Butlers comeback 19 + 11 + 5 heat runner Warren 14 5 points only 12 points

 Butlers comeback 19 + 11 + 5 heat runner Warren 14 5 points only 12 points

Heats butler returns to the starting lineup. Butler was very active after the start of the game, he scored 4 points and led the team to lead 9-3. Warren broke back, Claude felt good, hit two three-point ball, Butler and Hiro also took turns to score, the heat led 21-9 in the first quarter with 2 minutes left. McConnell hit 3 points, hollerty hit three points, they led the team to chase 8 points, orlinick two free throws, Sumner broke through, the Pacers ended the first quarter with 19-23 down 4 points.

The heats Butler had 10 points and 9 rebounds in the first half, Jones had 10 points, and Warren of the Pacers had 12 points.

The heat team fired in the third quarter, with Robinson and Claude scoring three points, and they hit a small 8-0 high, with the heat team leading 56-48. Turner bounced back, Robinson scored three points, and Draghi and Butler took turns, with the heat 66-54 in 5:40 seconds left in the quarter. Brogden recovered 5 points, and the three points of hero led the team to return 7 points, and the heat continued to consolidate their lead. After two teams each played several attacks, oladibo played 4 points to finish the third quarter, the walkers team 71-85 behind. McDermott took the lead in scoring after the final quarter, Jones found a sense of hand, with one person scoring 8 points, and the heat team led by 20 points with 95-75. Turner tried to score three points, and Hiro kept the goal, hitting two three points, one man contributing 8 points, Draghi also got on the basket and the heat team led 107-85 in the fourth quarter and 3:45 seconds. The final point was that the walkers were unable to return to the sky, and they lost 92-114. Pacers starting line-up: Brogden, Orlando, hollerdi, Warren, Turner Heat team starting lineup: Draghi, Robinson, Butler, Claude, Adebayor extended reading Kuzma 25+6 to perform 0.4 seconds 3-point killing: God comes to defend me and I am not afraid that Kuzma 0.4 seconds to kill Nuggets Lakers to lose even Zhan Huang 29+12 thick eyebrows 27+6 Davis 27+6+5 finally restore the ruling power Kuzma enters the quasi extinction article source: Netease sports Author: Xiaoliu responsible editor: gonghao_ NB12610

The heat opened fire on the outside in the third quarter, Robinson and Claude respectively hit three points, they played an 8-0 small climax, the heat led 56-48. Turner shot back, Robinson scored three more points, Dragic and Butler also took turns to score, the heat had 5 minutes and 40 seconds to lead 66-54. Brogden recovered 5 points, Hiros three points led the team to return 7 points, and the heat continued to consolidate the lead. After 85-85, each team beat three points.

At the beginning of the last quarter, McDermott took the lead in scoring, Jones found the feeling, and scored 8 points alone. The heat led by 20 points 95-75. Turner hit three points to try to catch the points, Hiro kept on target, hit two three-point goals, one person contributed 8 points, Dragic also got the layup, the heat led 107-85 with 3:45 in the fourth quarter. At the last minute, the Pacers were unable to recover. They lost 92-114.

Heat starting lineup: Dragic, Robinson, Butler, Claude, Adebayor