Anxiety week black duck: franchise fee reduced from 5 million to 300 thousand, price is hard injury?

 Anxiety week black duck: franchise fee reduced from 5 million to 300 thousand, price is hard injury?

In the face of unsold duck goods, Zhou Hei duck, anxious, finally failed to resist the impact of reality. Recently, he suddenly announced that he would let go of the franchise. This is a very urgent but difficult decision for Zhou Heiya, who has always adhered to the direct marketing model.

The conditions for joining are also very simple. As long as investors have high-quality shop resources, they can apply for more than three years of stable lease term and their own funds of more than 300000. Previously, Zhou Heiya only opened up to the outside world as a development type city franchising mode, requiring 5 million yuan for the initial capital alone.

Therefore, the news of Zhou Heiyas opening up to join has attracted the interest of many small and medium-sized investors. The question also follows, what makes Zhou Heiya decide to join in? Is Zhou Heiya worth investing in now?

Nearly 1000 stores have been closed for several months, which is hard to resist

Zhou Heiya has been in a dilemma for a long time. Since 2018, it has been faced with the problem of sharp decline in net profit. At the end of 2019, it has also suffered a double blow from the decline of net profit and short selling of institutions.

I wanted to start again in 2020. I didnt want the epidemic to come. Because the base camp is in Wuhan, Zhou Heiya fell into a semi paralyzed state at the beginning of the year. According to public data, since February, Zhou Heiya has come from 1225 self operated stores in 96 cities, 80% of which have been closed, and online tmall flagship stores have also suspended delivery.

Direct marketing is too slow to compete

As we all know, franchise stores always face the problem of quality control and supervision. In order to make money, franchisees sell other products without permission, which affects the brand image.

Zhou Fuyu, the founder of Zhou Heiya, also chose to expand rapidly in the way of investment promotion and alliance when he just started his business. But once, in order to save money, a relative used a bad sauce, which caused customers to eat duck wings and vomit and diarrhea. Food safety risks behind the franchise broke out. At this point, Zhou Fuyu decided not to open a franchise store any more, and would take back all the franchised stores at a high price at the cost of 300000 yuan.

The direct marketing mode can be said to be Zhou Heiyas insistence on food safety. There is another advantage of the direct marketing mode, that is, all the income of the store belongs to itself. Some professionals in the industry have disclosed to the high-end headhunters of guard blue that none of the 100 franchise stores can earn more than 10 high-profit Direct stores.

However, the expansion speed of Zhou Heiyas Direct stores is a little too slow. Juewei duck neck, a competitor, has opened thousands of stores all over the country. Zhou Heiya, on the other hand, basically stayed in the core business districts, high-speed rail stations, airports, office buildings and other high-end shopping places in Central China. Last year, he even closed more than 100 stores.

The products cant keep up with it, so its hard to sell

Some industry insiders said that after the release of join, Zhou black duck product line may also need to be adjusted. From the original high-end fresh lock to lower price bulk or other packaging, taste also to take care of northern consumers. The spicy degree of Zhouhei duck is still relatively low in the north.

Talent is the first step in the transformation. Gao Guangyu, general manager of high-end headhunting of weishilan, believes that Zhou Heiya should make it clear in this transformation that opening up the franchise means establishing a new business model. Previously, the enterprise management mode corresponding to direct marketing must also be adjusted, and the whole management team should be rebuilt when necessary. In this process, we must pay huge time cost and trial and error cost. Therefore, efficient search for the most suitable high-end management personnel, especially those who are familiar with the franchise mode and are good at quality control management, is a key link in the transformation.

Have you ever eaten Zhou black duck? Does it have a chance to return to the throne of duck king and become popular all over the country?

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