Yueshang Group officially landed in the capital market to inject a shot in the arm for the development of social e-commerce

 Yueshang Group officially landed in the capital market to inject a shot in the arm for the development of social e-commerce

When talking about social e-commerce in the past two years, the first reaction was pinduoduo, which was established in 2015 and listed in Shanghai and New York at the same time in 2018, was once known as a dark horse in the field of social e-commerce. Pinduoduo is also positioning itself as a new e-commerce pioneer. It splits users in the group mode and spends money on popular variety shows. But at the same time, the phenomenon of fake and Shanzhai is serious, making pinduoduo labeled as consumption degradation and low-level city.

It was also in 2015 that cloud gathered online. As a master of collecting community traffic, it was often compared with pinduoduo. Different from pinduoduos strategy of encircling the city by rural areas, the mode of three-level distribution and semi open platform is adopted for cloud gathering, which can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of everyone in the community, but also improve the user experience to a certain extent. The mode of cloud gathering e-commerce + social networking, to a certain extent, is an innovation of the shopping mode. However, the head pulling mode of three-level distribution makes cloud gathering highly questioned and has to be adjusted after receiving the ticket.

As a technology service platform, wetradegroup, the parent company of Yueshang group, focuses on SaaS services that provide technical support for wechat businesses and social e-commerce providers. Its strong technical capabilities provide it with the greatest advantage different from other social e-commerce platforms. It is reported that Yueshang group has integrated more than 1000 supply chains and 50 kinds of rights and interests to effectively empower s2b2c, serving more than 200 million users.

As the core holy product of Yueshang group, Yuetao, a social e-commerce platform with membership system of superior products, connects the source, channel and after-sales links through the s2b2c mode, providing consumers and individual merchants with one-stop whole process service. The cooperation with e-commerce giants Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other platforms ensures the quality and stability of the source of goods.

From the perspective of policy, the state recently issued the opinions on supporting the healthy development of new business forms and new models, activating the consumer market and driving employment expansion (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which encourages the development of new individual economy and supports diversified independent employment such as micro business e-commerce and online live broadcasting. The publication of the opinions means that with the promotion of consumption mode upgrading and economic and social digital transformation, wechat e-commerce with social interaction as the basic carrier has been generally recognized.

In addition to the obvious policy guidance, the development trend of the market also implies the development prospect of social e-commerce. Affected by the epidemic situation and other external factors, the employment situation is grim in the past year or two, and more people choose their own jobs or start their own businesses. At this time, the emergence of social e-commerce provides them with a suitable platform. Compared with other ways of starting a business, the risk and pressure of becoming an individual merchant of social e-commerce platform is relatively small, which is also an important reason why the platform can attract a large number of young people.

Other relevant data show that the social e-commerce market has accounted for nearly 30% of online retail. The report of China Internet association also pointed out that the number of social e-commerce employees last year was about 48 million, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. Driven by technological upgrading and market development trends, these figures will change even more in the next few years.

Whether from the perspective of industry development trend or national policy support, the development of social e-commerce has a promising future. However, it should be noted that the huge dividends in the field of social e-commerce attract countless entrants. When the market is gradually saturated, only by finding a breakthrough point based on the core advantages can we go further in the unpredictable Internet era.