Gifted film queen unique love history: to win the directors heart to erase the iconic tiger teeth

 Gifted film queen unique love history: to win the directors heart to erase the iconic tiger teeth

That year, in order to make a living, her parents took her and her sister to England. At that time, there were few foreign Chinese in Britain, and the place they went to was a small city. The Chinese with yellow skin and black eyes were regarded as alien to the local people.

Under such circumstances, Maggie Cheungs family did not go well in England. Her parents quarreled every day because of their difficult life and soon got divorced. Zhang Manyu follows her mother, who hopes her daughter to become a Phoenix. She often punishes her with love.

Due to a lack of care for a long time, Maggie Cheung developed a stubborn and independent character. As soon as she turned 16, she went to London alone to find a job. However, without a college degree, she could only work as a shop assistant in a bookstore.

At that time, she thought hard every day about what to do in the future. At that time, the headquarters of the London Institute of fashion was located in Oxford Street in central London. The best future she could think of was to study here and become a hair stylist.

But she didnt expect that she didnt become a hairdresser in the future, but she fell in love with the hairdresser.

In 1982, 18-year-old Maggie Cheung went back to Hong Kong with her mother. She never gave up her dream of becoming a hairdresser. Every day she went shopping, she had to see which barber shop was recruiting employees.

One time when she was shopping, she looked around again and slowly looked for a barber shop. As a result, because she was tall and pure, she was targeted by an advertising agencys star scout. So the barber shop was not found, and she became a model.

In fact, compared with most of the stars at that time, Maggie Cheung was insignificant: her babys fat face, her trademark little tiger teeth In addition to her beautiful appearance, she is a girl who is completely devoid of people.

But Zhang Manyu is very smart, and soon she found a shortcut.


In 1983, 19-year-old Maggie Cheung stood out in the sister Hong Kong competition and won the runner up and miss most photogenic Award. At the time of award presentation, the host asked her, if the heavenly Father gives you some special talent, you can only choose one from singing, dancing and acting, how would you choose?

Generally speaking, there are two ways for those who participate in sister Hong Kong to become famous.

One is to find a golden tortoise son-in-law and marry into a rich family to be a young grandmother, such as Guo Jingjings mother-in-law Zhu Lingling, the most beautiful Hong Kong Sister Li Jiaxin And ye Cuicui, the champion of sister Hong Kong in 2005, wanted to enter Longmen, but was intercepted by Zhao Wei.

The other is to enter the entertainment industry. After Zhang Manyu won the runner up, she thought about it. She always felt that it was not reliable to marry a rich family, so she decided to enter the entertainment industry to fight. At that time, she signed up with TVB and became an actress.

This year, two-year-old Maggie Cheung, Liang Chaowei, just graduated from the 11th wireless artist training class and became a wireless artist. Later, he formed the famous wireless five tigers with Huang Rihua, Liu Dehua, Miao Qiaowei and Tang Zhenye.

Carina Lau, 18, has only been in Hong Kong for three years at this time. Because she does not know Cantonese, she has been refused the opportunity to enroll in the wireless arts training class for the first time. She has successfully missed the opportunity to become a classmate with Liang Chaowei.

Even though she was on the road of acting, Maggie Cheung never forgot her dream of becoming a barber. Seeing that she had no time to be a barber, she fell in love with Eric, her hair stylist.

Strong men and beautiful women, dry firewood, two people soon lived with geese geese to pay homage to King Luo Binwang living together. Worried about her boyfriends jealousy, Maggie Cheung, who has just started her career, has turned down many scripts with intimate scenes.

At that time, the issue 774 of Ming Pao Weekly in Hong Kong, with the title of Zhang Manyus first love as the title, made a big report.

After that, Zhang Manyu, who was hurt by her love, plunges into the performance. After a while, she makes another boyfriend.


In 1984, 20-year-old Maggie Cheung starred in Wang Jings first film, Prince Frog, and co starred in fate with Zhang Guorong and Anita Mui. Maggie Cheung, who played the leading role immediately after her debut, was regarded as the most promising actress by the media.

However, at this time, her acting skills were not recognized. The media said that she was a vase on the screen, acting in four different ways is just like a piece of wood, giving the audience the impression that there is nothing worth mentioning except beauty.

However, for Maggie Cheung, she has always wanted to be an actor who can act, not a vase.

She knew that practice makes perfect, so she tried her best to improve her acting skills. Liu Dehua, also a new model worker, has made 18 films a year, while Maggie Chang has also made 12 films a year.

Unexpectedly, the same is desperate, the result is the opposite. Andy Lau is red, but Maggie Cheung is still unknown. She is still a vase and can only chew on the old foundation of sister Hong Kong runner up.

