Jiang Dus daughter-in-law, who has been wandering for more than 20 years, has finally returned home!

 Jiang Dus daughter-in-law, who has been wandering for more than 20 years, has finally returned home!

On the afternoon of August 4, Li, who had been wandering for many years and lived in Chuzhou rescue station in Anhui Province for nearly six years, finally met his family! Li was excited and excited to see her husband, whom she had not seen for a long time. She repeatedly expressed her missing feelings to her husband and said that her greatest wish for so many years was to return home and reunite with her family.

In July 2020, after long-term drug treatment, Lis mental condition improved, and he revealed to the rescue station staff important information about his former residence in jiangduhui village and the name of his husband Tian. After learning the information, Wang section chief of the rescue management station contacted the dinggou town police station through multiple searches and explained the original reason. The police station of dinggou town immediately checked with the village committee of each village and carried out screening without stopping. After eight days of face recognition, he finally determined that Li was indeed the wife of Tian.

After unremitting efforts and assistance, Li met with his family on the afternoon of August 4. Looking at the figure of the family reunion, all the people present could not help moving. Everyone was in a bad mood for a long time. They were able to help the vagrants and beggars to find their families and return to the arms of their relatives. They all felt that their efforts had not been wasted, and their hearts were full of great satisfaction.

Chuzhou rescue management station presented a banner to fan Rong, deputy director of dinggou police station, to express his gratitude to the police for their dedication to the people and their hard work.

Zhao Wenxi, director of Jiangdu District rescue management station, said that after the restoration of Lis household registration, the next step will be to guide Lis family to handle nursing subsidies for severe disabled people, implement relevant subsidy policies in place, and help families reduce the pressure and burden of care. At the same time, the rescue management station will visit the families regularly to understand the guardianship of the recipients families and their difficulties in life, and try to help solve them.

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