Xi Jinping instruct to build a shelter for housing safety

 Xi Jinping instruct to build a shelter for housing safety

Ensuring housing safety is an important part of two no worries and Three Guarantees. The article on building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way points out that, compared with the requirements of two no worries and Three Guarantees, four aspects of problems are more prominent, one of which is some poor people still live in dangerous houses.

Brick by brick, it embodies the conviction of winning the decisive battle to get rid of poverty, and builds up the simple desire of hundreds of millions of people to live and work in peace and contentment.

To meet peoples expectations for housing safety, we should make greater determination and make greater efforts

In January 26, 2014, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero and came to yirshi Town, Arxan, Xingan Meng, to visit Guo Yongcai, a 74 year old hard forestry worker. Photo by LAN Hongguang, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

In the Spring Festival of 2014, Guo Yongcai, a resident of yiershi Town, Aershan City, Xingan League, Inner Mongolia, welcomed a special guestu2014u2014

Special purchases for the Spring Festival in January 26th afternoon, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero, came to Guo Yongcais house, to explore cellars, touch the wall, see the new years goods, sit on the Kang head, and understand the life of one family.

It is difficult to see Guo Yongcai and other mass housing. Xi Jinping urged local cadres to speed up the transformation of shanty towns, discharge timetables, let the masses live in new houses as early as possible, and do a good job of condolences to the masses of difficulties so that every family can have a good holiday.

Since 2014, Aershan city has invested 4 billion yuan in total, collecting more than 10000 houses in shantytowns and raising 2700 resettlement houses. I used to live in a bungalow, burning fire, collecting firewood and pouring ash, and my nose was black. Now I live in a building with a gas stove and water heater, and I dont have to go to a public bathhouse any more. Said Feng Xiuhua, Guo Yongcais wife.

The security of housing is the basic requirement and core index of poverty alleviation, which is directly related to the quality of the battle. Xi Jinping pointed out that housing security is mainly ensured that the poor do not live in dilapidated houses.

On October 29, 2013, the Political Bureau of the 18th CPC Central Committee conducted the 10th collective learning on accelerating the construction of housing security system and supply system. Xi Jinping made a speech during his presided over the study. He pointed out that after long-term efforts, Chinas housing development has made great achievements. At the same time, we should also see that solving the housing problem of the masses is a long-term task. There are still some problems, such as the basic needs of families with housing difficulties have not been fundamentally solved, the overall shortage of affordable housing, and the unreasonable and unbalanced allocation of housing resources.

The people are full of expectations for the realization of housing. We must make greater determination and make greater efforts to solve various problems existing in housing development. In this collective study, Xi Jinping put forward a sincere request for the protection of the peoples housing safety.

From 2013 to June 2019, the central government has supported 17.94 million poor families to rebuild dilapidated houses, and helped 57 million poor people live in safe houses, including 23 million poor households who have registered for registration.

On the forenoon of February 11, 2018, Xi Jinping visited the Jid village of Hepu village, Jiefang Township, Zhaojue Autonomous Prefecture, Liangshan. Photo by Ju Peng, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2018, Xi Jinping visited Sichuan to condolence to the cadres and masses of all nationalities. Huopu village in Jiefang township is a new village for poverty alleviation and relocation. The new houses are built along the highway along the mountain. Xi Jinping pointed out that the practice here proves that poverty alleviation and relocation is an effective way to achieve the goal of accurately eliminating poverty.

According to the plan, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the state will implement relocation of about 10 million poverty-stricken people who have established files and registered cards. At present, more than 9.6 million poor people have been relocated to other places for poverty alleviation, and 5 million non poor people have also been relocated in the central and western regions.

Farewell to the dangerous house, live in a new house, move out of the mountains where generations of people have been trapped. The family is open and the peoples happy life is also lightened.

Make up for the short board of housing safety and put forward brick and tile efforts

In April 21, 2020, Xi Jinping was in the Jinping community of Lao County town, Ping Li County, Ankang City, and he sat around the family with Wang Xianping. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie huanchi

Since ancient times, Chinese people have settled down and relocated. Moving a new house is a great change for a person, a family and even a village. The second half of the article should be well deployed so that the people can move and live.

According to Jiang Huili, the community Secretary of Jinping community, the old county and town Jinping community has developed industries due to local system. Relying on the original mountain resources, it has cultivated 22 professional cooperatives and new business entities, driving 770 households to increase their income. Relying on 12 enterprises in the towns Industrial Park, more than 150 jobs were created, 9400 square meters of factory buildings were built, 4 new community factories were developed, and more than 200 jobs were provided.

