the most successful female journalist. Shes a 36 year old woman who tolerates tens of millions of rich women

 Shes the most successful female journalist. Shes a 36 year old woman who tolerates tens of millions of rich women

Liu Luanxiong, commonly known as big Liu, frequently reported physical crisis. At the age of 70, he had the idea of dividing his family and property.

In June, when his health deteriorated, he transferred all the HK $2.4 billion Huazhi shares held by his eldest son, Liu Mingwei, to three of gambys children, which gave us a sense of the war between the great powers.

Gambys three children, the oldest of which is only 11 years old, have already owned more than 100 million yuan, and have reached the end of their lifetime struggle soon after their birth.

Among them, Liu Xiuhua, the eldest daughter loved by Liu, has not only owned a luxury house, but also acquired diamonds over the years, including 7.03 carats of sky blue diamonds, 16.08 carats of powdered diamonds, 12.03 carats of blue diamonds

Why is it called Josephine? Its Liu Xiuhuas English name

All in all, at the age of 11, Liu Xiuhua had assets of HK $3 billion.

Gambi is holding her son Liu Zhongxue, next to her mother and sister

Gamby himself is even more ambitious, with billions of cash and stock assets of HK $70 billion. She once became the richest woman in Hong Kong.

Zhihu has an ironic question: Liu Luanxiong has been struggling all his life, is he essentially working for Gambi?

To tell you the truth, gamby is totally out of line with the publics perception of a man who can support Mrs. rich.

Generally, a lady with rich and noble flowers is either picturesque or gorgeous. This is the courtship instinct of all male animals, and they will take the initiative to get together when they meet beautiful things.

Known as the most beautiful Hong Kong sister, Li Jiaxin is the first killer of the rich

The other is the wife of chaff who walked hand in hand all the way. No matter whether she drifted or not, the period of fighting together has long become the mark in each others lives.

Xiao Zhas wife has been described as not good-looking, so what?

He is a medical student of Harvard University, and he is an alumni

Three white eyes, a little buckteeth, dark skin, dark eyes, as a Hong Kong Star sniper big Liu, former Li Jiaxin, Guan Zhilin, Cai Shaofen such as beauty.

The same is short hair, the same is plain face, stars and ordinary people really have walls

Whats more, the time when Gambi meets Liu is the time when he has the most assets. They can only share the same happiness and cant share the hardships.

According to the truth, if such a woman flies on the branch and turns into a Phoenix, she is bound to be spurned by other women. In this world, women are the only ones who are most critical of women.

However, gamby is not among them. The entertainment stars who play well with her are very friendly to her, not snobbish stars.

Zheng Xiuwen, Zhong Chuhong and Gu Tianle are her good friends and often appear on her ins.

In a variety of places, her identity has been very heavyweight, but she would rather be willing to be a supporting role and appear in various corners.

The life of her as like as two peas, is so strange that she can not find a person who is exactly the same as her.

From the ordinary looking slum girl, completely independent of herself, relying on a marriage to become a wife of the upper class, or Mrs. Wang who castigates Jiangshan in just 30.

The million level Birkin Himalayas, which is popular science, is also in Gambi

Before this, we cant say that there is no such story, but we can only say that it is similar. However, as we all know, after the divorce, Deng Wendi has no topic, and even was expelled by her husband.

Deng Wendis ambition is well known to all, but Gambis ambition is completely invisible.

But if you want to say that Gambi has no ambition at all, I absolutely dont believe that she can become the first woman rich in Hong Kong. I believe her endurance is comparable to that of Gou Jian, king of Yue.

The difference between gamby and Wendi Deng lies in the fact that one is a hidden ambition, the other is a hidden ambition.

Who knows, the representative of life winner in everyones eyes is a post-80s generation, who is only 40 years old this year.

And gambys birth is doomed, if she does not climb up, there is no way out.

Gambis original name is Chen Kaiyun. Gambis pen name is just her pen name. Gambis native family is not good. Her father, Chen Suiming, runs a mahjong hall, and her mother is Pu Mei, or little sister.

