Huang Qifan talks about Sino US friction: get rid of fantasy and prepare for struggle! Promote internal circulation

 Huang Qifan talks about Sino US friction: get rid of fantasy and prepare for struggle! Promote internal circulation

U.S. government forced to dump the pot regardless of economic laws

To study the current world economic pattern, the first thing to study is the current social and economic pattern of the United States. At present, there are three characteristics of American Society: stagflation, populism and politicians throwing the pot at China. In this case, the measures to decouple China in various aspects are becoming more and more specific and rich in content.

Specifically, at present, the signs that the United States intends to decouple from China in various aspects of trade cooperation are becoming more and more clear. In terms of investment, American enterprises in China are required to withdraw their capital, and Chinese enterprises investment and acquisition in the United States are also hindered. Commercial negotiations between the two countries have also been shelved. In terms of capital market, the United States is finding fault from more than 200 China capital stocks listed in the United States, while new Chinese enterprises are becoming more and more resistant to listing in the United States. In terms of financial business, American banks and insurance companies cannot provide financing loans or insurance guarantee services for Chinese enterprises. In addition, the voice of cutting off the channel for China or Hong Kong to enter the US dollar settlement market has been heard from the US public opinion field.

Will the financial and industrial and commercial enterprises in the United States follow the instructions of these politicians? It can be said that 80% to 90% will not. Thousands of foreign-funded enterprises in the United States have been investing in China for more than 20 years. Last year, the business volume reached 700 billion US dollars and the profit reached 50 billion US dollars. The profit margin of sales was about 7%, and the efficiency was very good in all aspects. Huang Qifan said, it is not trump who can direct entrepreneurs, it is the market, but the benefit orientation of optimizing the allocation of resources. In the past and in the future, economic laws play a long-term role.

Four principles and five trends should be adhered to in dealing with decoupling theory

Huang Qifan stressed that to deal with Sino US trade frictions or decoupling theory, we should always adhere to four principles: first, we should lose our illusions and prepare for struggle. Second, we should maintain our determination and enhance our confidence. Third, keep the bottom line and respond flexibly. Fourth, we should grasp the key points, make up the short board and do our own work well.

Huang Qifan believes that there are several major trends in human economic and social development that will not change, let alone subversive changes due to policy behavior or personal will in the short term, which are embodied in the following five aspects:

The first is the trend of globalization. Globalization is the result of economic law and the product of the optimal allocation of human resources for hundreds of years. In this sense, globalization may be reversed for a period of time with various manifestations, but the general trend will not change. I think the pattern of globalization will change in the next 10 to 20 years. The epidemic may give rise to a power shift in 20 to 30 years, and a multi polar globalization will emerge. The US dollar may no longer dominate the world, and currencies such as the US dollar, euro, RMB, yen, pound and other currencies will occupy their respective places, which will lead to diversified globalization. This will be a trend. Huang Qifan said.

Second, the trend of the world economy moving eastward will not change. In the past 40-50 years, the world economy has been moving eastward to Asia. In 1980, the total economic volume of Asian countries accounted for 20% of the worlds, and now it has reached about 37% of the worlds. If the growth rate is 4-5 points every 10 years, it will reach 50% in 30 years. This is an inevitable trend. Among them, Chinas economic scale is constantly expanding. At present, with Asias total economy accounting for 37% of the worlds, Chinas total economic volume has accounted for 17% of the worlds. Huang Qifan believes that Chinas economy will continue to grow in the next 30 years.

Third, the occurrence of a new industrial revolution. The industrial revolution has constantly made mankind jump out of the predicament and embark on a new platform and a new road. Huang Qifan said, now it is the era of intelligent industrial revolution. In recent years, this era has just begun. In the coming decades, the smart industrial revolution will really be able to bring the declining global economy out of its predicament.

Fourth, Chinas deeper and higher-level reform and opening-up trend will not change. In March this year, the central government introduced five major factor market reforms, which is actually a deeper and epoch-making reform measure. In May this year, the Central Committee issued its opinions on further promoting the reform of the socialist market economy and put forward new reform objectives and measures. Therefore, this trend will not change.

Fifth, Chinas economy has a strong growth potential, but this growth potential must be driven by the pattern of internal circulation as the main body and two-way circulation interaction to lead China to a strong country.

