Jiangxi offers a reward of 300000 for the wanted woman, who is actually the wife of black boss, and her husband is sentenced to death with a reprieve

 Jiangxi offers a reward of 300000 for the wanted woman, who is actually the wife of black boss, and her husband is sentenced to death with a reprieve

According to the public information obtained by interface journalists, Qu Juan was among the 88 wanted persons released by the anti Gang Office of Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department on December 19, 2019. At that time, the police offered a reward and arrested Qu Juan for 20000 yuan.

Qu Juan, a 42 year old female, was registered in Donghu District of Nanchang City, according to the reward notice. However, the circular did not disclose Qu Juans detailed identity and the criminal acts involved. In response, a person close to the Fengcheng City Public Security Bureau told the interface news that Qu Juan was actually the wife of Yang Zhiyong, an organizer of a Mafia nature in Fengcheng City.

This person said that in 2016, there was a vicious homicide in Zilong Road, the back door of the Fengcheng municipal government. The police found out that it was a local gang fight, and then they led out the organizers of two gangs, Yang Zhiyong and Xu Wenjun. They belong to different gangs.

According to the verdict obtained by interface news, from 1988 to 1999, Yang Zhiyong gradually formed a criminal gang headed by evil forces by collecting debts for others, taking the lead for others and taking over projects by force. Since then, from 1999 to April 2018, Yang Zhiyong entangled the defendants such as Chen and Xiong to set up casinos and take over projects by force, forming an underworld organization with Yang Zhiyong as the organization and leader, and the defendant Chen maxiang as the backbone members.

Qu Juan, one of the six key members, is mainly responsible for the financial affairs of the gang, the person close to Fengcheng City Public Security Bureau told interface news. The reason why the police publicly offered a reward of 300000 for arrest is to close the case.

According to the judgment, Yang Zhiyong was the organization and leader of the underworld organization. By constantly absorbing other members of evil forces or social idle personnel, the underworld organization with a large number of people, basically fixed backbone members, stable organizational structure, clear hierarchy, clear division of labor and strict discipline has been formed. The organization has obtained a lot of economic benefits through the establishment of casinos, forced transactions, extortion and other illegal and criminal activities or other means. It has a strong economic strength and supports the illegal and criminal activities of the organization with the economic benefits obtained, so as to maintain the existence and development of the organization.

Through violence, threats or other means, the organization has repeatedly carried out illegal and criminal activities. It has committed more than 30 criminal acts, including intentional homicide, intentional injury, illegal detention, affray, provocation, illegal trading of guns, extortion, forced trading, gambling, and opening casinos, resulting in one death, 16 minor injuries and many minor injuries.

The verdict obtained by interface news shows that Qu Juan was dealt with separately in the case. At present, Qu Juan is still at large.

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Jiangxi police offer a reward of 300000 for her

In order to win the national anti-corruption campaign and arrest the fugitives as soon as possible, the Public Security Bureau of Fengcheng City decided to offer a reward to Qu Juan (female, ID card number: 362202197812100082, Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, registered address: room 2502, unit 1, building 1, 968, Honggu North Avenue, Donghu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province; number of the fugitive: t360981000000002018061729) arrest.

For the units or individuals who provide valuable clues for arrest, the public security organs will give a reward of 50000 yuan; for those who provide important clues and assist the public security organs to capture the fugitives, the public security organs will give them a reward of 100000 yuan; for the units or individuals who directly capture the fugitives, the public security organs will give a reward of 300000 yuan; and strictly keep the informants or information provided strictly confidential Ask for personal information. Those who fail to report the situation or harbor or cover up the fugitives will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law, and those who retaliate against the informants will be severely punished according to law. Report telephone: 110 contact person: Officer Chen 18279563556, officer Xiong 13767581895 (more than 100 copies are not sealed).

Fengcheng Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province

August 8, 2002

Photos of Qu Juan, a fugitive, are attached