In the same year, she and Liang Chaowei appeared in the well-known TV drama senior brother Xinzha, and they had a positive contact for the first time. But Liang Chaowei did not have the slightest interest in Zhang Manyu.

Because at this time, although he had broken up with Zeng Huaqian for the second time, he was having an affair with LAN jieying, who was beautiful in Wutai Mountain, because of the film there is a lovely wife at home.

In 1985, Maggie Cheung started her second love affair. Her boyfriend is a Korean Kim, and her career is: a serious hairdresser!

Zhang Manyu was very angry and regretted that she believed in the wrong person. This incident also indirectly led to her and her boyfriend on and off.

When everything is not so good, the stubborn and strong Zhang Manyu does not give up. As she continues to move forward, she soon meets the first noble person in her life, the famous Hong Kong elder brother.


At that time, Jackie Chan was already a well-known actor in Hong Kong. He directed and acted in Police Story, and there was one less actor who played his girlfriend Xiaomei. Some people recommended Maggie Cheung to him.

This is a supporting role. There are not too many challenges and acting skills. However, she met Jackie Chan, who was strict and could not tolerate any carelessness.

In Zhang Manyus play, Jackie Chan asked not to use a stand in, he had to do it with a knife and a gun. Often a shot was ng dozens of times, but Jackie Chan was still not satisfied, provoked him to scold.

Jackie Chan is very aggrieved. But in order to get rid of the title of vase, she gritted her teeth and said nothing. She really showed the ruthlessness of fearing death.

From then on, Maggie Cheung opened her mind to acting: in addition to beauty, she had to play with her life!

In 1985, Shaos film industry, where Er Dongsheng worked, stopped production. He resumed his freedom and was invited to Taiwan to shoot flying swallow startles the dragon. However, he felt that the actors could not control their own development direction, so he decided to be a director.

At about the same time, Maggie Cheung, after two episodes of emotional injury, wanted to shoot a few plays and got married early when she was a little famous. What she wanted to marry at that time was the tall and handsome Er Dongsheng.

Zhang Manyu and ER Dongsheng met and fell in love with each other under the introduction of Zhang Xueyou. Zhang Manyu regards Er Dongsheng as prince charming and intimately calls Er Dongsheng Xiaobao. However, er Dongsheng, who is surrounded by beautiful women, does not like Zhang Manyu with small tiger teeth.

To this end, Maggie Cheung deliberately removed her signature little tiger teeth. In this love affair, she is always the active one and always puts herself in a very low position.

It also foreshadows the tragic ending of her and ER Dongsheng.


In 1988, when she fell in love with ER Dongsheng, she met Wang Jiawei, the second noble person in her life. Now, Wong Kar Wai is the best director of literary and artistic films in Hong Kong, but at the age of 30, he was just a newcomer.

That year, he was looking for an actor in the movie Carmen in Mongkok, which he edited and directed. He thought of the potential performance of Maggie Cheung in Yi Shus novel adaptation the story of roses, so he asked her to play the leading role.

In this movie, the leading actor in the play with Maggie Cheung is Andy Lau, who is three years older than her. The film was so successful that Maggie Cheung was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time.

After two masters of the film industry, Maggie Cheung is like a governor of two veins, more and more feel. In the same year, she starred in golden age, goodbye Wang Laowu, I want to be rich and so on, and her acting skills began to be widely recognized.

Zhang Manyu is more and more powerful and confident, and her relationship with music is gradually approaching. She has played in Wang Jies a game, a dream MV, and Tan Yonglins half dream and half awake MV.

In 1989, 25-year-old Maggie Chang won the Taiwan Golden Horse Award for her people in New York directed by Guan Jinpeng, which was her first prize as an actress.

When Maggie Cheungs award was close to her, her acting skills were skillful, and she became more and more unrestrained, Liang Zhaowei broke up with Zeng Huaqian and fell in love with Carina Lau.

In 1990, 26-year-old Maggie Cheung won the Hong Kong Film Golden Award for her people who dont take off their socks, and won the special award of the jury of the Turin International Film Festival for her season of love in other countries, and successfully joined the ranks of powerful actors.

In the same year, she got mixed up with Liang Chaowei, 28, and Carina Lau, 25, for her role in Wong Kar Wais film the true story of a Fei. Carina Lau was called by Eric Tsang to be tied up by the rotten kid on the way to Mah Jong. The play was also a long story (see the official account of Wan Xiao Dao: the secret history of Carina Lau).

At the same time, when her career took off, Zhang Manyus love also accidentally turned over.

Er Dongsheng really loves cars like his life. He also has a strong male chauvinism. His words and deeds make Maggie Chang feel cold. As a result, Zhang Manyu, 26, ended her years of love with ER Dongsheng. At that time, er Dongsheng was 33 years old.