Promoting the construction of internal circulation under the open pattern

Any powerful country must have an internal circulation economy accounting for more than 80% of GDP and an external circulation economy accounting for less than 20%, as is the case in the United States, Germany, France, Britain and Japan. Huang Qifan said, since the 1980s, China has put forward an external circulation mode of two ends in the outside world, large input and large output , and formed a development strategy suitable for that time by taking advantage of Chinas competitive advantage of cheap labor force. Subsequently, the export-oriented economy of the whole country developed faster and faster, reaching 65% in 2006, and then gradually decreasing to 32% now.

The current internal circulation is not the internal circulation under closed conditions, nor is it the internal circulation of planned economy, but the internal circulation under the open pattern. It is a concept that the internal and external circulation of opening and internal circulation support each other. Huang Qifan further explained. What we need to do now is to break the external circulation inertia formed by leading cadres and entrepreneurs at all levels for decades, and reexamine the significance of innovation, investment and consumption to the national economy.

Huang Qifan believes that innovation is the first thing to look at. Technological innovation, business model innovation, the development of productivity brought about by this innovation will be the driving force for a nation and a country. Therefore, with internal circulation as the main body, all kinds of enterprises and research institutions should be encouraged to innovate.

Secondly, it depends on the investment momentum of the enterprise legal person. If a places net assets were 1 trillion yuan and this years profits were 300 billion yuan, if these profits were accumulated into the investment and become the net assets of the new year, it shows that the entrepreneurs are confident in the future; on the contrary, if the 300 billion yuan profits of the entrepreneur have been transferred, and the net capital of the 1 trillion yuan has been reduced by 100 billion yuan, it means that the local investment If there is a problem with the capital environment or the development expectation is not in place, we have begun to transfer support. Huang Qifan gives an example. To measure the success of internal circulation, we must look at the total net assets of a society, not the total assets.

Finally, look at the peoples consumption ability. How can we increase the income and consumption power of 400 million middle-income people? How can we halve the number of 600 million low-income groups in rural areas, so as to increase the demand and consumption of internal circulation? In short, there are different coordinates for the development of internal circulation. If we do all these work well, it will gradually become a huge driving force for development. Huang Qifan said.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced sanctions against 11 people on the US side this afternoon. This is obviously a reciprocal retaliation against the US sides announcement last Friday of sanctions against a total of 11 senior Hong Kong government officials, including Lin Zheng yuee, and officials of the Central Hong Kong related departments. When he saw the U.S. sanctions list on Friday, Lao Hu also felt that it was not easy for China to find out 11 people from the US side to retaliate. Unexpectedly, the Ministry of foreign affairs made a list of 11 US people who felt very accurate. Must like it.

The 11 people who have been sanctioned by the Chinese side are: U.S. senators Rubio, Cruz, holly, cotton and Tumi who have behaved badly on Hong Kong related issues, Congressman Smith, President of the national democratic foundation of the United States, President David meadows of the American Association for democracy in international affairs, Mr. tweenning, president of the Institute of international republicanism, and Mr. Ross, executive chairman of Human Rights Watch, are among them By house President abramovitz. We cant help but say that the foreign ministry did a good job.

US sanctions against 11 officials including Lin Zheng yuee and 10 others

August 9 (Xinhua) the U.S. Treasury announced on the 7th that it would impose sanctions on 11 mainland and Hong Kong officials, including the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), such as Lin Zheng yuee. The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said it was a despicable act and grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs. Many Hong Kong officials, including the chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, have said they will not be intimidated.

Chief executive: I dont want to go to the United States. It seems that I can cancel my visa to visit the United States

The chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Carrie Lam, said in a statement on the 8th that the US government announced high-profile so-called sanctions against 11 central and SAR government officials, and the SAR government has issued a stern statement in response. She believes that the responsible U.S. officials used the data when they applied for entry visa when they visited the United States as Chief Secretary for administration in June 2016, but forgot to update them. It is questionable whether it violates the protection of human rights to hand over the personal data for visa application to the financial department for purposes other than entry. She mentioned that her visa to visit the United States is valid until 2026. Since I do not want to go to this country, it seems that I can cancel it on my own initiative.

