To Anita Mui! Commemorative film Anita Mui will be put on file August 25

 To Anita Mui! Commemorative film Anita Mui will be put on file August 25

Movie Anita Mui released Trailer (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11 that recently, with Zeng Zhiwei as the consultant, Gao Zhisen and Liang Baihao co directing, Hu Xinger, Guo xianni and Lin Dexin as the leading actors, Jiang Xinyans special performance and Huang Rongjies and Fang Huiyings special introduction of the film Anita Mui announced the official filing of the mainland and its release on August 25, 2020. Together with the archive information, there is also a fixed file poster and fixed file notice.

The film Anita Mui Fei is adapted from real people and real events, which truly restores the moving story of Anita Muis life influencing life, and shows for the first time a rare and precious friendship of Anita Mui, which is full of fireworks. At the same time, it is also the first Chinese drama film to show idols from the perspective of fans. It is worth mentioning that the film Anita Mui has won six awards in the International Film Festival for three times, and has been shown in Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places.

Many famous people gather to make a guest show

As one of the most influential female stars in the 20th century, Anita Mui has many enduring works and fans who love her. In order to commemorate the 15th anniversary of her idols death, Fang Xin Hui, the fan association of Anita Mui, also hopes that the spirit of the idol can be learned and developed by more people. She actively raised funds and participated in the planning of the film Anita Mui. In the poster released by the film company, Anita Muis beautiful face first came into view. The design form of silhouette and collage, coupled with the orange color, makes the whole poster present a strong atmosphere of nostalgia. The three lines of small characters under the title reveal that the film is adapted from real people, which is a sincere love letter sent by fans to Anita Mui.

Sing for you, sing for you, thank you for never abandoning me... the familiar melody sounded, and scenes of pictures related to Anita Mui unfolded. In the preview, although there was no Anita Mui role, the audience could still feel the spirit of Anita Muis sincere treatment of fans and the power of her own actions from one character to anotheru201c The delicate relationship between them makes people wonder what happened between them? At the same time, the trailer also exposes for the first time many famous Hong Kong film stars, such as Wu Yaohan, Liu Yali, Shao Yinyin, Zeng Jiang, Gong Cien and so on.

The film Anita Mui took eight years from the preparation to the completion. Gao Zhisen, the best director of the Golden Horse Award, and Liang Baihao, a new powerful director, were invited to co direct the film. From the perspective of fans, the film was interspersed with narratives, showing five distinctive protagonists. They either love or prejudice against Anita Mui, or are familiar with Anita Mui or do not know her deeply, but all of them have influenced their life paths because of Anita Mui. In order to make the audience better feel the fiery and sincere character of Anita Mui, most of the costumes worn by Anita Mui in the film are jointly obtained by fans in the auction of Anita Muis articles. The soundtrack is also selected from Anita Muis songs, leaving plenty of room for the audiences imagination.

In addition, the film also invited actress Jiang Xinyan, who is very close to Anita Muis voice line, to perform. She said that she had been in the industry because of Anita Mui. She was deeply moved after watching the film, so she decided to dub the film for no fee. She also said that the spirit of Anita Mui in the film was worth learning from everyone. As the star of the film, Guo xianni once cried because she was too involved in the play. Hu Xinger said that she had been taking Anita Mui as a model for many years and admired her artistic talent and personality charm.

The film Anita Mui is also known as the morning flowers and the sunset, the last generation of young people, that is, picking up the fragrance. Produced by Hong Kong pure production Co., Ltd., introduced by China Film Group Co., Ltd., with Zeng Zhiwei as consultant, CO directed by Gao Zhisen and Liang Baihao, starred by Hu Xinger, Guo xianni and Lin Dexin, Jiang Xinyan gave a special performance, Huang Rongjie and Fang Huiying specially introduced the film. The film has been announced to be scheduled for release on August 25, 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020