Many years later, er Dongsheng once said that he would still think of her many nights, and said jealously: how many boyfriends did she change after I broke up with her?

Similarly, many years later, when Zhang Manyu mentioned Er Dongsheng, she still said: Xiaobao is too big a man.

It can be seen that even if Maggie Cheung loves another person, she cant stand his chauvinism. So, what does she like about the next one?


In 1991, Maggie Cheung went to the United States to shoot the story of two cities. She fell in love with hank, the art director. They fell in love with each other quickly.

However, although the goddesss acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds, it still cant pick the level of men.

At the beginning, Maggie Cheung met him like a girl in love. She wrote love letters to him in poor English every day.

Hank is a proper man who has no love for Maggie Cheung. Perhaps out of vanity, he even published their love letters in magazines: Maggie Cheung said that her love for hank was deep and deep. She nicknamed her boyfriend dead pig and she was dead fish. In addition, there were many spelling mistakes

In a flash, the public opinion was in an uproar, laughing at Maggie Cheung as a movie queen, but she had no culture, no vision, and was always cheated.

This has hit Maggie Cheung. So in a few months, her fourth love affair came to a hasty end.

In 1992, by virtue of Ruan Lingyu, 28 year old Maggie Cheung won two movie queen titles at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival and the 28th Chicago Film Festival, and became the first Chinese actor to win the movie queen in the three major European international film festivals.

In the same year, Maggie Cheung met the third person in her life, director Tsui Hark. This year, the 42 year old Tsui Ke is planning a martial arts film New Dragon Gate Inn and is looking for actors.

The movie was originally built by Cai Ziming for Jet Li, but Cai Ziming was shot at the critical moment, so the movie also went to other houses (see the official account of Wan Xiao Dao: Donnie Yen and Jet Li: 56 years of fate).

This scene happened to be seen by Tsui Ke. He was surprised that Zhang Manyu had such a strong side, so he invited her to shoot New Dragon Gate Inn and play the role of the owners wife Jin Xiangyu.

In fact, this role is almost created according to sun Er Niang, who sells steamed stuffed buns in Outlaws of the marsh. At first, Maggie Cheung refused. She felt that she could not play such a shrew. But Tsui insisted, and she agreed to try.

Later, when the film was broadcast, Maggie Cheung surprised the audience in front of the screen.

On the fifteenth day of August, when the temple door is opened, all kinds of candles are put out. Red candles are red and white ones are white. I cant hold them all together...

Maggie Cheung successfully interprets the charming, bold, shrewd, kind and upright hostess into a vivid and vivid image, which perfectly shows a powerful actors successful control of the role.

Finally, despite the fact that the No. 1 woman was Lin Qingxia, Maggie Cheung was not inferior at all. With this film, she was nominated as the empress of the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In this way, Ruan Lingyu won a total of four movie queens for Maggie Cheung. In addition to the above three, there are also movie queens of the 3rd Japanese Film Critics Association Award.

In 1994, Zhang Manyu, 30, announced her retirement after starring in the three heroes of the East, barefoot boy, Eastern evil and Western poison, Jigong and green snake.

However, in 1995, the real estate industry in Hong Kong was in a cold spell. Song Xueqis company was in danger. Maggie Cheung took out her savings of 10 million yuan over the years to help her boyfriend. But in less than two years, the money was totally lost.

Whats more, Maggie Cheung gave her all to help her. What she got was not gratitude, but her boyfriends betrayal.

Song Xueqis company closed down and left the business community. It seemed that he was determined to have a soft meal, so he turned around and fell in love with Liza Yang, a rich lady.

At that time, the media gloated, and published such headlines as Zhang Manyu meets Bo Qinglang, who has no money and money.

Several moths to the fire, several betrayal. Shes like an alien. When most actors want to be a actress, she just wants to be an actress. When most actresses want to marry into a big family, she just wants to fall in love.

In 1996, Maggie Cheung started her sixth love affair. This time, my boyfriend is a hair stylist again!

On one occasion, his love affair was exposed after watching a concert by famous British singer sting with Steve hairstylist. Unfortunately, the relationship only lasted for a few months, and they broke up because of their different personalities.

Maggie Cheung seems to have a special preference for hairdressers all the time. When she falls in love, she doesnt care about the other persons status. She talks as long as she has feelings.

The lovelorn Maggie Cheung may find herself better at acting, and returned to the cinema in 1996.

After shooting sweet honey, in the mood for love, hero and other heavyweight works, it is all kinds of movie queen who have taken it all over again.

When her career reached a new peak, she was not idle in her feelings.