Chief Secretary for Administration: Hong Kongs unique advantages are not bestowed by western countries

Hong Kongs Chief Secretary for administration, Zhang Jianzong, said on the 9th that the SAR government was not afraid of the threat of the so-called sanctions and would fully support the central government in taking counter-measures. The so-called sanctions by Western politicians cannot stop Hong Kongs long-term prosperity. Hong Kongs unique advantages are not bestowed by western countries. The US governments blatant and high-profile so-called sanctions are outrageous and unreasonable. It violates international law and the basic norms of international relations. It deliberately discloses the personal data of SAR government officials, which also seriously infringes privacy and endangers personal safety.

Mr Cheung pointed out that as of the end of July, the total amount of initial public offerings raised in Hong Kong amounted to HK $132.1 billion, and the average daily turnover of Hong Kong stock market this year reached HK $124.8 billion, which fully demonstrates the recognition and confidence of international market participants in Hong Kongs financial system.

Financial Secretary: the US side exposes the bullying thinking of those who oppose us will die

Financial Secretary Chen maobo criticized that the United States, which often claims to respect human rights and democracy and freedom, has adopted a bottom-up approach, seriously infringed on personal privacy, and exposed the bullying thinking of those who oppose us will die by means of intimidation and other means. He reiterated that there was no need to worry about the threat of so-called sanctions. With the solid support of the state, Hong Kong would certainly become stronger and more competitive.

Secretary for justice: it will not be intimidated. US sanctions are futile

On August 8, the Secretary for justice of the Hong Kong SAR government, Mr Cheng Ruo Hua, said in a statement that the so-called US sanctions were futile. The statement said that safeguarding national security is to protect the life safety and interests of 1.4 billion people, and to safeguard the national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Its my honor to have the opportunity to serve the country. The United States has used this desperate and illegal sanctions to further strengthen my belief that I have always been doing the right thing. Compared with the motherland and the people of the whole country, my personal interests are nothing important. I am proud of serving the country and I am unswervingly committed to safeguarding national security. With a strong backing of countries, I will not be intimidated. The so-called US sanctions are futile.

Chief executives office director: let the public see clearly the irrationality and insolence of the US government

Chen Guoji, director of the chief executives office, stressed that the so-called sanctions of the United States have just enabled Hong Kong people, especially those who still have illusions about the United States, to see clearly the irrationality and brutality of the US government. My family and I are not afraid, he said. I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve in this position. I will do my best to serve the interests of our country and Hong Kong.

Secretary for constitutional and Mainland Affairs

In an interview on the 8th, the Secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, Mr Tsang Kwok Wai, criticized the sanctions as self deception. He said bluntly, its not painful to me. It has no impact on me. Its meaningless. Please find something that has an impact on me. He is familiar with such bullying and double standards in the United States. Zeng Guowei also said that the United States calls itself a democratic country, so-called respect for human rights, but openly and wantonly starts the bottom on people, which is simply a rogue act. However, this is in line with their usual hooliganism. We will not be intimidated by them, but will make us believe that what we are doing is right, he said frankly

Secretary for security: fully reflecting the double standards and hypocrisy of the United States

In an interview, Secretary for security Li Jiachao said that the United States itself has a large number of laws to safeguard national security. However, it takes the Hong Kong national security law as an excuse to fully reflect the double standards and hypocrisy of the United States. Safeguarding national security is a matter of justice and justice. If we want to use the so-called sanctions as a threat, we will never succeed.

Secretary for Education: not considering personal gains and losses, but taking into account the interests of the next generation

Yang runxiong, director of the Education Bureau of the Special Administrative Region, said that there are laws to safeguard national security all over the world. The practice of the United States is to impose charges on officials. Actions against the officials of the SAR government will not succeed. Instead, they will feel that they need more efforts to safeguard national security. When asked if he was worried that he would also be sanctioned, he said that personal gains and losses should not be taken into account in educational work. The most important thing is to take into account the long-term interests and development of Hong Kongs next generation.

Commissioner of police: it is duty and honor to safeguard the security of our country and Hong Kong

Its my responsibility and honor to safeguard the security of our country and Hong Kong, Deng Bingqiang, the Commissioner of police of the Special Administrative Region, said on the 8th. Sanctions imposed by foreign countries on me are meaningless to me. I will continue to concentrate on the work of safeguarding the security of our country and Hong Kong.

Former Commissioner of police: extreme regret and indignation

Lu Weicong, former police commissioner, said on the 8th that he was extremely sorry and indignant at the unreasonable and unfair sanctions imposed by the US government. Lu Weicong said that police officers of any country in the world have the responsibility to maintain national security and ensure social order and public safety.

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