Qualcomm supports Huaweis global 5g development and insists on win-win cooperation

 Qualcomm supports Huaweis global 5g development and insists on win-win cooperation

At the same time, in the cdftalk held by China Development Research Foundation 2020, CEO of Qualcomm molenkov also said: no company can achieve 5g success independently. Its an opportunity for the industry as a whole, and an opportunity for collaboration. Recently, it reached a consensus with Huawei on 5g patents and future issues, which greatly promoted the pace of global 5g development.

In the development of Chinas mobile communication industry, Qualcomm has always played an important and positive role, and has made important contributions to Chinas mobile ecosystem and accelerating 5g deployment. The cooperation between Qualcomm and Chinas mobile communication industry has a history of more than 25 years. We are pleased to see the tremendous vitality of the Chinese industry and the rapid deployment for 5g. We have opportunities to achieve growth through win-win cooperation in many areas, which is why we remain optimistic.

In the mobile phone business, Qualcomm has always been a close partner of a number of domestic manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, oppo and vivo, and has long been integrated with the Chinese industry. It is not difficult to see from the lobbying of the trump government that the concept of win-win cooperation has always been highly recognized and vigorously promoted by the company in terms of 5g. This will also have a positive impact on the development of global 5g industry and the future of Chinese manufacturers in exploring overseas 5g market.

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