In 1996, at the age of 32, Maggie Cheung went to France to cooperate with director Olivier assayas in the film the perplexed robbery. Both fell in love because of the drama.

After that, Wong Kar Wais in love was shot for a year and a half. When Maggie Cheung finished her work, she found that her French husband had already been hiding behind the scenes.

At the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2001, Zhang Manyu and Liang Chaowei sang in love for love. Her voice was low and her breath was unstable. Many people said that it was a bad singers career. However, she did not seem to care about it. She planned to formally enter the singing world in the future.

Among the 11 relationships of Maggie Cheung, the most familiar one is probably her entanglement with Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau.

At the award ceremony that year, Liang Chaowei appeared with two people, Carina Lau in his right hand and Manyu Cheung in his left hand. Some good fans pointed out that he was holding Lius hand loosely, but tightly clasped with Maggie Cheungs fingers.

Liang even said publicly that Maggie Cheung was the only woman who could drive him crazy. He has pressure in his life. He complains with her. Only she knows his hardship.

In an interview, Maggie Cheung also said casually, Ive been shooting in love with Weizai for 15 months, which has greatly affected my marriage. I have no time to fly back to Paris to get together with my husband.

This sentence was widely publicized by the media, saying that Maggie Cheung alluded to her divorce because of Liang Chaowei. But in 2002, Maggie Cheung solemnly stressed that divorce has nothing to do with a third party through Zedong film company!

As for the truth, we dont know whether it really has nothing to do with it. We only know: for so many years, the rumors of this love triangle have never been broken!


In 2003, Zhang Manyu, who was not in doubt, met Guillaume, the president of the company, because of her endorsement of Swiss jade watch. They did not know what language to use for in-depth communication. Soon after, they were exposed to love.

But at that time, Guillaume was a married man. Although he said that he had separated from his wife, he did not terminate the relationship. In other words, Maggie Cheung once again became a third party!

Although Maggie Cheung has sacrificed a lot in spite of her image for love, Guillaume still doesnt cherish it. Once, the media photographed him hanging out with other beauties while Maggie Cheung was not at home. So they parted ways.

Zhang Manyu, who is still single again, took over the last film clean directed by her ex husband. In the film, English, French and Cantonese are used in the film, successfully shaping a female rock singer trying to get rid of the shadow of drugs.

It is also because of this film that Maggie Cheung met many musicians, including Dean and Britta, who encouraged her to sing and said that even if the singing was not perfect, it could be repaired by computer technology.

This gives Maggie enough confidence to do her favorite music. After all, this is the choice she made to the host when she was running for sister Hong Kong.

Since then, she has pushed a lot of invitation, ready to start writing songs from 0. Some of the films she rejected even included the whole city is full of golden armor and let the bullets fly

In 2004, when Maggie Cheung was 40 years old, she said goodbye to the film world and moved on to the music world.

However, singing is not a simple way. It needs more talent than acting. As a result, during the next 10 years, the entertainment industry rarely heard about her, but she never stopped moving forward.

In 2007, 43 year old Maggie Cheung fell in love with ole at first sight at her friends birthday party after some betrayal and interlude.

In 2008, Carina Lau, 43, and Liang Chaowei, 46, got married in Bhutan, a Buddhist country in South Asia. They had a marathon love affair that lasted for 20 years, and finally got the right result.

When the media asked Zhang Manyu, 44, who was still single, whether she had been invited, she said quietly: No.

At that time, although she was still alone, she didnt feel sorry for herself. Instead, she was brewing a great event in addition to the love between men and women.


In 2014, 50 year old goddess Zhang Manyu suddenly came to the entertainment industry as a new musician.

In the vanity fair, people think of her once again.

In 2015, 51 year old Zhang Manyu appeared again at the Shanghai strawberry Music Festival. Unfortunately, she broke the tune. Many audiences were disappointed. They criticized her for being out of tune in singing and couldnt even achieve the most basic accurate tone, leaving the stage one after another.

Zhang Manyu is very calm about this kind of attack and disapproval

Today Ill be off the tune, but Ill try my best. Ive played more than 20 plays and was said to be a vase. Please give me 20 chances to sing. I should be able to do it!

In the same year, Maggie Cheung was revealed walking her dog with her 15-year-old Chinese British boyfriend Adrian, and her 11th romance was revealed. Adrian, however, said the two were not friends and had no interaction except work.

Some people say that Maggie Cheungs love history is a foot thick. There are 11 love affairs, almost a dozen of them. Every one of them is dead. Up to now, she is 56 years old. She is still alone and alone.

Some people say that women like Maggie Cheung were ignorant in the past, but as time goes by, they know what they want and are good at catching every opportunity. The numerous awards she has won, in fact, are rewards for herself!

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