In May this year, four departments, including the Ministry of human resources and social security, launched a special action to help the relocated people who are capable of working and willing to work, especially those who have set up files and registered cards, focus on large resettlement areas for poverty alleviation and relocation, comprehensively use various measures of employment services, and concentrate on increasing employment assistance and promoting the employment and Entrepreneurship of the relocated people.

We should do a good job in employment in a real way, and we should not engage in formalism. During the investigation of Jinping community,

Xi Jinping emphasized this.

Good policies need to be tamped down. We need to be down-to-earth in poverty alleviation and actively do practical things. In the process of making up the short board of housing safety, there are still some problems in some areas, such as the random grasp of the standards, the improper implementation of the declaration procedures, the untrue reflection of the dangerous transformation files, and the nonstandard use of the funds for the renovation.

In view of the already built affordable housing, we should strictly check the construction quality and other problems, so as to avoid new security risks. Tan Xuewen, a researcher at the Institute of rural development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that at the same time, according to our investigation and research, there is a small number of people who temporarily live in relatives or neighbors homes, and there is a situation of no fixed place of residence , which also needs to be paid attention to.

Some B-class houses can not reach the dangerous house level at present, but they still need to look back to avoid becoming dangerous buildings of grade C Wang Sangui, President of the China Poverty Alleviation Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said, in addition, one house can only apply for one dangerous housing subsidy. If the house is damaged again due to natural disasters, it should be timely remedied by other means.

We should explore a housing model that is suitable for Chinas national conditions and meet the characteristics of development stages, and avoid a one size fits all approach to poverty alleviation. Through accurate and meticulous poverty alleviation, people will have a higher sense of gain and happiness.

From the poor nest to the rich, let the villagers move out, live stably and become rich

If you have a good house, you have to earn red money before you have a good day.

Live and work in peace and security, and the supply of the housing system and the supply system were carried out in the eighteen session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and Xi Jinping stressed that housing is a livelihood issue and a development issue. It is closely related to the vital interests of thousands of households, and that the people live and work in peace and contentment, and the overall situation of economic and social development, and the social harmony and stability.

Every holiday, Qingbao village, which is hidden in the mountain area of Wuling, will be lively. The 17 rooms of Nongjiale run by Huang Zhengxue, a villager, are already full. Looking out from the three story building of his family, the Tujia style buildings with green tiles and white walls are built along the mountain road, and the vegetable base with crisscross fields extends to the distant mountains

In the past, villagers of Qingbao village had to cross mountains and rivers to cross cliffs and wade through six or seven swift rivers. It is difficult to travel, drink water, use electricity, house, go to school, see a doctor and increase income. Longfeng town has been suffering from poverty.

In 2013, the pilot program of comprehensive poverty alleviation reform in Longfeng Town, Enshi City, Hubei Province, was slowly launched. The local government has issued three master plans and 28 special plans for urban and rural construction, economic and social development and comprehensive land use. Guide more than 5000 households to move from remote areas with poor natural conditions to market towns, central communities or residential areas. At the same time, targeted poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization are carried out simultaneously. Longfeng town has explored the whole area of tourism, receiving more than 40000 tourists every year, increasing the income by more than one million yuan.

From the poor nest to the rich family, a series of supporting policies have been implemented and promoted, so that the villagers can move out, live stably and become rich, which can really enhance their sense of gain and happiness.

Relocation and renovation of dilapidated houses are not simply for the purpose of removing and building up . The real purpose is to help the poor. We should increase the income of the people and solve the fundamental problems of being able to move, live stably and become rich. Lei Ming pointed out, therefore, resolving the employment problem through the development of industries is an important achievement in the process of relocation.

In the next step, in the process of Promoting Rural Revitalization and realizing the Chinese dream, on the basis of ensuring housing safety, there will also be higher-level improvement, such as unifying urban and rural housing safety standards and other measures, and jointly improving the peoples sense of happiness through the concerted efforts of multiple regions and departments. He said.

Living in a certain place is the most simple desire of the people to be well-off. Whether you live well or not, whether the house is warm or not,

Xi Jinping was always worried. The people-oriented policy directly reaches the peoples heart, and solid and effective measures have been put into practice. The construction of Chinas housing security system and supply system continues to improve, the ability of housing security is constantly enhanced, and the happiness and sense of gain of peoples life are constantly improved.