Hu Xijin: the United States is obviously distressed by the fierce reaction to Li Zhiyings arrest

 Hu Xijin: the United States is obviously distressed by the fierce reaction to Li Zhiyings arrest

No matter what Li Zhiying thought at first, with the deepening of the Sino US strategic game and the increasingly crazy US crackdown on China, he obviously slipped into the shameful position of China kicking an own dragon ball in the direction of the United States and helping the United States. He consciously or unconsciously became a traitor and traitor.

Lao Hu would like to remind those close to the United States in terms of values that the great strategic game between China and the United States involves great right and wrong, which will have a fundamental impact on our living environment, and the meaning of close interaction with the United States may drift due to the change of the purpose of the United States. In addition to Li Zhiying, who hates the country from the root, others should be sober and vigilant.

Those who want to put pressure on the central government through the chaos in Hong Kong should pay attention. Disorderly port is an important means for the United States to control China at present. Are those who think that it is a democratic right are helping the United States intentionally or unintentionally?

To help Hong Kong stabilize is not only to abide by the law and protect Hong Kong, but also to support China in the Sino US game. It is also the most fundamental interest of the vast majority of Hong Kong people. In my opinion, anyone who loves his country and Hong Kong should make a choice that is in line with the greatest morality of the Chinese nation at this special historical juncture.

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Hong Kong leader Li Zhiying arrested media: Americans cant save him this time

In order to express their inner pleasure, some netizens said they would open the champagne to celebrate in the evening. Today (August 10) is a great day for many people in Hong Kong.

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What makes you so happy is a big operation by the Hong Kong police this morning. Early in the morning, many Hong Kong media reported news one after another. The leader of the chaos, Li Zhiying, and others were arrested.

Li Zhiyings three applications for leaving Hong Kong for the United States were rejected

At more than 9 a.m. this morning, the Hong Kong police announced through social media that at least seven people were arrested, all of them local men, suspected of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security and conspiracy to defraud.

Police also pointed out that the operation is still in progress, and more arrests are not ruled out. By this afternoon, the Hong Kong Police updated that the number of arrests had risen to nine.

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Screenshot of Hong Kong Police twitter

Hong Kongs Wen Wei Po website reported that the arrested included the Hong Kong leader Li Zhiying, his two sons and one media senior officials.

The report specifically pointed out that this was the first time that Li Zhiying was arrested for violating Hong Kongs national security law.

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In fact, this is the third time that Li Zhiying has been arrested this year. The two previous arrests occurred on February 28 and April 18 this year, both of which were suspected of being related to the unauthorized assembly cases that occurred last year.

From May to July, the Hong Kong Court also brought Li Zhiyings case to court for many times. During each trial, many Hong Kong citizens held slogans outside the court building with the words anti independence, anti traitor, national security, Hong Kong Security and black gold disorderly Hong Kong Li Zhiying, shouting slogans such as severely punishing traitors and calling for thorough investigation by the court.

According to Singapores Lianhe Zaobao, Li Zhiying applied to leave Hong Kong three times on May 5, may 22 and June 12, but all of them were refused.

The Hong Kong Economic Daily noted that the reasons for the ruling issued by the judge on June 18 showed that Li Zhiying had previously claimed that the purpose of his application for leaving Hong Kong was to visit relatives and meet with business partners. However, the judge did not think that Lis trip to the United States was necessary because he did not have an urgent need to visit his relatives in the United States, and the judge could not understand why business matters could not be handled through video conference and other means.

The reason may be as the judge said: the defendant with multiple cases has a higher risk of absconding.

The United States, obviously regarded by Li Zhiying, is the preferred place for backing and absconding. Since July 2019, in several interviews with foreign media, Li Zhiying falsely claimed that he was fighting for the United States in a war of values with China, and begged the United States to further intervene in Hong Kong affairs.

During his two visits to the United States in July and October 2019, Li Zhiying, while meeting with American politicians, also begged them to continue to press the HKSAR Government through political statements.

