Why are Norwegian salmon so good? Doctor of Harbin Institute of technology uses video to tell the hard core knowledge behind

 Why are Norwegian salmon so good? Doctor of Harbin Institute of technology uses video to tell the hard core knowledge behind

In view of the recently controversial Norwegian salmon, Dr @ Sany specially launched a popular science video, which introduced in detail why Norwegian salmon is famous in the world and the development of Chinas deep-sea fishing grounds from the perspectives of geography, aquaculture, fisheries, science and technology.

@Dr. Sany said: first of all, Norway belongs to a high latitude country. Most of its territory and oceans are north of 60 degrees north latitude. The sea water temperature is around zero degrees centigrade all the year round. Affected by the North Atlantic ocean current, the water temperature of the Norway sea and the Barents Sea can be maintained between 5 degrees and 15 degrees all year round, which is very suitable for the growth of salmon, which is also very helpful for the purification of water quality.

In addition to the above objective environmental factors, Norway also attaches great importance to the scientific development of marine fisheries. Many universities have fishery related disciplines, forming a complete industrial chain of fishery industry. In addition, Norwegian fishery related laws and regulations have clear and sound legal processes in planning and construction, ecological protection, sustainable development, disease prevention and control.

In terms of hard power, Norways salmon farming mainly relies on deep-sea fishing grounds. Its deep-sea fishing ground No.1 was built by China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry No.5 shipbuilding group. The experience accumulated from deep-sea fishing ground No.1 laid the foundation for the construction of Chinas first full potential deep-sea fishing ground Shenlan 1.

In addition, information about hot spots can also be found in Dr. Sany. What can 5g era bring us? He started with three business scenarios of enhanced mobile broadband, high reliability and low delay, and massive link through video, and gave a brief explanation based on the application case of Shanghai COMAC C919 aircraft.

Because a large number of cables and pipes need to be connected during the assembly of C919 aircraft, it is easy to make mistakes in connection. Even experienced engineers need to compare drawings to complete connections, resulting in low quality and low efficiency. But now, with VR glasses and 5g transmission technology, engineers can find the pipes to be connected with VR glasses to solve the problems of difficult assembly and low efficiency. @Dr. Sany explained through practical cases that the significance of the 5g era is far more than the trivial matters such as sight seeing and traffic consumption. In smart home, driverless, logistics and even in all fields of industry will have significant changes.

@Dr. Sany used the simplest and simple way to spread the scientific knowledge of infrastructure and engineering manufacturing, which seemed difficult but closely related to life, to the public. As a university lecturer and copda person, @ Sany hopes to let everyone embrace the larger world through his own video.