One loves gambling and the other loves playing. They took a long time to get married. But marriage is not love, such a combination of the family, is bound to be noisy.

Chens father had a hot temper and often beat and scolded his wife and daughter. When gamby finally became famous with big Liu, the next year, the TV station went to interview Chen Fu. He was still grumpy and always burst out to silence the TV station.

When asked by a reporter whether he would like to see his grandson, Chens father blurted out: of course I do, but I have to be willing.

After all, Chens father beat Gambi to run away from home for a small matter, and then drove other daughters away. Finally, even Chens mother couldnt bear such a violent temper, so he remarried with him.

Who doesnt want to run away from such a family?

After fleeing his fathers Gambi, he began his ups and downs of adolescence.

In fact, gamby has been able to make his way to the top of his life step by step through normal channels.

Zheng Xiyi, who is in the elder sister of riding the wind and waves, is also a student of Baoliang No.1 middle school.

Through studying in a famous school and graduating steadily all the way to work, gamby can change her own class. However, gambys original family can not support her to achieve class leaping at the normal pace.

Therefore, she took the most direct way to solve the current problems and entered the society early. Gamby, who graduated from technical secondary school, became an entertainment reporter in Apple Daily.

Gambys choice of entertainment is now a very correct choice.

First, gamby, who has climbed up from the bottom, likes to be more popular, and can better know what those gossip teachers want to see more?

Second, gamby lives in a broken family, and has developed the ability to observe and see. This is the ability of entertainment to deal with celebrities.

Third, gamby is smart enough and hardworking.

Her colleague Bai Lumei also thinks that Gambi is really smart and should continue to study. However, Gambi says that only when she comes out to work can his family get rid of the hardships of the original family.

Besides, gamby was very successful in his entertainment without Liu.

When the reporter is willing to rent a high-level house for nearly three months, he can still afford to rent a high-level house for nearly three years.

Gambys success is inseparable from her professional ability. The most classic interviews and reports that made her famous in the first World War are four.

This original classic picture is one of her few as an entertainment journalist.

On the day of Zheng Yijians birthday, gamby, who had been in the office for one year, took photos of Liang Yongqi going to Zheng Yijians residence in Saigon, which opened the most sensational event of Shuangqi winning face in Hong Kong.

At that time, there were already many reporters crouching at the door of Zheng Yijians house, but the fastest reaction was Gambi, who ran to Liang Yongqi as fast as he could to leave this classic photo.

The headlines of Hong Kong media are as poisonous as ever

The problem is really sharp, the response is so fast, gambys ability is really not to be underestimated

The second one is about the breakup of Li Zekai and Lin Huiyi.

Lin Huiyi is a marketing manager in Yingke. She has a high education background and a good family background. She is also very young and fresh. She has been in love with Li Zekai for about a year and parted ways.

All the people who received the news ran after Lin Huiyi for an interview. Gambi also rushed in front of her and squeezed to the nearest position from Lin Huiyi.

The third is to get rid of Zhou Xingchi, who has a bad temper.

Zhou Xingchis bad temper is well-known in Hong Kong. Wu Mengda, who has worked with him for many years, cant stand it. Some talented men are a little lonely and aloof.

However, this kind of entertainment tycoon, who is difficult to contact and interview, treats gamby differently.

For example, they will cross the hand of he chaoqiong, the king of gamblers, to pinch Gambis face.

Or when he saw gamby taking pictures of himself, instead of refusing, he invited him to dinner.

Fourth, let Diving Queen Fu Mingxia admit her love affair with Liang Jinsong.

The relationship between Fu Mingxia and Liang Jinsong has been semi public in Hong Kong circle, but there has been no real hammer and the parties have not responded.

And Gambis question is also very interesting, she did not directly point out, but gave a few options, let Fu Mingxia choose, use circuitous tactics, let the other side slowly fall into her trap.

Questions in textbook edition

Putting stars like Zhou Runfa and Andy Lau, who are well-known and well liked by the public, and putting the key person Liang Jinsong at the end of the question, can make people relax their vigilance and answer questions without thinking.

