Du Feng: Liaoning team is very mature. Du runwang: its very hard for Du director to train us

 Du Feng: Liaoning team is very mature. Du runwang: its very hard for Du director to train us

After playing three fierce semi-finals in five days, Du Feng admitted that it would be more difficult physically. The physical fitness will be more difficult. After all, we played three games in five days, but the schedule is arranged like this. Everyone needs to overcome the difficulties, because the competition has reached the most critical stage. Du Feng said.

Du Feng said that Liaonings lineup and age structure are very mature, Liaoning teams lineup is very neat, especially after Mayo joined, the results are better, there are also very good three guards, the front line is also good, the interior line Han Dejuns play is also very important, attack, defense, rebounds, Liaoning team can go to now, he is very important. In addition, Liaoning teams age structure is very mature, the players have been fighting in CBA for many years Du Feng said.

In the last semi-final, Wang scored four three-point goals and became a wonder. Du Feng thought that Wang was a hard-working and self-motivated player. At the beginning, I talked to Wang Xingkai and asked why he wanted to come to Hongyuan. He said that Hongyuan needed me. I almost fainted at that time. In fact, he was a very hard-working child in training. He was very motivated. He may not meet my requirements in training. I will point out to him and let him take more responsibility. In fact, its hard to see his training efforts in a game, which is hard to imagine

Du runwang also accepted an interview with the media. He thought that he had to fight when he came on the stage. If I go on the stage, I still try to fight for my own characteristics. He is also my predecessor for Shanghe Tianju. I also hold the attitude of fighting. For me, I have no advantage. Du runwang also said that Du Feng has made great efforts in training young players. Du director trusts young players very much. We have spent a lot of effort in training them. We can see that his hair is white and worried. He edited five Liaoning game videos, aiming at their characteristics and habits, let us do a good job. Du runwang said. Source: Netease sports Author: Feiyu responsible editor: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260