Jiangxi assassin released from prison in May, village cadre: the village to introduce him to work was refused

 Jiangxi assassin released from prison in May, village cadre: the village to introduce him to work was refused

On August 8, police in Lean County, Jiangxi Province reported that a major criminal case occurred in Shandang village, Shandang town. After investigation, Zeng Chunliang, a villager of houfang village, was suspected of committing a major crime. After the crime, Zeng Chunliang fled to the surrounding areas of Shandang town. On the day of the crime, the camera of the victims family captured the picture of Zeng Chunliang entering the room with a knife and hammer.

Ms. Kang, the victims family member, said after identification that Zeng Chunliang came to the home to steal on July 22, and the family members found out that they fought with him. Zeng Chunliang threatened his family members to kill if they dare to report to the police. Later, Ms. Kangs brother reported the case to the police.

A village cadre in houfang village told the Beijing news that on July 26, the police went to Zeng Chunliangs home to arrest him, but failed to catch him. In addition, according to the village cadres, Zeng Chunliang was previously jailed for theft. After he was released from prison in May this year, he went to the village and asked to open a quarry. However, he was rejected by the village because he did not apply for relevant documents. After that, the village introduced him to work in a nearby factory, but Zeng Chunliang refused to go because of his low salary.

Zeng Chunliang, the suspect, was jailed twice before and released in May this year, according to the China judicial documents website.

On August 10, the Beijing News learned from Lean County police that the arrest of the suspect was still in progress at about 20:00 that day.

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On the evening of August 8, the Lean Public Security Bureau of Lean County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province issued a reward notice. On the morning of August 8, a major criminal case occurred in Shandang village, Shandang Town, Lean county. After investigation, Zeng Chunliang was suspected of committing a major crime, and now Zeng Chunliang is at large.

On the 10th, a person in charge of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau of Lean County told the reporter of Shangyou news that Zeng Chunliang, the suspect, is still at large.

Zeng Chunliang, who had a criminal record of theft and spent eight years in prison, has just been released from Jinhua prison in Zhejiang Province for less than three months, according to the judicial documents website.

The surveillance video shows that at 7 a.m. on August 8, the suspect Zeng Chunliang sneaked into the owners house with a hammer and a sharp knife, causing two deaths and one serious injury. Photo source / family

Early morning homicide: two deaths and one serious injury

According to Ms. Kang, the family member of the victim, at about 7:00 a.m. on August 8, the suspect, Zeng Chunliang, sneaked into his home to commit murder, causing two deaths and one serious injury. The deceased was his parents (who died on the spot). The seriously injured person was his 7-year-old nephew, who has completed craniotomy.

On August 8, at 07:03:09, Zeng Chunliang hung a towel around his neck, wore a light T-shirt and dark trousers, wore black gloves in his left hand, and went upstairs with a hammer and a strip-shaped object suspected of a sharp knife in his right hand.

After stabbing her mother Xiong Xiaomei with a hammer in the kitchen, the suspect, Zeng Chunliang, went to the bedroom to hammer her father and hit her 7-year-old nephew in the head, according to information posted on her microblog.

Ms. Kang said it was not the first time Zeng Chunliang had attacked her home.

On July 22, when Ms. Kangs mother Xiong Xiaomei went to the bedroom on the third floor to clean up, she found a stranger who had injured her mother and pricked her brothers fingers and skin. Later, the family reported to the police and found out that his name was Zeng Chunliang. He lived in No. 49, xinhoufang group, houfang village, Shandang Town, Lean county. He had just been released from prison and had many cases.

On July 23, Kangs family went to the Criminal Police Brigade of Lean county to report the case again, asking the police to put the case on file to pursue the suspect. After that, Ms. Kangs sister-in-law cleaned the house on the third floor and found suspected tools, and the Kang family called the police again.

Ms. Kang stressed that her family did not know the suspect and had nothing to do with it.

Now the murderer is still at large. Every day I drive, I am afraid that the murderer is hiding in the mountain and suddenly rush out to hurt us. Ms. Kang said the police had sent three police officers to guard the door of her home 24 hours a day.

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