Gambys interview skills and emotional quotient are also obvious to all. All colleagues who have worked with her give her the same evaluation: smart, communicative ability, first-class affinity.

One week reporter Yu Jiaqiang such appraisal Gambi

This woman surnamed Ye is also famous

Comments on Bai Lumei, a colleague of Apple Daily

Even her ex boyfriend Fang Guosen, after breaking up with her, never talked about her again, leaving only one comment: she is too smart, in addition to smart, or smart, is not a simple woman.

This is Fang Guosen and his later girlfriend, Hong Kong actress Liang Minyi

The former relies entirely on their own EQ and the result of their efforts, but the latter takes a wrong step, which gives people a delicate sense of anxiety of egoism.

Of course, after meeting Liu, in the face of the sky high wealth, whether or not to maintain this original intention is a test of peoples suffering process.

The first confrontation between Liu and gamby was out of her instinct to entertain journalists.

This elite woman is good friends with Bao Yongqin and Xiang taichen LAN, the former wives of Da Liu

He even had an affair with Andy Lau

This contact doesnt matter. Liu remembers this strange looking female reporter directly.

Once, gamby was in the theater, waiting for Da Liu. Liu not only stopped, but also accepted Gambis interview, which made the crowd in front of the audience speechless: has houlang Gambi surpassed himself to this extent?

Gamby, who met big Liu, was still so ugly at that time

Gamby grinned innocently and said, Wow, youre afraid of the mole Ill take on your face! It is said that this move dragonfly skims the water, so that eating abalone shark fin big Liu heart beating.

Later, a female radio reporter named Zhang Yunzhi tried to imitate others and was directly scolded by Da Liu: please dont touch me. If you want to take photos, you can go back home and take photos by yourself. Dont point your microphone at people.

In Cong Yans heart, the real Yingji is the one who can really understand.

On the far left is Zhang Yunzhi

Compared with Gambi, I lost in makeup

At the beginning, they were in love with each other underground. As soon as big Liu, who was high above him, changed his old habit of cleanliness, he gave whatever gamby liked.

Gambi is a Chaozhou native who likes delicious food. Daliu takes Gambi to Shantou to taste delicious food;

Gamby likes Antarctica and penguins. As long as Gambi is not happy, Liu sends her penguins to make her happy;

In gambys photos, penguins are the most common

In my fathers house, there are penguins

At the beginning of their relationship, it was when the Korean drama blue love for life and death became popular. In order to accompany gamby, Da Liu went to live in a small house with only one room and one room rented by gamby, and they crowded together to watch Korean drama next to the dressing table.

Still photo of blue love of life and death

These actions just hit gambys soft heart. As we all know, gambys lack of paternal love and the affection his father couldnt give from childhood were all made up by Liu.

Thats why gamby, who is so smart and can make a big show in the paparazzi industry, has been able to keep a low profile for more than ten years in front of big Liu. This is not only her ambition that she can hide, but also that she has given her money, love and status that no one else has ever given her.

When he met and fell in love with big Liu, Gambi still had self-knowledge. After all, his ex girlfriends were famous for their beauty.

In addition, Lu Lijun, the real girlfriend of Da Liu at that time, was not comparable to Hong Kong star in terms of beauty, but LV Lijun had a very high education background, which was hard to be matched by other people.

LV Lijun graduated from the University of London, England, fluent in English. In her early years, she worked as a part-time cabinet sister in the British Lv. Later, after meeting Da Liu, she washed her hands and became a lady.

It is a combination of reality and literature that the tycoons fall in love with this kind of bridge.

The reason why these men choose cabinet sisters is that they are beautiful, smart and considerate. Secondly, cabinet sisters are very self-conscious and know that if they are not gentle enough, they will easily be eliminated by men.

Finally, the cabinet sisters knowledge reserve is also very high. After all, she has been dealing with the rich all the year round. She can at least understand what the other party is talking about.

Although Deng Wendi was not born as a cabinet sister, Deng Wendi and LV Lijun were of the same level in the early stage. They were gentle and virtuous, hiding their ambitions and pretending to be little white rabbits who were harmless to human beings and animals in front of the rich.

