Bloggers need to pay $1 million for new millet products? Its mother: mishair

 Bloggers need to pay $1 million for new millet products? Its mother: mishair

(video) I accidentally sent it out. I dont understand. I saw this thing on my sons computer. I didnt know where he was going to send it. I sent it to that group by accident The other side told Red Star news that she and her son shared a computer and accidentally sent the video to QQ group, which focuses on the field of technology and digital.

When the Red Star News reporter asked whether the $1 million default payment was real-time, the other side said, because I really dont know the seriousness of the problem. I dont know that my son signed a confidentiality agreement with Xiaomi company. Now my son has told me that I am actively asking them to delete it.

According to a picture posted on the Internet, in a video released by a blogger about Xiaomis new products, @ beatiful technology left a message below saying, can I delete Xiaomis microblog. Please, please. Please Red Star News reporter search found that the current page of the blogger has no relevant video.

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When asked about the current communication with Xiaomi Fang, the person claiming to be the owners mother told Red Star news that she was now in contact with the company (Xiaomi).

Is it immoral to force reading to buy? Some Microsoft employees opposed the acquisition of tiktok. After nine years as head of the company, Apple CEO cook finally made more than $1 billion. Tiktok was investigated by the French privacy regulatory agency because of complaints. Source: Red Star News Editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541