The villagers scrambled for 10 tons of pork from the overturned truck

 The villagers scrambled for 10 tons of pork from the overturned truck

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Have you ever had a pet? What do you do to your pet???

Wechat netizen civilian machine repair said:

I remember when I was in the third grade of primary school in the past nine years, my family had a little dog. It looked like a black back, but it was only half the size of a black backed dog. The most special thing was that the white eyes were blue. I named it B blue. He was treated like the second young master of my family. He built a special nest in the yard. There were special sports grounds, swings and seesaws. He was also fed with special dog feed (there was no such thing as dog food at that time). Every day, he deliberately let go of the rope to let him run freely. It had been raised for more than a year. One night, it suddenly fell ill and howled bitterly. It died before the veterinarian came. It is said that the later inspection was due to the careless taking of other peoples house rat medicine when going out to run wild during the day. At that time, he was very sad. He buried it on the Bank of the river. Later, he moved, and never kept any pets.

Cappuccino, a wechat netizen, said:

I had cats and dogs when I was a child. In those days, there were many pets with the same name. My Mimi could catch the sparrow, and would always pick up her mother at the corner of the alley for the night shift. Beibei is always good-natured, let me bully, take away its rice bowl, I also like to share ice cream and ice cream with it. Huanhuan sleeps in all directions, snores like an old man, goes out excited and cries like a baby Unfortunately, one by one, or lost or invalid treatment and left. Now the more I grow up, the more afraid to lose, simply dare not raise anything. Miss them.

Wechat user thr wants to order a song:

I want to say: Dear Big Bo Er, listen to your relaxed moment for many years, every day because I cant sleep and want to relax, I will listen to it, which has formed a habit. Today, Id like to order a song about meeting Stefanie Sun for my boyfriend. He is about to start school on 8.8. I wish him a good test in school, and dont have so much pressure. Relative to him said: meet him is my luck, although immediately began long-distance love, but I believe we can survive, together to happiness. Finally, I wish you all a thick hair and a good sleep.

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You Yi friends can also search for relaxed moment voice version on WeChat, and pay attention to the official account to participate in the song and interaction.

Old rules, I wish you all hair thick, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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