But how long ambition can be hidden depends on ones ability.

For gamby and LV Lijun, the Hong Kong media who once had good deeds later made a comparison between them to see who was more likely to win.

Big Liu has LV Lijun who can act as his wifes face, and has the abundant financial resources to attract all kinds of beautiful and beautiful stars. It seems that she will not rank in Gambi.

When it comes out in public, theres a sense of seeming agreement and alienation

When the two were still together, Liu Luanxiong directly celebrated Li Jiaxins birthday in the newspaper in 2006.

At that time, people also speculated whether the one was Da Liu or Pang Weiren, an ex gossip boyfriend.

But later, Liu blew himself up and named his shopping mall the one. He also threw the hot potato to his son Liu Mingwei.

What makes Gambi more miserable is that when Li Jiaxin and Xu Jinheng got married, Da Liu went to the restaurant where he often ate, and brought LV Lijun, which happened to be the full moon wine of Gambis daughter on that day.

Is the operation a little familiar here?

In Lius opinion, Gambi is the woman controlled by men.

Listen, the meaning of this sentence, there is a great contradiction in itself. If a man really has no money, temper is big, all have a bit of brain woman, will definitely want to leave.

Again, men can do so many things that make women moved. If they dont have money and power, can they really do it?

LV Lijun and Gambi have existed together for many years. It has always been that Gambi is a little bit behind, and he is not good-looking and knowledgeable. For a man with good face like da Liu, he cant take it out.

However, no one knows that after LV Lijun publicly declared that the father of Gambis eldest daughter was unknown, Gambis luck suddenly came.

In 2014, in the public appearance of the three, Da Liu has obviously thrown his pet to gamby.

Take a look at this gesture. Big Liu is on crutches in one hand and gamby on the other. This is an act of trust.

Gamby finally succeeded in becoming a wife from his girlfriend because of his poor health.

In 2016, 65 year old Liu was photographed frequently entering the hospital. As soon as the media inquired, Lius main organs were ill, including heart disease, diabetes, and renal failure. Even his speech was not easy.

At this critical moment, Gambi was the only one with Liu.

Finally, at the end of 2016, with a marriage letter to accompany him for 14 years, gamby finally made it.

On the program, he constantly praised Gambis thoughtfulness and meticulous care when he was ill, scoring more than 100 points of satisfaction.

All straight male presidents have several requirements for their partner:

Be considerate and filial, gentle and virtuous, never talk about money

For her former girlfriend LV Lijun, who has been with her for more than ten years, she has not only published her parting letters with each other in major newspapers.

It is on the program to scold each other, only know money, only recognize money.

It is self-evident who these people are

After her success, gamby changed her appearance, appearance, and dressing up, revealing her ambition.

But this kind of ambition to become beautiful exists in every woman, so we are not surprised to see that she has more temperament.

Before that, he had dark skin, listless eyes, very rustic in dress and sickly in expression.

Lu Lijun, who also holds Birkin, is much worse in temperament

Even if you buy maternity clothes, you can only buy them at a discount of 1000 yuan. Wearing a lace cake skirt and looking at a large printed dress, you cant fit in with herm u00e8 s.

There is even this kind of mysterious collocation, black print shoulder pads, black leggings and a pair of sneakers, which make Hermes lose its color.

But after she was recognized as a girlfriend and became Mrs. Liu, her aesthetic and taste had a qualitative leap, and she began to try to match some elegant lady brands with a sense of design.

Even the Hong Kong media, who have always been venomous, praise the overall shape, which looks fresh and comfortable.

Gamby, who has been playing microblog since 2010, has been showing his photos slowly in 2016. He has been competing with the stars and finally has not lost.

Whats more, they are more and more like ladies and ladies. Sunglasses, cheap goods and luxury goods are mixed together;

On the left is mechar, a niche brand in New York,

On the right is the French brand maje

They are all 1000 yuan packages

A few days ago, a few days ago, the ins just made a selfie, although adding black and white filter, but 40 years old can have this kind of adverse growth of skin and state, absolutely have the credit of medical beauty.