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Photo: on May 5, Li Zhiying arrived at West Kowloon Magistracy. (Xinhua News Agency)

In May this year, seeing that there was no way to escape, the sound of Hong Kongs national security law was getting closer and closer. Li Zhiying simply broke the pot and broke the fall, and his words and deeds became more extreme.

In mid May, Li Zhiying made a crazy confession to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At that time, he told the media: I miss CIA very much, I want the United States to influence us, I want Britain to influence us, I want foreign countries to influence us. Why? Because their support is the only reason we can survive. Foreign forces are what we need now.

On May 22, the day her second application for leaving Hong Kong was rejected, Li Zhiying opened an account on twitter, a social media platform. Her first tweets were insulting the country and Hong Kongs national security law in English, and repeatedly mentioned US President trump and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, calling on the United States to intervene.

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The people of Hong Kong opened champagne to celebrate Li Zhiyings arrest

Li Zhiying is eager to see the intervention from the United States, but the reality may disappoint him. Although the US authorities recently announced sanctions against the heads of the Hong Kong related departments of the Chinese government and relevant officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, the mainstream public opinion once again proves that the so-called sanctions are nothing but a joke and farce.

On August 9, a spokesman for the Liaison Office of the Central Peoples Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region made a speech, pointing out that some American politicians had repeatedly made use of Hong Kong in an attempt to create trouble for China and hold China back.

We would also like to advise those Hong Kong local reactionaries who have colluded with external forces for a long time. From ancient times to the present, those who have lost their national stand and integrity and harmed the motherland and homeland are doomed to a bad end, the spokesman said

Liang Zhenying: one media building is not a place outside France, not a foreign concession

I expected that day to come, but I didnt expect it would be today, after the United States imposed sanctions. After Li Zhiying was arrested, an employee of one medias infamous Apple Daily was surprised by the US media.

In fact, if Apple Daily has self-knowledge of what it has done, it will not be surprised at the arrival of this day. But at present, the media tone founded by Li Zhiying remains the same.

Just today, Apple Daily reported that the Hong Kong police searched one media headquarters building, saying that the police did not have a search warrant, but was immediately refuted. The police said that the search was carried out according to the court warrant. The police had shown and explained the contents of the court warrant to the staff in the building, and asked the people in the building to cooperate with the police in executing the court warrant.

Similar operations to discredit the Hong Kong police have been common in Apple Daily. It is also worth noting that the US media today reported that Li Zhiying was still selectively blind when he was arrested. It seems that the lines are exaggerating a tragic atmosphere.

However, some American netizens pointed out that the key to the problem lies in whether Li Zhiying violated the law, rather than those things that the media played up.

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The majority of Hong Kong netizens hated Li Zhiyings blatant illegal behavior. They expressed their support for the polices arrest

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At todays regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs, in response to Li Zhiyings arrest for violating Hong Kongs national security law, spokesman Zhao Lijian said: Hong Kong is a society ruled by law, and we support the relevant law enforcement agencies of the SAR to perform their duties and responsibilities according to law.

Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference and former chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, also stressed on social media that one media building is not a place outside the law or a foreign concession.

Americans should also know this by now.

Zhou Ting, the goddess of learning people, was arrested. Huang Zhifeng jumped out and yelled: please donate money for Zhou Ting

Huang Zhifeng, a Hong Kong disordered man who had sold a lot of money a few days ago and claimed to hire professional bodyguards and drivers, cheated again after his accomplice Zhou Ting was arrested. This time, he asked everyone to donate money to Zhou Ting.

Hong Kong police reported on the evening of the 10th that the police took action on the 10th and arrested 10 suspects including 9 men and 1 woman, some of whom were suspected of violating Hong Kongs national security law. Hong Kong police did not disclose the identity of the suspect. Hong Kong media reported that they included Li Zhiying, a member of the Anti China rebellion against Hong Kong, and his two sons, four senior members of the first media, Li Zongze, a former member of the academic trend of thought, Li Yuxuan, a member of the Hong Kong story, and Zhou Ting, a former member of the Hong Kong consensus.

