feel stifled! The 1.47 million Tesla control panel failed twice in three months

 feel stifled! The 1.47 million Tesla control panel failed twice in three months

The central control panel of the vehicle is in black screen state

Its on

The screen of central control is suddenly black

For Tesla vehicles, most of the functions need to be operated through the central control panel, the failure of the central control panel means that many commands of the vehicle can not be executed, and even cause hidden dangers to driving in serious cases.

At about 10:30 a.m. on the 9th, I drove back to the Shenzhou Peninsula resort from Wanning. When I was driving, the central control panel of the vehicle suddenly turned black. I kept pressing the double wheel on the steering wheel and tried to restart it. I couldnt activate the screen at all. At this time, the air conditioner in the car is automatically adjusted to the maximum wind force of force 10 and cannot be turned off. The steering wheel seems to have lost its power. Mr. Zhao recalled.

This is not the first time that Mr. Zhao has encountered the black screen of central control. At the end of April this year, Mr. Zhao encountered the failure of central control for the first time, and the situation was more serious. The turn signal cant be used, the automatic assisted driving cant be started, and the air conditioner doesnt work anymore. Zhao said that there was no way, he had to drive to Haikou after-sales service center for maintenance.

Mr. Zhaos car

At the end of June 2016, I was the first group of car owners to pick up the model X in China. At that time, it cost 1.47 million yuan. It was imported from the United States by sea. At that time, this car was quite popular. In the face of the current situation, Mr. Zhao seems very helpless, who knows, after only four years, I lost the sense of security for this million yuan class new energy vehicle.

What is the cause of the control panel out of control? Haikou after-sales service center staff said that the current situation of the vehicle is a technical problem, which needs a comprehensive inspection by the technical engineer before making a judgment. The reporter tried to get in touch with the technical engineer, but was told that this did not conform to the relevant process specification of the company, and the engineer was inconvenient to accept the interview.

The maintenance personnel preliminarily inspected Mr. Zhaos vehicle

Two failures in three months

The problem has never been solved

In fact, what makes Mr. Zhao feel anxious and disappointed is Teslas after-sales service attitude.

At the end of April, I had already repaired it once. The engineer said that the system had been re installed. To my surprise, in just three months, there were problems with the repaired products. Mr. Zhao said frankly that on August 9, when the central control panel of the vehicle failed again, he immediately called the customer service hotline, and then called the service hotline at about 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to reflect the situation. However, it was not until 5:40 p.m. that day that Mr. Zhao had already driven to Haikou, the after-sales department of Haikou did not get in touch with Mr. Zhao.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter met Mr. Zhao in Haikou after-sales service center. At this time, the central control panel of the vehicle is still in the shutdown state, and the air conditioner has worked with the maximum wind power for nearly 8 hours, which also makes Mr. Zhao very worried about the situation of the vehicle. In this case, the staff of the service center said arrange the maintenance as soon as possible.

Haikou after-sales service center described the problem of Mr. Zhaos vehicle as the screen of the vehicle appears black and cant be used normally, and also attached there is no power steering, and the air conditioner cant be closed normally for a long time.

Commission repair contract issued by Tesla to Mr. Zhao

I want to fly to Beijing the next day, so I especially hope that engineers can intervene in the maintenance on that day. But later, the after-sales service contacted me again, saying that the engineer had left work and said that he had forgotten that the day was the weekend and could only deal with it the next day. Mr. Zhao said angrily.

Response: the warranty period has expired

Try to apply for warranty replacement

According to Mr. Zhaos own inference, the black screen of central control may be related to the frequent updating of versions. The earliest batch had limited memory or processor capacity. Mr. Zhao said he hoped that a stable version could be installed after sales, and he did not want to be repeatedly reminded to update.

Mr. Zhao said that when the first black screen appeared in the central control, the vehicle was still in the warranty period. At that time, the after-sales side adopted the maintenance form of reloading the software. Now that the warranty period has passed, it is recommended to replace the hardware, which makes people think a lot.

For Mr. Zhaos point of view, Haikou Tesla staff explained. The staff said that in view of the fact that the vehicle has just passed the warranty period for a long time, and the similar situation has occurred before the vehicle is released from the warranty, the company will communicate and negotiate with the superior about this situation, and try its best to apply for warranty and replace the touch screen assembly. However, he also pointed out that this part was applied for in the case of over insurance, and it has been out of warranty and has no warranty period.

At present, the two sides are still further coordinating. The reporter also formally submitted the interview outline to Tesla on this matter and waited for the reply from relevant parties.

Encounter Tesla black screen

According to foreign media reports, several Tesla owners complained that the models often have a black screen, including video, audio, Infotainment, navigation and Internet browsing systems are not available, sometimes the image of the rear camera will be lost, the air conditioning system will jump to automatic mode, and the charging of the battery is also restricted. In China, including Beijing, Hangzhou and other places, Tesla owners also complain about this problem.

According to the media inference, it is Teslas MCU control unit that causes all these problems. On June 22, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced the complaints it received about Tesla. In the past 13 months, the agency has received 11 complaints against central control screens that have been in use for 3.9 to 6.3 years, according to the document. According to the survey, the screens of these cars are controlled by flash devices, which have a limited service life depending on the number of programs and erasure cycles, and the screens may fail prematurely, the document said.

According to NHTSA, the display control unit component of modelsmcu is NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with integrated 8GB emmcnand flash device. Modelx, produced in 2016-2018, uses the same screen and processor.

At present, Tesla owners have said that once the touch screen fails, it is necessary to reset the touch screen more frequently in future use, because the screen will often be black and crash. At present, the U.S. government agencies are determining the safety consequences caused by MCU failure. Some foreign media believe that once the result is confirmed, it will be recalled accordingly.

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