Huang Zhifeng is fidgety. He never forgets to take advantage of the opportunity to make crowdfunding

 Huang Zhifeng is fidgety. He never forgets to take advantage of the opportunity to make crowdfunding

Huang Zhifeng (Hong Kong media), August 11 (Xinhua) Zhou Ting, a member of Hong Kong peoples aspiration, a former member of the Hong Kong Independence organization, was arrested on suspicion of violating Hong Kongs national security law. Huang Zhifeng, a former member of the former Hong Kong Independence Organization, immediately jumped out to brush his sense of existence, but accidentally exposed his real face of money.

Huang Zhifeng, the former Secretary General of Hong Kong peoples aspiration, has been reporting peace to his followers on social network Facebook in the early morning after Li Zhiying, founder of one media, was arrested on November 11, Hong Kong reported In the evening, Zhou Ting was also arrested for violating Hong Kongs national security law. After Huang Zhifeng was extremely restless, he wrote articles all night, claiming to be heavy hearted and worried that he would be next.

However, at this time, Huang Zhifeng still did not forget to engage in crowdfunding fraud and asked people to rush to the online platform patreon crowdfunding to support Zhou Ting. After that, he posted a picture of Zhou Ting wearing black frame glasses and doodle mouth, selling feelings and sympathy. However, Hong Kong media have pointed out that as the saying goes, its not a failure to report, the time has not come. Huang Zhifeng should know that those who betray their country and sell Hong Kong and endanger national security will never come to a good end.

Photo: Zhou Ting (Hong Kong media)

It is understood that Zhou Ting was once named the goddess of learning people by Hong Kong rioters. She became a member of the opposition organization Xuemin ideological trend at the age of 15. She was disqualified from the election of the Hong Kong Legislative Council at the age of 21. She was once arrested for illegally occupying China. She was accused of kneeling and licking Japanese anti Chinese politicians. Violence, mindlessness and foreign flattery are the common views of Hong Kong netizens. She, Huang Zhifeng, Luo Guancong and others who were members of the Hong Kong Independence Organization Hong Kong peoples aspiration. On June 30, they announced their withdrawal from the Hong Kong consensus through social media. The organization was dissolved immediately and stopped all business. Earlier, the peoples daily commented that the Hong Kong peoples will organization, under the guise of gathering peoples will, and by taking advantage of external forces to control the future of Hong Kong, is the new generation of disaster to Hong Kong.

After the organization was disbanded, there were still many incidents. On July 22, a report was made to the Hong Kong police that the organization illegally raised funds on the Internet and was suspected of fraud, which should be severely punished. After the dissolution of the organization, its original account of 21.66 million Hong Kong dollars (about 1956 million yuan) disappeared, while the personal accounts of core members Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting had more than 1-10 million Hong Kong dollars respectively. It is speculated that members of Zhongzhi secretly seek profits and abscond overseas in the name of crowdfunding, so-called international front. (Wu Qian)