On the evening of the 10th and the early morning of the 11th, Huang Zhifeng wrote several articles on his Facebook account calling on everyone to support Zhou Ting, who had been arrested. However, at the end of his last tweet about Zhou Tings Facebook, he immediately called on everyone to give money to Zhou Ting: as for what I can do to help Zhou Ting, I said directly, please donate money on the platform of patreon.

Screenshot of Huang Zhifengs Facebook

Click on the link. The first page of zhoutings online crowdfunding platform appears. Zhou Tings articles can only be viewed by subscription. Members can obtain different contents according to the payment level of $5, 10, 30 and 50 per month. The most expensive $50 / month can see the limited text, photos and Videos regularly sent by Zhou Ting

Screenshot of Zhou Ting crowdfunding platform

In this regard, a Hong Kong netizen left a message saying: dont worry about her, you will go to prison to find her soon. A kind of

There are also netizens who say that its class money at the end of the talk. A kind of

Er ~ this scene does have a familiar flavor

At the end of July, 12 legislative council candidates were ruled invalid, including Huang Zhifeng. On the afternoon of July 31, Huang Zhifeng published lengthy words on his Facebook page to make a so-called response. However, after some explanation, Huang Zhifeng began to sell crowdfunding.

He released a special page on his online crowdfunding platform, calling on netizens to donate money. He said that he was followed by unknown people and vehicles. He planned to hire professional bodyguards and drivers. I believe the extra expenses are not cheap. I hope you can support me more. As a result, he was scolded by Hong Kong netizens for being really thick skinned and cheated Hong Kong people of money.

Screenshot of Huang Zhifeng crowdfunding website

Huang Zhifengs front page content of crowdfunding website is related to the so-called Hong Kong Democracy Movement. The article can be viewed only by subscription. The charge is based on the monthly unit, and the amount is divided into 4 levels: 10 US dollars, 50 dollars, 150 dollars and 1000 dollars. Members can obtain different contents according to the payment level, and the most expensive $1000 / month can obtain one-to-one video exchange

Screenshot of Huang Zhifeng crowdfunding website

In addition to Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting, Luo Guancong, who had fled to London, had previously set up a similar crowd funding channel. He proposed to pay $5 to $100 to view the content of the channel.

Luo Guancong (left), Huang Zhifeng (Center) and Zhou tingtuyuan: Headline Daily

Hong Kong media have previously reported that Hong Kongs national security law was formally implemented on June 30, and a number of Hong Kong Independence organizations in Hong Kong, which were in disorder with Hong Kong, collapsed instantly. Hong Kong consensus is one of them. Huang Zhifeng, Zhou Ting and Luo Guancong, the leaders of the organization, withdrew first, and Luo Guancong even fled overseas. There are signs that Zhongzhi launched crowd funding before the enactment of Hong Kongs national security law. Huang Zhifeng, Zhou Ting and Luo Guancong took away tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars raised by the crowd before withdrawing from Zhongzhi.

In addition, Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting were exposed to have been using private accounts to receive donations for a long time, and directly controlled the funds of Hong Kong Zhongzhi. Over the years, they have raised more than HK $20 million. On June 29, the day before Huang Zhifeng, Zhou Ting and Luo Guancong announced their withdrawal from Zhongzhi, and the day before Zhongzhi announced its dissolution, the fund had been taken away by the three people, with little left.

Hong Kong media reported that the legislative decision of Hong Kongs national security law would be submitted to the National Peoples Congress for deliberation on May 21. The next day, Hong Kong peoples aspiration hastily launched emergency fund raising, raising more than 190000 US dollars (about 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars) a month. On June 27, it was reported that Luo Guancong and Zheng Jialang, another member of Hong Kong peoples aspiration, had gone abroad. It was revealed that Luo Guancong had carried a large sum of money when he left. The crowd fundraising of more than 190000 US dollars was simply the outlaw money cheated by Luo Guancong and Zheng Jialang.

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