Still keeping the elegance of a lady

However, if they have become wives, the men would like to bring out a white swan instead of an ugly duckling.

So its not that gamby doesnt want to be beautiful, but she knows clearly when she should be beautiful and when she shouldnt be.

But usually, gambys Micro blog looks like a ladys life, ceramics, desserts, charity

If it is her own efforts, let alone 14 years, that is, 40 years, 400 years, it will not be able to achieve such a status.

There was once a media review of the five important stages of Gambis life, each of which is of great importance, and none of which can achieve todays Gambi.

Debut period: if gamby had not chosen the apple daily industry to interview celebrities, she would not have had a chance to contact Liu, and there would have been no subsequent series of stories.

Fighting period: when he was a senior entertainment reporter with a monthly salary of nearly 30000, he resigned decisively and went to work for Chinese real estate.

Hidden period: from Lius assistant to Da Lius lover step by step, from a marginal figure to the center of power, and even was discovered by the media in 2003, gamby began to travel with bodyguards.

Favored period: at this time, the YingYing and Yanyan beside Da Liu have almost gone. The biggest obstacle left is LV Lijun.

Gambi does not argue, does not make noise, does not do anything, only focuses on the original intention, takes good care of himself, takes good care of big Liu, only waits for the enemy to show his horses feet, is victory.

Transition period: when Da Liu is really Microsoft, knows the destiny and is sick, he still can not give up and exchange his heart for a marriage contract. From then on, he has become a rich woman with a fortune of 10 billion yuan.

Women who are all CEOs have different fates

After watching gamby go from the bottom to the richest woman step by step, many people think this is a fairy tale Cinderella story.

No, no, no, Cinderella is at least equal to the prince in terms of self-discipline and knowledge. You should know that the class of Cinderella and the prince is not too far apart. Cinderella is also a rich merchants family.

Gambys path is one that women can never copy, because luck is very important and mind is indispensable.

First of all, we must be tolerant. Tolerance is the key to success of all those who want to be superior.

No matter big room two rooms, small three small four, standing still, even if there is the heart of the top, also have to hide.

Secondly, we should recognize our position and never overstep it.

The reason why Gambi can defeat LV Lijun and even replace Wendi Deng to become the most wanted woman in Asia is that she knows her own position too well.

Take yourself as a nanny, subordinates, conscientiously serve the boss, even the bosss family.

What can best explain this problem is that when she went out after dinner with her mother, Gambi looked at the stairs while Lu Lijun only cared about her beauty and wore high-heeled shoes.

Finally, it should be in line with mens preferences.

This point is also very clear, men like you simply do not have the taste of money, they will never act beautiful, when men like you can support the front, go to the United States and the lady to discipline themselves.

Finally, there is a question worth pondering: is a woman like gamby a winner in life?

The word life winner was mentioned a few years ago. It is generally believed that the winner in life is to marry a good husband, have a good marriage, and have a few obedient and excellent children.

But if you look ahead, you can see that the milk tea sister, Deng Wendi, LV Lijun and so on are all winners in life, but they always become a kind of crowd that most women hate.

In the final analysis, it is under the name of Mrs. so and so to force myself to the winner of life, which is a little far fetched.

Even if gamby is doing public welfare, he can only do it in the name of her husband. Even if he gives most of his property to gamby, the beneficiary of this kind of good fortune and fame is still his own person.

There are a lot of winners who are poor in life.

To put it bluntly, the winner in life does not lie in the amount of wealth, nor in the stage of marriage.

But it depends on whether they can survive independently and expand gradually and open up a new world after breaking away from their husbands and men who have always attached to them.

If gamby, 40, really wants to be called a winner in life, she has to see how she shows her ambition and lives herself after she leaves Da Liu in the latter half of her life.

Lu Lu: with two daughters, she is a master of clothing and a writer in France. Her new book, who walked through the mountains and rivers with whom, is selling well. Walking in the middle of the rift between eastern and Western cultural differences, elegant female we media.

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